Webapp/Forum Known Issues (Updated 1/4/2015)

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Current Bugs and Known Issues

  • At the moment, you have to manually click "Sign in with Eleven". In the future, you'll automatically be signed in to the forums when you log in to the alpha site (webapp).
  • Logging in from a forum page will not work at this time. Please log in from the http://humbaba.elevengiants.com main page.
  • Logging out of the main alpha site currently doesn't automatically log you out of the forum.
  • The navigation bar in the forum is not as well integrated with the webapp as it will eventually be.
  • Clicking on your username in the navbar of non-forum pages may result in an internal server error message.
  • "Add a profile picture" link on forum profile fails with "Whoops! There was an error." (Note: The most likely plan for forum avatars is to have it automatically show your ingame avatar, but we don't yet have the necessary infrastructure in place for generating sprites/images for player avatars.)



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    Oops, I just made a thread that could probably just be part of this post. :x

    Edit: I'mma copy/paste my post from there if y'all can close that other thread...


    If there is a way to disable the 'built in' Vanilla mobile site, you may want to. The 'desktop site' is already very mobile friendly and you're not given the 'log in using Eleven Giants' link in the mobile layout. It was a little confusing trying to login until I tried the desktop site for giggles. I was trying to log in by hitting the log in link at the top of the screen, but it wouldn't take my credentials.

    The site layout is lovely and works perfectly in mobile Safari.
  • On the profile page*, "Add a Profile Picture" is giving me "Whoops! There was an error."

    Let me know if you need more info. Thanks!


    * http://humbaba.elevengiants.com/forum/index.php?p=/profile
  • On http://humbaba.elevengiants.com/ and http://humbaba.elevengiants.com/account, the link with my Username (http://humbaba.elevengiants.com/profiles/me) gives "Error: 500 - Internal Server Error".

    Let me know if you need more info. Thanks!
  • I'm also getting the Whoops! There was an error popup when trying to add a profile picture.


    * https://i.imgur.com/LCOlSQO.png
  • When I mouse over any of the options at the top (i.e "Categories, Discussions, any of the icons at the right) they turn brown which makes them very hard to read.
  • Whoops, still had me signed into forum. Now it's working.
  • Not sure if this is just me making a user error, but how do you tag someone who's username has spaces? :0
  • I also have the profile pic whoops.
  • @sanotsuto We're looking into a plugin for this. I find it preposterous that the authors of the Vanilla code didn't foresee such a thing when they coded it!
  • @a lifted pixel: I've found the setting to disable the default Vanilla mobile theme, so it should now be using the responsive Eleven theme on both desktop and mobile.
  • @ladyceres You are a boss! I like tagging people so it pops up in their profile and I also like the color blue :3
  • Yeah it can be incredibly handy! I will test it out in the next couple of days and hopefully be able to deploy it soon. From the looks of it, you would just have to use the @ symbol and the name in quotes following...like @"three word name". Seems straightforward enough...as long as it doesn't break the forum. ;)
  • Thanks for spending time on this!
  • the popular tags list doesn't lead to a list of topics when one of the tags is clicked
    "No items tagged with alpha." but the popular tag list says there are 21 ???
  • @zean you can only access the alpha forums if you are an alpha tester - but should probably be adjusted :)
  • @gabi i see, seems a lot of tags are being used in the alpha forum, maps and music are not visible too
  • @gabi and @Zean, I posted a mention about y'all seeing the Alpha forum tags in the thread about forums... https://humbaba.elevengiants.com/forum/index.php?p=/discussion/218/is-there-anything-you-wish-the-forum-could-do#latest Also marked it so one of the devs would see the issue.
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    Not issues per se, but I would like the font of CC'd users in a conversation to be smaller / or smaller when there are several of them, or when it takes a few lines to display the list:


    Similarly, the notifications drop down menu could only mention a few and say something like "... and 24 other users":


    Both can be surprising/confusing/alarming for people who aren't used to forums or this forum.
  • When the activity tab is clicked private message not meant for me show
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    @"Lyrical Dejavu" Are you sure you haven't been included in a conversation?
  • No i wasnt it was - Name A ------>Name B, no conversation linked to me, so not connected to a previous conversation
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    Oh right, I see. They're not private messages. It's the activity on the forum. People posting on each others' profiles.
  • kk seemed like it was thnx
  • @vagreath said that the profile picture will be our ingame avatar. Ingame from original glitch? If so, what if we had changed our usernames (Like me) from original glitch to something completely different. (Ninjahog to Arkrider).
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    The profile picture of the forum will be taken from the in-game avatar of Eleven - just like how it was in Glitch. Change looks in-game and it will make the changes here and on your player profile. Glitch isn't involved. No need to worry about different characters and names used in Glitch and in Eleven.

    (it's Varaeth, not Vagreath)
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    Thanks @LazyCubimal
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