Where have you been hiding out?



  • I went back to the real world and it was terrible.
    But other than that, I play my console games like Tales of Xillia and not think about the hole that was/is Glitch.
  • I played mostly mobile games and The Sims 3. Offline, I got a new job and then started grad school.
  • Nowhere, really. I play Here Be Monsters but it's a five minutes a day thing. Tried a few games that had a high ex-Glitch contingent (Mage Faire and the like), but none stuck.
  • Played a bunch of FB games...but ugh...they were FB games. Here Be Monsters sort of stuck for a while, but just dabble in it with some alts now...they got too money hungry with very poor economic sense (let me charge a bazillion RL dollars for one thing instead of introducing lots of little things for some reasonable price - like a quarter an item...I still would have spent that same bazillion RL dollars but felt like I hadn't been ripped off).

    Tried some Steam games, but unfortunately the one Early Access game that I thought had a good chance of success had their entire development team go underground. Also put in some bucks on a couple of kick starter games, and one seems to be doing well, but unfortunately there is something hinky with my computer so I can't play it...go figure.

    So, after a couple of years of frustration of not finding any adult non-violent MMOs to scratch my itch, I was just at the point of rejoining the real world...lol...had purchased a paddleboard, and was getting back into geocaching and traveling, and actually cleaning my house regularly, when this was announced...argh...my house is never going to be regularly cleaned anymore...must consider hiring someone... :P
  • I've tried a few things since losing Glitch, fb games, mmos, KoL (which I love but it does get kinds boring quickly). Recently, I've gone back to my teen years and been fooling around with some MUDs.

    Of course, nothing lives up to Glitch.
  • I wish the devs from Tiny Speck knew how much Glitch meant to a lot of people. Thankfully, Team Eleven is working hard to bring it back and when the time comes that they need money to help support the servers I will definitely donate to help keep the game running. When the game shut down I couldn't stop thinking about it and had the empty pit in my stomach for a long time. When I found out it was coming back, that empty pit turned into butterflies and excitement. Most games are all about the same thing which involves killing something or has a storyline ect. I think the reason why I love this game is because it was so different and didn't fall within the same elements of all the other games. It was something new and had a light hearted and funny approach to it. The fact that there was no violence in it is quite intriguing, I never thought I would gravitate towards a game like this but when I tried it, I instantly fell in love with the game.
  • @Kassutera - Well said and wholeheartedly agree.
  • I have been spending time in Manyland, a world we build together recently I have made an area called party on http://manyland.com/partyon a collection of party sub areas one of which is Manymas, a take on Glitchmas, built by myself with the help of some very talented and imaginative friends, Ms Cinn Ur, Dileu, and King. http://snapshot.manyland.com/ru2bpmwpg4.png You can join Manyland as an explorer, this allows you a sneak peak without need to log in. Might be a place to hang out with friends while we wait for our chance to return to Ur. I'd love to see old friends there :)
  • I've been in and out of KoL (which I've played off and on for 10 years now). Gaming on my 3DS (Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon, Fantasy Life, Pokemon). Starbound on Steam, which I'm mostly waiting for it to come to a 1.0 update at this point. I've been replaying Zelda games and eagerly awaiting the rerelease of Majora's Mask on the 3DS next year. I still miss Glitch. I loved my house and my garden and my chickens. Can't wait to play again!
  • Well, got back into minecraft a bit, played a little Don't Starve but mostly stayed away from gaming, grieving at the loss of Glitch
  • Minecraft, Skyrim, a few online games like Ourworld, I started playing Ingress today, and might get a 3ds/ACNL for christmas!
  • Funny how so many of us ended up in the same places! If anyone wants to be friends on acnl my friend code is:
  • Yeah i ended up playing Wakfu more than the rest by far but i had to semi cut it off or at least down. Things got....uh lets just say messy. The game and Dofus as well is known for multiple account holders with 6+ accounts each. As it turns out most of the multiple account holders give thier passwords to one guy....yeah :/ So now im down to a dead guild again for the upteenth time. The pattern fits if one person gets offended instead of workign things out, or at least talking it over, 20-50 ppl (characters) leave overnight. So its kinda down to 3 ppl...again. I would just walk away or whatever but its a max lvl guild , with a haven world (guild private world thing....ive got 4-5 mil in game cash invested in it too:( ) You have NO idea how much i miss Glitch at this point
  • I've been on ourWorld. It's a social mmo. Mostly mindless teenagers, but lots of fun to be had.
  • @Kassutera ...I'm pretty sure they know. And even though it didn't last, it must be incredible to be them...to know that something they created still means so much to so many of us. :-)

  • I tried Mage Faire and Wander (both betas) but couldn't spare the time they needed to play competently. I joined Jigidi, a jigsaw making group and joined Here Be Monsters after seeing some of BribAnnnie's jigsaw puzzles taken from screenshots. I'm also playing Big Farm and Miramagia, which both have Glitchen players. Tried to go back to KoL but couldn't get into it...also played Freggers for a while, and also Tinkatolli.
  • Guys. GUYS! There's an online Cards Against Humanity clone. We should do a nightly/weekly/whatever game night while we're waiting for Eleven to open its doors!
  • @Vesperina - That sounds cool!
  • http://pyx-3.socialgamer.net/game.jsp#

    The interface is kind of cumbersome, but it does seem to work on all browsers and devices (that I know of).
  • Nowhere, really. Animal Crossing is my favourite next to Glitch. I can't wait to play with everyone again :)
  • I've simply been longing for Glitch to come back. I never thought anyone would take it this far! So exciting!
  • Did Miramagia for a while with some of my Glitch friends but there was so little to do, we all got bored pretty quickly. I found out very quickly that nothing would even come close to replacing Glitch. The game I stuck with the most was Here Be Monsters on fb. There were plenty of Glitchen, unfortunately many have gotten bored of or fed up with that one as well. I am so thankful to Tiny Speck and Team Eleven for working together to rebuild our home. Thanks guys! Can't wait :)
  • The game where I've had most contact with other players has been Kingdom of Loathing. The one nearest to the Glitch sense of whimsy has been Fallen London. the one I'm currently spending most time in is Here Be Monsters. Add them together and they still wouldn't equal Glitch.

    I'm developing my own SF game which is inspired by aspects of Glitch. It will have exploration, no player/player combat, co-operative projects, and the equivalent of houses which you can decorate and have visitors in. It won't have anything like the wonderful art, though.
  • I just joined Here Be Monsters... where should I have my house?
  • Not near a flag as those will be cities or already are and there are plenty of ppl in Europe, anywhere else is good, cities and houses of friends are free transport spots around the world so:) The game is ok at least u can make your own food for energy unlike alot of other Fb type games
  • If anyone wants to join me in Wakfu, Nox server your more than welcome to Im. Elated-Timepeace there. Yes its a turn based fighting game but there is alot of crafting as well if u want to do just do that
  • When Glitch closed its doors I discovered geocaching and have been exploring the real world since.
  • @Coheed I'm also a geocacher since 2002, and how I miss those early days.
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