Past and Planned Street Specialization



  • A street full of gifts and freebies!

    I can't actually remember if I specialized. But I do remember I used to dump all sorts of loot in my street. People would take it and leave thank you notes with my butler. Aww.
  • I never had a specialized home street - never even got to build a tower! Definitely will have a tower this time, and I think I would prefer to keep the randomized resources, rather than dedicating myself to a single type of resource. But who knows what will happen! I don't think my street will be as anonymous as it used to be, somehow. :)
  • Fireflies! I love fireflies!
  • @ladyceres Dibs on raiding your street :P
  • @ErisLordFreedom ladyceres has said she is trying to add a feature where you can type @"three word name" to tag names with spaces :D

    I will most certainly be coming over (if you are open for visitors) for my purple space cadet time, it sounds like there would be no better place to do it! The Scion of Purple was one of my favorite NPCs :3

    I didn't mind scraping barnacles, but I did not have a particular affinity to it. Just as in real life, I am very partial to both mining and chopping wood n_______n. I have added all of your intentions to the list, thank you for the contribution :D

    @Kassutera That is awesome! There are never enough of those. I'll make sure to

    @OtterMadness I will certainly add that on, as starter items for newbs and fun grabs for veterans is just as important as resources! Thank you for contributing to the thread!

    @ladyceres I was tempted to also just rebuild my random assortment of resources, but since I was so into the routes last imagination, I figured I'd plop myself right into the frenzy :P I feel like your assertion on anonymity is correct, and I'll certainly be stopping by for a visit! :D

    @Lucidess I am sure they love you too, especially because you plan on giving them a home! :3 You're now on the list, thank you much.

    In general, I am sorry if sometimes I offer generalized responses to the last few posts, or individualized ones, please take no offense, this is entirely dependent upon if I am responding via mobile from work or if I am sitting at my PC. I love every single one of you as members of this community :D

  • And don't forget to leave a note, possibly with haiku!
  • I think new housing is fine as long as you accept the fact that it killed the economy, took everyone out of the world and into home streets, removed the need for most world resources, ended street projects, removed the incentive to "work for a house", removed the real estate market (a fun and exciting thing waiting for just the right house on just the right street), took away crop specialization, took away a sense of home place, and a few other things.

    I don't want to get into a big debate about it, because I know that Eleven is working hard to get this thing back and running and that new housing is part of the plan, but let's not steamroll opinion by claiming that new housing solved a lot of problems that didn't exist.
  • My street was and will again be sparkly, metal and the occasional freebie. I had a few wood trees last time, but they all got hacked down and I just ended up replacing them completely; I doubt I'll have any crops or trees of any kind this time around.
  • @FlatEarther
    Upon a visit
    to your hospitable street
    a haiku is left

    @Felix I tend to be on the opposing side of ideals, I feel like having limited availability housing creates an otherwise foreign attitude of competition. I have seen the idea mentioned that both systems of housing be made available, the new for storage and resources (so that everyone was guaranteed a house), but the old for those who enjoyed the system and wished to have it as a vacation home.

    No where on this thread do I believe opinion was steamrolled or such a claim was made (it could be another thread?). This thread was made in an attempt to organize an expected feature that I (and others) enjoyed, but I wrote it very vanilla in an attempt to not express opinion as fact.

    You're entitled to your opinion, and I respect it. I'm always glad to engage in discussion with members of this community, as I know people here aren't as easily rustled as those everywhere else, and such discourse, even among those of opposing thoughts, is typically productive. I hope our dedicated team will come up with solutions that work for the community as a whole, I know we all have faith in them :D

    @Djabriil I will add you to the list, thank you for your contribution of intent! :D
  • @Sanotsuto - Yeah, it was probably meant for another thread where I saw some proclamations about the superiority of new housing. I just hope that those who organize street routes understand the implications for the rest of the game. It's really something to think about if you want the world of Eleven to thrive.

    I want what's best for the game, because what's best for the game is what will ensure that we don't have a repeat of what happened to Glitch. I would like Eleven to be around indefinitely.

    There are tradeoffs between old housing and new housing. There's much that could be said about what was done well and what wasn't in Glitch, and the difference in behavior between pre and post new housing, but that can be hashed out as this project goes forward. I saw the effect firsthand and I know there were two different games before and after the changes. To dismiss old housing on the basis that it's "competitive" is not a good enough reason. There were plenty of competitive aspects to Glitch.

    I won't derail your thread further.

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    And when old housing was around we were in closed Beta as well, this has a huge affect on the economy too. Same can be said for the reason for different behavior, so its rather hard to say what caused either.
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    As far as i know we are getting New Housing, it would make sense to concentrate on what the big issues of New Housing are which is economy and resources too easy to get. Make vendors not buy items back, (of if they do its 1 currant only for any item) make resources much harder to add to a yard, by raising cost of img to add resource items, and possibly not set up routes, and i think wed be fine. Also street projects, Temples were something we were supposed to get, i dont see why something similar to a street project couldnt be implemented for them
  • I don't think Glitch was ever about economy; it was about the community. There are already dozens of ways of gaining money and experience with relatively little effort: leveling up, achievements, quests, coins, various respawning stuff. And players were willing to offer items to each other for free. (Of course, you *could* spend your time mining - either on home streets or in the overworld - and selling the resources to vendors. But where's the fun in it?)
  • It was a highly social and community driven game yes, however after that it was a crafting oriented game which ties into the economy aspects. Not too worried about that though, and certain things can be adjusted such as vendor buy back and other things when needed anyway.
  • I simply had fun going from street to street and finding neat rows of resources. If I wanted to cook, I knew I could quickly do what I wished because someone had specialized in an item, so I could get right to what I really wanted to, instead of the feeling of "grinding out" items like in most games. I feel like that left more time for socialization, as well as socializing on popular routes while doing mundane tasks such as scraping barnacles. I suppose the matter at hand is a highly subjective one.
  • @Microsoft - Community and gameplay are not distinct things. If you don't think Glitch was not about economy, then you didn't play very long or weren't very rich. In order to buy some of the rare items in the game, you needed more than a million currants. None of the methods you mentioned would net you that much without grind. If you sold to vendors, you weren't playing an MMO, you were playing a solo game. I liked to move with the market and sell what people wanted on the auction. That's a dynamic economy and that disappears when players can collect thousands of resources by just walking a few home streets.

    @Lyrical - Adjusting vendor buy back is not economy. An economy develops out of scarcity and choices. If you just want to walk homes streets, gather stuff and sell to a vendor, what's the point of playing an MMO?

    @Sano - Scraping barnacles and catching fireflies was far more social before it became faceroll easy and ubiquitous.
  • @vesperina I'm from Pittsburgh too!!!

    And I was a flitter as well. I really liked sparkly rock and piggies though.
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    Economy = supply and demand, and cash flow

    If ppl dont get as much from vendors buying their items it encourages player to player sales by default, if prices for buy back from vendors is pretty decent ppl will sell to them and its a easy way to get currants. If buy back is bad ppl dont tend to sell to them. Which means most wont bother with vendors as a easy source of currants.

    If items are harder to add to home streets, by making the cost of img to add them higher, it makes it so less ppl have as much on thier street as fast, therefore making resources harder to get. Or could limit how many resources allowed on a home street. Anything that affects how easy it is to get resources, or easy currants can be adjusted and has to do with economy as resources = items made = currents. Things like these can be adjusted its not a big concern starting out rly anyway. Im not against raising the cost of img to add items to yards, i love that we can customize our yards, but i do think making it harder to add resouces than it was woudlnt be a bad move either. If nothing else if the img cost of certain items was more it would slow down building things and make adding things more long term goal-like

    Anything that affects how easy it is to gain currants effects economy, as well as how easy it is to get materials. And vendor buy back was a way for easy currants, its harder to sell to other players and in many cases for basic items you got more from the vendor than other players. If what you get from vendor buy back is very low less will use it as a source to sell to. The harder it is to get EASY currants the better and primarily player to player sales makes for a stronger economy anyway IMO

    Again this kind of thing is not something to worry about right away and many facets of it can be adjusted over time too

    Personally itd be nice if we got more lvls and skills eventually, more ways to spend img in general
  • @Felix I feel like this subject is a highly subjective view point, as what causes one to be social varies from player to player. I find that I am more social when I have to concentrate less on mundane tasks, and that I am more likely to keep to myself when such things feel like a grind, I put more effort into the task than communication. Most of my social interaction was in the random global chat, where it didn't matter if you were in the direct presence of the other person's avatar or not. This doesn't particularly matter to me, as long as I am communicating with another person, but it may to some people, another subjective view, I suppose.

    @"Lyrical Dejavu" (I'm going to start using the presumed method for how spaced names will work, hoping that it will function post-feature addition :3) I agree with your perspective on the economy and alterations. If the major concern is resource to vendor sales for easy currency generation, an alteration of vendor buy prices could effectively mitigate that. My main desire is to not have to "grind", I'd have no issue in also not seeing that method be an easy street to money making. It could very well stand to be a player to player market for resources, which would further encourage social interaction. I am very keen on the idea of expending iMG after a max level is reached and there is no further use for it, I would like to see the ability to use it to help newer players or the community in general, as I feel like that would go best with the spirit of the game.

    All in all, my subjective opinion was that street specialization was enjoyable. I was hoping enough people would be in agreement with that opinion that a collective of consenting players would enjoy assembling such a system again. From the early results to this post, I remain hopeful that my idea will come to fruition.
  • @jellybino Would you like to officially throw in your hat for an idea for specialization this time around? :D
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    If we do find that resources are too easy to get and its affecting the market too much raising the cost of img for front yard resources would cut down on that, simply because itd take longer or be harder to add / replace stuff. But we dont know now what we will need to adjust. On anything really. Concerning the vendors buy back issues had to do with basic resources (mostly) rocks, eggs, etc As for the most part the vendor gave a better price than the market would or about the same and very few ppl posted for those kinda of items and instead sold to vendors. or would gather only to do just that as it was a very easy source of currants. It was discussed at the time that buy back should not be allowed or at least adjusted. Its hard to say what we might need to adjust now many things can be tweaked while we discover what works out best, and not just having to do with economy/ sales issues either. If say for instance ppl lvl faster than expected can adjust what amount u get for coins or from the shuffle deck, or or or. If were not ready to add more lvls, or add more lvls and not adjust the cost.....options ...options...options......Its Alpha so plenty of time to figure that stuff out
  • And no idea i just want to start playing again "soon" Miss the tower and house and goofyness of the game....and my butler.....and the ppl......
  • @"Lyrical Dejavu" I'd rather see the vendor purchase price reduced than iMG requirements increased as both would solve the problem, but the latter would also add difficulty (personally, I enjoyed the lacksidasical manner of play). If the prices were solely dependent on the free market, value would adjust according to supply and demand, not have a constant NPC price independent of market mechanics. I don't think the leveling would be so much of an issue, as the old system will be used, but I would love to see end-level content or an increase in max level. Someone even mentioned an "ascension" style system, and I think that'd be neat. I can't wait for Beta, where a larger section of players will be able to work out the mechanical kinks as discussed here :D
  • I miss all of these things, too, they're not to be found in the same capacity anywhere else. Even discussing things with people here makes me filled with joy. Rational conversation where people discuss their opinions without devolving into a cancerous flame war does not happen in other game communities (at least as far as I have observered).

    Also, Merry Glitchmas :D
  • For the most part most game comunites end up in flame wars about...pretty much anything. Im more in favor of adjusting the buy back so that sales stay player to player focused. I dont really want to make the cost for yard resources higher but if it does end up an issue it could be done. I do think more lvls and ways to use img would be nice too. Or could do an ascension type thing. I do think that max lvl should be an odd # though not an even one
  • @"Lyrical Dejavu" That's true, and it seems like the variable is just how intense the onset and levels of vulgarity are :P I think it'd also be neat to see a system like the Runescape general store system, where you can sell all items to vendors, but as you sell them, they appear in the shop and the more stock there is, the less the shop pays. This would make it so that newer players could purchase some bags and tools by selling resources early on, but it would not be wildly profitable for later stage players with large pools of resources. There could be a fixed level of item decay so that items not typically stocked would disappear over time (also acting as a slight item sink). I agree on all of your leveling opinions :D
  • Not a bad idea the general store idea, however it sounds complicated to add, and there is an Auction System already so not sure how that would work with it. K.I.S.S. applies in whatever is done IMO, in that Eleven is volunteer run. Hopefully not much will need to be adjusted in the first place.
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    Back to the lvls idea, additional lvls and skills, or at least ways to use img , and more shuffle deck cards, eventually would be great. img to maintain or build the temples is one option, or have it give some kind of buff to other players maybe? Or we ascend at max lvl, and different cards are added to the shuffle deck depending on what we pick. But whatever ends up being done in that regard the max lvl should be an odd #, an even one with how the game emphasises odd#'s just does not make sense IMO
  • Oops got offtrack....again....Street Specialization wise, house, tower to sell from, free items pile, i always did find it odd that paper trees we could not add, since we could add just about everything else resource wise
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