Is there anything you wish the forum could do?



  • @"Ladyceres" yes I already use Slack for chat with another game I'm playing at the moment. Very handy and easy to use.
    Will the forum be upgraded in due time? I can see that at the moment, it's just being use for updates, information and ideas circling around which is awesome!
  • Just for clarification, if a person has no spaces in their names, you don't need to use quotation marks for the @ feature.

    Think about what Glitch was like - you barely did much on the forum but post. Everything else was housed in the webapp (which was not released with the assets)- the player search and messages and all were coded entirely separately from the forum and were heavily integrated with the game itself. TS also coded their forum from scratch - we decided not to do this...yet. We wanted to get a good forum in place, so we're using Vanilla because they have a plugin that supports single sign on; when you logged into you logged into everything at once. Right now, the same goes here. The alpha players need only to log into our website once to get access to the game and the forum. Eventually we could code our own forum and migrate everything there; equally we could dig into the engine of Vanilla and make it as seamlessly integrated into our own webapp as possible.

    This forum the way it currently exists is a stopgap measure to give people a place to chat as you pointed out. It will change a good deal...I'm not sure that "upgrade" is the right way to look at it, since it's going to be more of an evolution. Eventually, it's not going to be thought of as a separate entity, though it's *entirely* understandable to see the game/webapp and forum as different things right NOW. The webapp is still pretty barebones, and no one but the alphas have any need to even look at it.
  • @Ladyceres
    Didn't know that, thanks for that tip!
    I see what you mean now. I was thinking Eleven and the forums as being two separate things.
    Integrating the forums into the game would be absolutely awesome!
    When I said upgrade, I'm referring to like you said, evolving, upgrade, however you want to call it.
    I'm really impressed and looking forward to what all you Dev's are doing and all/any changes to come. Definitely looking forward to seeing the server have more stability so we can all join in on the fun!
  • A clarification regarding avatars:
    User uploaded avatar images are not likely to be enabled here, but we are planning to have players' Eleven avatars appear on the forums (which is possible with Vanilla, but we don't have the avatar spritesheet/image generation working on the game side yet).
  • @Varaeth - Our Eleven avatars are way better than any old uploads! I can't wait to see Glitchen faces!!
  • It'd be awesome to have a music player; playing music from all the different regions in Ur, while we browse the forums. *:) Also, a delete button for posts we'd like to delete. Also also, thank you Eleven Crew. Much love ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥(11hearts)
  • is there a link to the blog?
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