How did you find out about Eleven?

For me, I remember thinking about the game long after it has shut down. I just couldn't let that thought go and it bugged me enough that if I did not tweet to Tiny Speck on twitter then the nagging feeling would never go away since this is a game I once loved. I eventually did wind up tweeting asking if Tiny Speck would consider doing a Kickstarter campaign as I would definitely donate to fund it. I then got a response from one of the Team Eleven developers about the game was being worked on being brought back. I remember that day as having the feeling like a kid would feel on Christmas morning when they get a present they have wanted for so long.

How did you guys find out about Eleven?


  • Kukubee posted about it on Facebook
  • I had a youtube video that was from the first beta advertising it, and my old friend from the game commented about Eleven! It was on my Birthday, too, so that was awesome!!!
  • I kept searching the internet looking for a game as captivating as Glitch and I came across an article that said a group of people were taking on the amazing task of reviving the game! I've been keeping a close eye on the updates and am very excited to see the forums up and running!
  • The Facebook group Ur - What Remains
  • @Badkittycat I believe Wikipedia mentions about Eleven bringing the game back along with another group as well :)
  • Twitter retweets :D
  • Much like with Glitch, I don't really remember HOW I found the game. Facebook group? Twitter? The Slack instance that hawkwell started is what got me into the forums, though.
  • Wishful thinking - I googled for "Glitch game remake".
  • It might have been Kukubee retweeting something on twitter for me
  • The great oracle Google tapped me on the shoulder and told me. I think I was searching for pages that linked to
  • The Facebook.
  • A friend told me on Facebook and there was a little gleeful post party.
  • I constantly Google "Glitch" just to see if they opened it up again . I'm so glad to see players like ourselves still interested in the game ! #LONGLIVEGLITCH
  • Just when I least expected it, another glitchen, Joscor So, sent me an email with the link. This is beyond my wildest imagination, truly a dream come true :D
  • I was feeling nostalgic about the game when I was looking at who I follow on Twitter and saw Glitch and decided to read about recent tweets and I'm psyched for eleven! It's going to be great :)
  • Kukubee's Facebook post for me too.
  • I randomly Googled "Glitch" a few months ago, saw an article somewhere about it, and I've been stalking Eleven ever since.
  • It's nice to see where everyone has heard of us from. Our little community has grown quick, and there're a huge number of displaced Glitchen that haven a clue we exist still.
  • @KaiyonAlatar is there someway we all can help gather them to us? :O
  • I am enjoying reading this too - it surprised me how many people found us for the first time the day we announced the Alpha. I rescued a few from twitter. We just need to keep working to get a decently functioning game and hopefully the word will get out there!
  • @ladyceres I think the community will definitely speak for itself once it's up and running, and good people who don't find themselves at home in other gaming communities will come here. Hopefully other Glitchen will catch wind of this. Would it be at all possible to get help from TS/Slack? Possibly an autosent e-mail to all addresses registered to older accounts?
  • One day I decided to go and check out the old Glitch website and when i saw that Tiny Speck had released the sources I looked for people trying to rebuild the game.
  • I saw someone commenting about Eleven on fb when I was stumbling around. I then went to Eleven's fb page and loved the preview pictures and the amount of updates to let people know the different stages of development (as it is rare to find a good game where the developers want to let potential players know what they are working on). I think it has a lot of interest piqued for new players and being an avid gamer, I know mine is, and am looking forward to playing. Happy Holidays everyone!
  • Once I heard the sources were going to be made available I started Googling every now and then until the various efforts started to pop up, and I've been monitoring ever since. Hopeful that we'll be able to try things out here soon!
  • Kukubee mentioned it on Facebook. That's how I learned about it.
  • Well, I had never played Glitch. So I was searching on Google for MMORPGs when I found the game Glitch. I clicked on the link just to see that it had shut down. It looked like a beautiful game. So I kept constantly looking for way to play it, then I found Eleven. So yay!
  • My friends and I LOVED Glitch and we've been obsessing over it even after it was shut down so of course once one of them heard of the news that it was coming back - it circled around our friend group like a forest fire! SO excited!!
  • @Koami You my friend are in for a treat if you never have played it. I found it to be quite lighthearted and unique. (Not to mention funny....I loved the butterfly comments when you milked them) Fighting rooks was also fun, it was a race to use your imagination orb to fight them before they try to break a hole in your screen. I still occasionally watch the videos of the Rook attacks on Youtube. It is interesting watching the poke holes and scratch the screen and if I remember correctly one even tries to :break" the glass with their beaks that is between you and the monitor. Some pretty great animation that I would love to seein 3D on my laptop.
  • @Kassutera That sounds so fun! I knew I was missing out on something great. Why do all the good websites get shut down? I tried out the vanity/wardrobe thingy and it was so cute! I just cant wait until Eleven is done. When do u think it will be done BTW?
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