Past and Planned Street Specialization

This is a place to discuss what you may have specialized in on your street before, and what you plan on this time around! This will also help if we are looking to coordinate and try to get a variety of resources on specialized streets. It also serves as a place to reminisce about what we had built before!

I'll start: I had a street mainly of animals previously, but this time I plan on specializing in Beryl rocks (I love the color!) with a display of shrines :D


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    ---Running list of intentions---
    --Please be kind and replant/water all herb/crop allotments :D--
    @Sanotsuto - Beryl
    @vesperina - Spice
    @FlatEarther - Bubble/Crops
    @Liathea - Beryl/Dullite
    @DiddilyPuff - Wood
    @PomegranateSeed - Spice
    @ErisLordFreedom - Purple Flowers (Alt. Barnacles/Fireflies)
    @Kassutera - Herbs/Crops
    @OtterMadness - Freebies/Gifts
    @Lucidess - Fireflies
    @Djabriil - Sparkly/Metal (Alt. Freebies)
    @Artemis - Spice/Surprise
    @chaos - Herbs (specifically Yellow)
    @PrincessFi Herbs/Flowers/Potions
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    Reserved for listing

    (I'll keep a running list of who plans on specializing in what so that people can see what is sufficient and what is lacking in case they wish to design around that :D)
  • I was on the Spice Route last time, and since I cooked a whole bunch, it was a wise decision. I'll probably do that again, provided that I don't fall in love with a different hobby.
  • @vesperina I'll be certain to visit you, then! I also enjoyed cooking (and alchemy) when I was not on a gathering tangent. I'll add you on for spice and if it flip flops at some point and becomes something of it's own, keep me updated :3
  • @Sanotsuto Oh, alchemy was fun, too. And potionmaking! I loved gardening as much as cooking, but to avoid drama, all of my gardens were behind my house.

    I can't wait to get a tower up and running again. My old one was "H.P. Lovecraftables" since my username was "Girlthulhu". My butler's name was "Bea Arthur", and I plan on bringing her back in Eleven, so maybe my tower will be a Golden Girls joke.
  • I flitted about from route to route just to see different people from all over the globe. I hope to put up a map of the world and pin where everyone is from. :-) My fave was having bubble trees and long-growing crops.
  • @vesperina I'm right there with you! I lump option making in with alchemy, since they feel really similar to me. I also kept my gardens out back, because the few unscrupulous yellow flower locusts could clean out everyone quick. That being said, I always carried some extra yellow seeds to plant when I found a bare garden on a street.

    I believe I had purchased things from your tower in the last game, and I look forwards to purchasing from it again in this one (and petting your trees :3)
  • @FlatEarther I was somewhat of a drifter myself. I had my favorite streets on a route, but I liked to spread the love randomly. If you're compiling data now, I'm from Springfield, MA, USA :D

    Want me to put you on the list for bubble trees/crops?
  • Please and thank you @Sanotsuto!
  • @FlatEarther you've got it! Given that I am a bubble tree in this drab real world, I'll be visiting my brethren on your street!
  • @FlatEarther Put my black (or gold) pin in the best city in the whole world -- Pittsburgh, PA, USA. ^__^

    @Sanotsuto Ah! You used to go to my tower! So, we're basically already UrBFFs and I evidently forgot.
  • @vesperina indeed! n____n I'm surprised I remember, really, a bit too much of the Essence of Purple in my younger years has caused this Glitch to have a memory like a spud :P
  • @Sanotsuto It's cool. My brain is wired like a Philip K. Dick novel, so my memory is all over the place.
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    I love the idea of some kind of route system or minimally at least a way to look up what ppl have on thier streets somehow

    And i changed what was on mine quite a bit only thing that always stuck was house, tower, and a free item pile, it was on a route
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    I didn't specialize in anything in particular; I had a little bit of everything. Trees, rocks, animals, herb and vegetable beds... (My account name was "Mercedes Kimura".)
  • I had my herb and vegetable beds in my back yard, so my front yard was taken up by 'one of everything else', and a small cluster of wood trees (because I was on the wood route, if I recall correctly.) I liked the variety, and knowing that if I needed a small amount of something, I could find it at home.

    (Mind you, I was trying to fill SDBs with tree stuff and rock stuff and animal stuff as a personal challenge, so 'a small amount of something' rarely came into play...)
  • I'm with all 3 of you guys, I had no designated specialization. This time around I'd like to, as I really liked routes! Any of you going to specialize this time around? I'll chalk you up on our list here :3
  • I was on the beryl/dullite route, I figured I'd probably be a part of that again.
  • I wouldn't mind eventually being on the wood tree route again, to be honest, but I'd have to work my way towards having a nice large home street first.
  • I had a lot of spice trees on my street! I'd definitely like to be part of a spice route. I remember having a small vegetable garden and a few piggies too.
  • I had my crops and mini shimla merch in my backyard - but the front was piggies, chickies, butter and fire flys along with bean trees! I might like to do a route as I did them all the time - especially the rock routes. Can never have enough rocks for building projects!
  • Thank you all for your contributions of intent! I'm glad to see so many people looking to rebuild a resource collection network. I'll be certain to pop into all your streets as I make my rounds! A well established network of collection is awesome, my favorite part of games is seeing my number of items skyrocket! :3
  • I usually used herb gardens, only to have things stolen later on.... I later used it for sparkly rocks!
  • @Sutton I used to be on the Millionaire Route, but some barbarians kept cutting down my wood tree and stealing the Fertilidust I had left out! One day I just HAD ENOUGH! And it seemed to make more sense that I was on the Spice Route, anyway, so that's what I did.

    For the most part, Glitch had the best community in the universe, but a few bad apples could really ruin your day (or, at the very least, your street).
  • @vesperina Exactly! I knew that the community was awesome, and I wished that the game could stay in closed beta forever so that it wouldn't be packed with people who just do things to ruin other people's games. Of course that's unrealistic, but I've played games before that had so many hackers and spammers that they had to shut down entirely...
  • @vesperina @Sutton Although there were a few guanobrains, the real redeeming feature of Glitch was that the bubbly, kind, utterly ridiculous majority of the community dwarfed the former, something I have not yet found in another game. I'm pretty sure I'm developing cancer of the soul from playing OldSchool Runescape while I wait for Eleven to come online :P
  • I had a veggie garden, firefly mounds, and tiny (4x4) herb garden in front, and sparkly and large herb garden in back. (The tiny herb garden was supposed to stay full of Purple, but people *would* harvest and plant more "useful" things.) I had several spice trees because I thought those were pretty, and because at first they were hard for me to get to, but mostly I had a little of everything--one of each tree, a beryl and metal rock, a barnacle mound and one or two firefly mounds.

    I joined too late to really get in on the routes. I would've been happy being part of the firefly route, though.

    I loved having a dedicated purple room in my tower, with Scion beanbags and a little Uralia table with a meditation orb, and purple wallpaper, and stacks of free essence and flowers so people could go on purple journeys. (I figured if people started being jerks about it, I'd put them up for sale instead of giving them away. It didn't happen.)
  • Eris, I was much the same my first time around. My street was an eclectic mix of things I found aesthetically pleasing and things I found harder to obtain, be that from not having as many in routes or distance from frequently traveled areas.

    I loved the Scion of Purple, on a level that I loved only the bubble trees, and I loved Uralia themed furniture. If you end up recreating that in any form (well, and probably if you don't, too), I'll make sure to drop by xD

    Do you want me to add you to the running list of plans (if you have any)? :D

    (Also, would you know how I can tag names such as yours with spaces? I've tried underscores and hyphens, but to no avail.)
  • @Sanotsuto I have no idea how to tag names with spaces; the software allows them but doesn't seem to be able to deal with them like single-word names. (Just tag @Eris and while I won't get notified, I'll know it's me. Or @ErisLordFreedom. I was happily surprised that spaces were allowed at all.)

    I would happily be listed as a source of purple (although there was never a Purple Flower route, because the stuff grew so fast you didn't need one). I intend to rebuild my tower and Purple Meditation Chamber to stock with Essence of Purple as soon as I can--but depending on how long the skills take to learn and resources to gather, that probably won't be right away. (I want to create my purple medit chamber IRL. Been trying to think of the best way to do that.)

    Thinking about it, I'd be happy to host barnacle pods and a few fireflies. (I'd host swarms of fireflies, but that doesn't work; if they're too close, you call them from the next hive and they disperse before you can gather them.) From what I heard, I was about the only glitch in Ur who liked scraping barnacles.
  • I will mostly have crop/herb gardens (like the old days if you take a crop or herb please don't forget to replant and water) with the occasional sparkly rock or two :D
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