Guess the street!



  • Why are they the most sacred quoins?
  • Because of the Rays of light of the Giants shining down on them?
  • I live on the street with the most sacred quoins?? Excellent!! Sorry I forgot to put stuff out for visitors! I've been slow in catching myself up after last reset. I'll have some taco's whipped up later!! Next street is one of the most *musical*

  • I wonder what that could be ;) My guess is... piano party? Heheh
  • How did you ever guess!! It is indeed :) The next one is very close to being underwater!


    P.S. I love this game because I've gotten about 3 new background from some of the shots I've taken in game. There's quite a lot of beautiful scenery!
  • Oh man!! My favourite street :)) Not gonna guess tho, letting someone else get it.
  • Abhiman Himan in Firozi?
  • It is!! Good job! This is my currant laptop back ground and it makes me smile every morning! This is a bit of a special street too :)

  • "currant" laptop background? I see what you did there.
  • Would that be Shivering Isles, in the Vortex of Randomness?
  • The Vortex of Random.

  • Whoops, I didn't visit it enough, clearly
  • It is! My laptops having a temper tantrum but as soon as it gets off it's high horse I'll post another picture :)
  • Haha my computer is happy at the moment!! Here we go!

  • Ambu Jal!! I spent sooo many hours playing around in Firozi and Jal, oh my gosh
  • image

    This one is in the deep depths of Samudra :)
  • edited December 2015
    so pretty! I am sad I didnt get to explore all those glorious looking areas. hope to see them all, again soon. this was Parashurama .
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