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  • So fun to see familiar names in here. I have been with Villagers & Hero's (use to be A mystical land) since the beginning of that game. Once glitch closed I became more involved in V&H, I do content testing and Moderate in game now. But still miss the feel and fun of Glitch and the many Glitchen who use to roam it's streets. I played HBM for a bit but got tired of it recently so I am taking a bit of a break. (really, just passing the time till I can once again nibble a piggy) (( hugs )) to all Glitchen who find there way here.
  • @soymocha - Hey there!! Good to see you...we need to get the rest of the cafe gang over here...though I'm sure they are all wondering what happened to me since I don't think I've been on FB since Oct.
  • @Soy and b3achy - glad to see both of you! I visit your steads occasionally. I stopped fertilizing every day, it gets tiresome, but your steads are convenient to other places so I visit them more than some. Soy, it sounds like V&H keeps you busy. I tried it when Glitch closed, along with numerous others, but just couldn't get into it. So, I tried to die but kept getting resurrected - Lol!
  • @Adar - I'm also at Storium; I'm hoping they eventually add enough communication features that games stop slowly dying because nobody can sort out who should move next if everyone's been out of touch for a few weeks. And yeah--it has some features that will appeal to glitchen but it's nothing like an MMO. (If anyone's interested in checking it out, let me know; I can invite you to a game I set up for the sole purpose of testing the mechanics and inviting people so they could see the forums and other games.)

    I have a Mage Faire account but haven't installed the software on the new laptop I got a few months ago (and hadn't played it for a few months before that).

    @BribAnnie I'm also at HBM; I've mostly retired from it because I'm all caught up with everything but gold trophies for my last couple-dozen monsters, and the constant pressure to buy things with cash annoys me. Also, the dotcom version is more limited than the facebook one; some features just aren't available for non-FB players. (And I got banned from the forums, I think for criticizing the game for getting too commercial. Can't be sure; never got a warning.) It's a very different game for people who aren't going to spend any cash--it's all about space and resource management.
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    Hmm, gosh. After Glitch. I'm such a game focused person let me try and find all the things I let fill the void ;) Single player games there was Skyrim many many Skyrim. Several pokemon games between here and Glitch. Many replays of Nippon Ichi JRPGs. Phantom Brave and Disgaea and the like. A bunch of Final Fantasy. X, tactics, A2, 1 and 2 etc. Lots of Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing New Leaf for the nonviolent feel. Then there was a bit of online stuff. I tried Wakfu, League, Vindictus, LotRO, and ESO and none of those really did it for me. Don't think I played any more than a few hours. I went back to KoL for a long time. Love that game still but I can only really do one ascension every few months.

    I guess that's pretty much a lot of it. I got really into idle games for a while. Cookie Clicker was my life for some time. Mine Defense is a total gem. No pun intended. /r/incremental games is a super fun place.

    Then the only online thing that's sucked me in is Flight Rising! I got into breeding dragons exactly one month ago and I've played that a lot with some RL friends.

    Really I'm just happy to have a chance to have another shot at Glitch. It really is the game I fell in love with for almost two years.

    ~Liza Throttlebottom~
  • @chaos - That's a lot of games! I've managed to stay a bit longer in LotRO because I like the lore, the scenery and the players (for the most part).

    Have you tried Farmville 2? I never played the original, but the followup is fairly cute. It's out on Windows 8 and it's a clicky addictive game.
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    Yeah i pretty much tried every game under the sun too after Glitch ended, i ended up at Wakfu, Transformice, and Deepworld and dabbled in various things off and on but those are my main games now
  • I thought I had posted here before, but guess not. I've spent a lot of time in Guild Wars 2 and some in Minecraft too. I am glad to see some there are some other GW2 folks on this forum :)
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    I went back to Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 after Glitch shut down, and I played a little Fez and Road Not Taken (both great games). Nothing felt as good as Glitch. Just sad rebounds.
  • Oh My... HBM...Farmville2...Skyrm....Wizard101...ovi pets...mage faire and many fb and phone apps. Nothing that I've been willing to spend any money on. I sure miss the friends I made in Glitch and FaunaSphere. I'm so excited that I just can't hide it ...lol
  • I have been playing Here Be Monsters with a fine group of Glitchens, Coral Isle and FV2. When I can enter Ur again, something will have to give. Because, Ur will be a #1 priority.
  • We managed to keep quite a few of us together over several games - Freggers (which mostly has gone by the wayside), Big Farm - where we have a community of Gliches & Miramagia with other villages of Glitches. We've mostly been waiting to come home.
  • Wizard101 a lot and then League of Legends, which I'm deeply addicted to. Though I suspect it's going to get neglected now that alpha is here :)
  • Tried KoL and Nation States at first.. just couldn't really get into them.. I played HI2 for a while, then Miramagia then FV2. I don't have the graphics capability for a lot of games out there. Have quit most FB games except HBM.. (play Island Exp occasionally but find it boring). Playing HBM quite a bit as it keeps me busy with the quests since I'm still fairly new. I need to get back to Villagers and Heroes (the graphics make me a little dizzy though, lol). It's just that none of them hold a candle to Glitch. I know when I get to play in Eleven I'm going to abandon all the others anyway, so I don't feel invested in any of the other games I've tried.
  • I play both Minecraft and Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn these days. I've found a great community on the minecraft server I found and I'm a long time FF fan... but I've never met a community like the one I had on Glitch. :(
  • Wizard101 and Villagers & Heroes
  • I satisfy my game craving with Hearthstone and my social craving with IRC
  • Have been playing random games and also play minecraft with a group of friends. Most recently also have been playing Elite: Dangerous.
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    Couldn't stomach the thought of another MMO, so now I refresh tumblr several hundred times a day. :PPP Completely unsatisfying.
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    The games are lacking too, Glitch was very unique and it drew a crowd that was just as much so, anything weve tried, at least for me lacked HUGELY in either gameplay, story, immersion, or the players...and more often than not at least 2 of those
  • Absolutely agree, that was always my biggest challenge. Finding the perfect alternative after Glitch went down turned out to be even more a herculean task than I anticipated. And I didn't expect it to be a walk in the park!
  • After my mourning of the passing of Faunasphere, and seeking refuge in Glitch, I have since been camped out in Here Be Monsters.
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    HBM isnt horrible, but the quests as a whole are go fetch or go make or go trap kinda = go fetch either way. Which i kinda just stopped doing as i hate those kind of quests although i do want to get far enough to get some ducks. Thier community isnt that bad but its not very social at all either. In RPG's theres also the (i consider it a problem) of lots of ppl that use teamspeak, or voice chat, which to each their own but any time ive used it at least one person did one of the following, was loud, blared music, singing, annoying, bigoted, very opinionated, pushy, demanding, screamed, or got annoyed because you werent talking enough, or that you werent playing "correctly", and last but not least ppl that dont understand why you dont like it an pressure you to use it. Just ugh....i do use voice chat sometimes but its always one on one, and im somewhat introverted so the crap you get from ppl on vc tends to just make me exit it.
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    I did find a game I really enjoyed a lot, but it was sort of very much meant for kids xD And a big dumb company bought it later and completely wrecked it but oh well lol I guess SuperSecret was never meant to stay very long
  • I've been in HBM but my only Glitch buddy in game is kastlin. I really don't like the lack of interaction between players. I've also been doing the real life gig of having a real life but that is highly overrated.
  • I haven't really manged to get into any MMOs since Glitch. I tried Plannetside 2 for a while but found the progression way too slow. My most played game since Glitch would have to be Spelunky. I just got Guild wars 2 on Sunday but haven't tried it yet we'll see how that goes.
  • I have acquired about 100+ Steam games (Humble Bundles), none of which have gotten played in the last couple months as they're missing the social component without the "NO I WILL WIN" part. I kinda alternate between KoL and WoW; right now I'm on WoW as Anafiel (realm: Dalaran). It's alright, I found a good guild community, but I miss the cute happiness and the social crew we had at Glitch. Ditto for the only place I attended online parties. Also would like to be able to play other places than my home desktop!
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    I decided i wanted to die.....a lot....humorously so picked up Dont Starve, still trying to figure it out. I do play Wakfu but im on a break from it, but i need to rebuild my guild and havent felt like it either
  • I have Don't Starve. Turns out I don't like dying that much.
  • I agree, it's the social component we had that was so special and all the wonderful people that made up our "society".
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