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  • @"Lyrical Dejavu" My idea with the general store usage was to focus in a niche area of play (early game) where new explorers may have a scattered assortment of limited quantity low end resources (not likely to be bought on the AH). If it's easy enough to add, I'd be ecstatic, if not, I'll probably hang around resource rich streets until I'm comfortable cash wise :P

    I'd especially love more shuffle deck cards, that seems easy to implement and helps Glitchen at all levels from start to finish. Although I like both the idea of ascension and using iMG to help others, build temples, prime shrines, etc, the latter seems more in the spirit of the game, the former seems more a repetitious grind. Agreed on the odd number concept as well.

    That is a very true observation. Some people don't like specialization, they prefer variety, it'd be nice to see more resources available in such a manner :D
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    @Sanotsuto When new ppl joined the game, there was a quest to help newbies out essentially, ppl tended to give them food then as well as basics. And thats in addition to what guides might do. Also it was common to find food in Groddle. The game had a very slow despawn rate things dropped on the ground stayed there for a long time. So i dont think the general store thing would even be necessary tbh. As for lvls i recall that many got to lvl 60 or close to it and ran out of things to spend img on. We need more things to spend it on, additonal cards would help, also lvl 60 seems to low ppl got there pretty quick. But i dont think an even # fits nomatter what. But yeah some other ways to spend img, new cards, new lvls, new skills, more acheivments, or a rebirth system needs to be added someday. I think more ways to spend img lvls / cards / skills / acheivements but not a rebirth system is more in line with how the game is, and probably easier to add as well. But i rly do like the idea of temples even though they were never implemented
  • I never got into the street routes but I would love to in the new version! I'm thinking allspices as Cooking needs a lot of it!
  • @Artemis I'll update the list to reflect your intention :D
  • Thanks @Sanotsuto for putting those list together!!
  • @Artemis, not a problem at all :D It's something to do that vents off my necessity to live and breathe this game xD
  • I try and diversify as much as possible. It's nice to be able to grab six more chunks of sparkly or the last 3 barnacles I need without having to teleport. That said, I also got bored with the layout of my home street pretty regularly ... so I guess I'm saying I can't be trusted to have any particular thing at any particular time. GOSH I'M SO EXCITED
  • @Anybody I love those random streets that changed all the time! I found it fun to find a new stash of resources to collect from a street!
  • @Anybody I know those feels, and like @Artemis I also enjoyed shifting street setups, it kept it fresh :D
  • @Sanotsuto was there really ever a category for that? I can't quite recall at the moment if there was.
  • @Artemis there was not one as far as I recall, I think categories were reserved for specialization, but I like seeing people's random streets :D
  • @ Sanotsuto could we possibly add another route and call it something like surprise me? Or would that be adding too many routes? If its too many I'm totally cool with vetoing the idea!
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    @Artemis Sure, I'd be glad to add a "surprise" route! I'll put you down for it now :D

    Edit: I already had you down as spice previously, I listed it as spice/surprise, if you want just "surprise", let me know :3
  • @Sanotsuto You're the best! Thanks!
  • @Artemis, you're certainly the best yourself, everyone loves surprises xD
  • I had a fully expanded street stocked with about 121 herb patches IIRC ;) I kept them all freshly stocked with yellow flower and anyone who was so lucky as to catch my street on a full day made a killing ;) I think I may leave that same set up for the future :)

    ~Liza Throttlebottom~
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    @chaos I had probably visited your street last time around and I will certainly be visiting it this time! I loved the people kind enough to have a street full of yellows, I always replanted (or planted if I came across one on the route that someone decimated). I'll chalk you up on the list :D
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    @Sanotsuto Please put me down for Herbs/Flowers/Potions! I think there could be a lot more of all.. would be glad to work on that / make suggestions. :)
  • @PrincessFi You've got it! Will be certain to visit your street as well and maintain the plots in case locusts find their way through xD
  • Hi Sanotsuto! THANKS again for all your help in getting my house going! You have to come by! Last game I had a mixture of everything, but like you....I'd love to specialize also, as I loved the routes! We might think of our signposts and somehow letting people know the specialties ? Just a thought!
  • Egg. Egg. Egg. My street will have egg.
  • Hi ALL...I have SPICE's....all Spices and a few pigs, butterflies and chickens...and one rock.
  • Last time around I specialized in Wood Trees (I had all sorts of trees, but mostly wood). I was on a Wood Route.

    This time around I'll probably do the same.
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    Right now in the Alpha, I've got one of every trant, a herb garden, and a veggie garden. I believe that in Eleven proper, I will try to have one of every trant just as well, though other things may vary.

    I never really did much with my street in Glitch. By which I mean I did almost nothing, preferring instead to keep wandering around the game world. I had probably a pile of dirt (because it was cheap and I was curious) and an unfinished tower selling nothing. Maybe a few gardens as well.
  • I never really had a specialisation; my favourite bit of my street was just living in the firebogs. It made me really happy to be there, and I loved farming my egg tree in my basement, with all my butterflies.. * happy memories *
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