Is there anything you wish the forum could do?



  • Anything Glitchy is worth waiting for.
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    @ladyceres, some of the folks are noticing that the alpha tags are showing up in their list even though they don't have access to the alpha forums (in another thread - - but since tagging was discussed here, thought I'd mention it). Don't know if there is a way to have specific settings for the tags people see...though it might add to the creativity the Alphateers have in tagging their messages to make people wonder what is going on... ;)
  • I also see the alpha tags, even though I'm not in the alpha and don't have access to the alpha forums. So I second that problem!
  • In fact, now that I look at all of them, there are only seven forum tags I can view as a non-alpha member, even though it lists 18 other tags, all of which appear to be alpha-only. It might not be terrible for the rest of us to view these things per se, as they are only tags, and it gives us some small insight into what's going on in the testing thus far, but perhaps you, the devs, don't actually want just anybody to know the nature of those bugs/discussions just yet. Also, I think some non-alpha people find it frustrating.
    Anyway, the alpha tags I can see, but don't have access to, are as follows (in case you'd like to know and don't already know):
    "alpha", "bugs", "bug", "maps", "map", "quests", "not working yet", "known issues", "cubimals", "skills", "gardening", "music", "gs", "new", "deployment", "emblems", "questions for dev team", & "vendors"
  • @b3achy I noticed it myself, and I will have to look into it more deeply. I tried another plugin which filters by category in my local setup, and it broke the forum. I might try to play with it more, but might have to announce a short downtime to do it. I will investigate though.
  • ladyceres rocks :-D
  • I would really like a button at the bottom of the page that would take me back to the top of the page. I'm lazy and don't want to have to scroll up to the top when I've just finished scrolling down to the bottom. I'm so lazy, I don't even want to press the Page Up button on my keyboard. =D
  • @faereluth, I know it's not the same as having it right here in the forums, but dopiaza's is still up!
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    A couple of things that are lacking for me:
    • Removing users from a conversation you started.
    • Cancelling a draft when it loaded in the reply box (in addition of going to Drafts and delete it from there).
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    We now have reaction buttons - please go forth and lobe/splank with abandon. There is no detriment to clicking any of the buttons (no subtraction of points).

    I can also add more reactions, if you think that would be fun.
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    A Buzzfeed-like line of reaction at the bottom of posts could be fun. Maybe not all posts (the buzzfeed-like line, that is), but all original posts (starting a thread?) or/and all Staff posts?
  • Quick mockup of anothre way to show buttons. I do like the the actions on the single line, just wanted to try something else.

  • I like the separate lines for different reactions received.

    I'd like a 'Mark As Read' option, probably on a sub-category level. For instance, I could mark the Off Topic section as read but leave Alpha as is.
  • Varaeth and I were talking about how the side stacking was pretty ugly and possibly a side effect of not having avatars right now. It certainly looks wrong - and it looks different for me than it does for Lazy Cubimal....which is weird.

    Mark as Read is going to take some hacking - while it's easily enabled, it's hiding. We're using that custom bar at the top, and Vanilla can't insert itself. But I will try to track down the link, and put it up there myself. It was the same with the Member List thing I tried, although I'm beginning to think I'd rather build this from our webapp than use a forum plugin. Definitely on my mind tonight, but I have some RL things coming up to plan for, that it might have to wait until Varaeth or I have more time to dig in.

    Thanks for the suggestions though - we will get there!
  • Would love to see at some point in the future a highlight/heavy outline/some kind of marker for all the new notifications that came in when you go to your notifications page. The popup menu is great for a quick skim, but if I'm visiting after a day or so, I'm probably going to want to go to my page and open things in tabs, rather then go down the list, to make sure I've seen things more definitely. (Lousy short term memory!)
  • I personally dislike the reactions (or any kind of counter type thing in general) and the Buzzfeed line.
  • The sidebar has numbers in gray boxes for me. These numbers appear to be the total number of the different things listed... which is completely useless information to me. I don't need to know there's 22 topics in "Ideas". I might want to know there are 22 unread threads in "Ideas". But if I click and read a thread, the number does not change. So yes... it's distracting and annoying.
  • @faranae I am not a fan of the big grey numbers either. Been a hell of a week here in the northeast US so I haven't had any time to play with CSS. I did a quick search just now about showing unread counts at the category level and found a post from a Vanilla dev saying they had no plans to support such a thing, but that was from 2012. I will see if something else could have come up in the meantime, but I do plan to make that section a little less ugly when I get a moment.
  • @ladyceres awesome. I'd rather have no data than useless data, personally. And it's a volunteer project, I don't think I can complain if blizzards slow down css tinkering on minor issues. =P
  • I'm not sure if this belongs here, but it'd be sweet to see how many people have currently registered for Eleven accounts? Not sure if that's already possible either, don't mind me if I'm saying useless words here ; )
  • Liza, that falls under the category of the member list request. I can tell you we're up to 1291 registrants though. :)
  • Ooooh! We're doing very well : ) Also thanks for the clarification!
  • There has been a lot of changes, it seems. Things are much more colorful around here! :)
  • I would enjoy having an are where prioritized lists/polls can work. We have a lot of feature request threads that don't allow for any voting. it's contributing to a lot of long threads that really just say "I agree"
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    We are waaaaaay far out from having any kind of feature requests as far as the game is concerned. Once we're ready for anything at all like that, we will make sure it's done efficiently. Right now the Ideas forum is for people to enthuse over their wishes and dreams. We are SO not ready to take on any of them in a serious capacity. We have ideas that would be implemented outside the forum for game feature requests (hmm, I might have been the one that wanted to write that) but definitely not yet! Forum feature requests have been reliably put here, and there's the webapp feedback thread, so if there are any other feature requests I'm missing, please let me know!

    ETA: I thought about this a little more and realized you might just be wanting it for fun, for yourselves. We had discussed enabling polling on the forum, and wondered if it could be restricted to certain forums, I think. We want to keep the forum looking as clean as possible, but maybe there is something we can do. I will take a look and see what's out there.
  • @ladyceres - Let's have a poll about whether we should have a poll. It could be in the poll section. Maybe with lots of Polish poles. Polished Polish poles, pulling polls. :D
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    Hey there,
    I would love to see these things implemented:

    - Quote button (very handy to quote someone else's post and refer to it when writing a reply).

    - Profile Picture/Avatar (nice to the eye)

    - Members list (runs from A-Z to see who are members here (example: Click on A and it shows all users starting with A in alphabetical order, Click on G and shows all users starting with G in alphabetical order, etc))
    Prime Example here -->

    - Chat Box (to talk here whilst waiting for the elusive and exclusive invite to play Eleven)

    EDIT: Fixed spelling
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    For now quoting works by using < quote> < /quote> (EDIT: this doesn't work). The button bar might get implemented but I find it rather ugly and would prefer another solution if possible. Pretty much everything else you listed has been addressed in this thread in some way or other. Chat box doesn't seem likely with the way Vanilla works, but there's a slack instance that a lot of Glitchen are chatting in and there's an Eleven channel for specifically discussing us. You can send a PM to @"Lazy Cubimal" for an invite to that.
  • @ladyceres ty for your reply
    Cool, so actually have to type the quote code to use it? Got it.
    Yeah I was a bit hesitant to add the Chat box feature because I didn't expect much support, if any.
    I will chuck Lazy Cubimal a pm
  • No problem - and yeah, most HTML style tags actually already work out of the box, but the bog standard implementation of a button bar is just so not in line with the look of the forum! I use cloud-based Vanilla forum and it's much more elegant, but I guess they hold back some of those better features to entice people to use their service rather than the open source code for a self-hosted forum.

    We are also unique because of how we want our webapp to do a LOT more work than the forum...and it will get there. We'd toyed with adding a forum plugin for avatars, but it would sully up our database for when we want to use our own system. So short term: frustrating, long term: better.

    You'll enjoy Slack though, and at least you get a chance to peek at what Tiny Speck have been up to since shutting down the game!
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