Where have you been hiding out?

After Glitch closed I tried quite a few MMO's, none for very long. I hung out in Villagers and Heroes for a while and LotRO because of the great community. Now, I'm just waiting for Eleven.


  • I couldn't find a suitable substitute. I tried Kingdom of Loathing but couldn't get into it. I mostly just dabble on silly puzzle games on my phone. I am SO SO SO eager to get back into Ur!!
  • I tried a farming game and miramagic/a (sp). For the last year, I've been on Here Be Monsters.

    I can't wait to get back too. I'll do whatever it takes!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Nothing came close to Glitch, so I fell out of love with the MMOs I tried fairly quickly. Then I just filled the void with endless writing, crocheting, and knitting. I even took up needlepoint.

    I really got into DS games, though. I've spent a lot of time playing Animal Crossing and Tomodachi Life.
  • I've picked up OldSchool Runescape (as they brought back a version from 2007 before they ruined it with a new combat system and a pile of pay to win microtransactions), but it appears even this new-old version is going the way of the last one, into the dump for the sake of Jagex's profits. I also play Terraria and Minecraft because both are open ended and allow me to do my favorite videogame activity: amassing loot! (my old house in Glitch was wall to wall storage cubes with items arranged in a meticulous fashion). When I want to hate my life and pop a blood vessel, I play Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition.

    That's about all I've been doing when I'm not working 60-80 hour weeks :D
  • @vesperina - I wanted to try Animal Crossing, but I don't have a console. I watched some of the vids on Youtube and it seemed like a substitute of sorts for Glitch. Is that a good game?
  • @Sanotsuto - I hear you. Microtransactions are getting out of hand in most games and ruining vast parts of the genre.
  • @brandie I tried KoL too, because of the recommends on the old Glitch forums, but I couldn't get it either.
  • @Felix Animal Crossing is pretty cool. It's not Glitch, but then again, nothing is.
  • I tried KoL...meh. Not enough of a community feel for me. I just retreated back into work and my 3ds (Animal Crossing New Leaf)
  • Nothing was good enough after Glitch closed. I looked about, but nah.
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    I wasn't hiding :)

    I played to Ryzom, tried Neverwinter and another one I can't remember the name (which shows how much attachment I had to it!).

    I mostly played and still play from time to time to Minecraft (vanilla) with a few Glithen. Now I'm also on Animal Crossing: New Leaf, it certainly is not like Glitch - though it can be funny, there's a tiny bit of hoarding, of harvesting. It was more popular about a year ago when several Glitchen started to play. I'm on Borderlands 2 too, though so far I haven't had much the opportunity to play with other Glitchen (only Var, for a bit).
  • I have been keeping busy with playing World of Warcraft along with other games such as Starbound and Terraria as well. on my DS I have been playing A long to the Past remake along with Animal Crossing: New Leaf (although it's been awhile since I played it and I am pretty sure Kyle, who is my fave, moved out of my town by now) I thought about trying Tomodachi Life as I heard a lot about it though. On my phone I been playing Knights and Dragons and Game of War: Fire Age but nothing comes close to Glitch and am glad that team Eleven is working hard to bring it back. Tiny Speck were onto something when they came out with this game and it was a shame to see then quit on it but I am happy that they released the game to public domain so a wonderful group of people such as team Eleven can work n bringing the game back :)
  • It's surprising to me that gaming companies have shown no interest in creating a non-combat, adult MMO. I would think a bit of research (and, ahem, some marketing) would uncover a pretty healthy market.
  • I spent some time playing Animal Crossing New Leaf. I have been playing the Animal Crossings though since the came to America. Mostly though I have been playing mommy (my daughter was born just before The End.)
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    Didn't really try anything else as far as online games go, Glitch was really the only MMO i was ever able to get into.

    That said, I'm a Pokéfiend, and I've played a couple other offline games.
  • I've been hiding in coding stuff on my own, SecondLife, and Manylands. :)
  • I played Kingdom of Loathing for a while, but mostly settled in Runescape. As much as I love Glitch, I get now what people were talking about when they used to complain that it didn't have enough of a backstory; there is a LOT of lore in Runescape. Still, I'm looking forward to the day when I can return to happily pottering through the bogs, scraping barnacles.
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    I played a little bit of Miramagica in hopes to reunite with my glitchlings... Didn't see many of them, so I decided to play with my IRL friends and so I started playing League of Legends. I then wanted to revisit my childhood and play Adventure Quest Worlds...

    Edit: I forgot to mention that I got into playing modded minecraft and made a modpack with my IRL friends.
  • After and before Glitch I was playing minecraft, and still am. But I miss the community very much and wish that it could be exported to minecraft somehow. It was not the case though, we tried and glitchens didn't always behave on minecraft as they did on Glitch.
  • pocket legends & sudoku...i miss the Glitch lifestyle [•.•]
  • I tried looking for other MMOs after Glitch, but none clicked, so I ended up going back to text-based roleplaying with a bunch of friends. Love it, but I definitely miss the game-type MMOs, especially the fun, qurazy Glitch style <3
  • @Felix I agree, many of the "free" games I've tried have succumb to the poison that is pay to win. I don't mind purchasable cosmetic items that help fund the game, but it seems like most companies jump right past that and into the "Pay 20 dollars to get 5 ultimate swords of kill everything +10 (or enough in game cash to buy them)".

    The community in OldSchool Runescape (those of us who are vocal on the forums, at least) fought the good fight against the idea of pay to win coming to that game, but Jagex has a long history of ignoring what their customers want and what is good for the game in the long run (EoC, anybody?) and instead doing what their investors demand they do.
  • We have a quite big glitchy community at Miramagia, around 100 souls, just waiting to come back "home".
  • I went back to Kingdom of Loathing, which I hadn't played for years. I also tried Here be Monsters, and thought it was okay, but wasn't in the mood for more fetch/grind quests. I didn't last long in Miramagia, and haven't been back to Manyland for a while. Nothing captured my interest like Glitch did. Now I'm playing Marvel Heroes 2015. Mostly I've just been on tumblr, lol.
  • After glitch closed I started playing Virtual Family Kingdom again....I use to play that alot but there is so much drama on there that I got sick of it. Then someone remade VMK now openvmk which was by Disney... so I started playing that last year. Cant wait to be on glitch again
  • sigh. nothing else felt right. If it was sandbox then the art wasn't good enough. if the art was amazing it was too much about combat. and the community! the glitchy spirit was nowhere to be found. that's why i can't wait for Eleven to let me come home.
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    I lost track of how many things ive tried since Glitch shut down. But I ended up playing Wakfu, Transformice, and Deepworld, and a slew of other games occasionally...Here Be Monsters, Manyland, Aion, Uncharterd Waters, Spiral Knights, Puzzle Pirates, Realm of the Mad God, Mighty Quest for Epic Loot, Everybody Edits, KoL, Nation States. As you can see ive been uh....around.... The thing is with anything i listed, they would have humor, but little social, or they have sandbox, or all story and little else, or they were very complex or overly simple, it was next to impossible to find a good balance.
  • I've been in Here Be Monsters, and just playing other games that aren't online.
  • I went to Rift for a while. Managed to hit level cap (a first for me in an MMO) before the 3.0 release.
    Dropped Planetside 2, because it went down the piggy plop burial area quickly -- they started targeting CoD/Battlefield noobs and removing ALL of the emphasis on teamwork.
    Spent some time playing Minecraft, and moved on to Defiance. I enjoy playing support with my BMG. :)
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