What were you specialized in?



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    ::teary eyed:: my first comment here. I remember so many of these names! I was in Ajaya Bliss a lot, mining sparkly and helping to feed the miners there. Also loved helping people get in and out by teleporting and having keys available and leading a train of miners through the door. I also did a lot of gardening and devoted most of my home space and home street to plots, with some space for trees as i was on the Home Street Resource Route thing that Scarlett was running :D ....or was that SeerQueen? i forget, it's been too long.
  • Welcome home!
    I ran the HRR, other people ran different route networks.
  • Long lost Hugs Octavious
  • I did a lot of travelling and exploring. Long lonely journeys, far and wide. Loved it. Covered and completed many streets.
  • I started off mining.
    A lot.
    I'd sell full element pouches. Then, once I'd walked every street of Ur, I got my sights set on the big level 60. I'd go Img and Quoin hunting (I had a circuit I would do where all the 'big' ones were).

    Once I'd hit 60 I retired (my hair turned grey) to my little gas emporium where I would buy and sell all different kinds of gases and gas related products.

    I've forgotten a lot about Ur and in many ways I find that a little sad. But the silver lining is, I get to rediscover it when we once again play for a long while
  • I did it all and loved it. I was NeonTetra in the game. I especially loved to wander and quest. Guano was pretty much a full time job lol
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    i specialized in be-the-tree. in order to strengthen the relationship between glitchen and the trees of ur, i would hide behind trees (with sugarj) and surprise people. we used our charm and charisma to show others that trees are cool and can be really fun too. aka coolbettycakes, i am a registered mentor of be-the-tree. certified disciple schooled in the ways of nanooki, the veal of trees, from whom all that is be-the-tree originates. i also holds several degrees in psssssssssssssst come here, the art of note hiding, gnome as a second language and stoot crush.
  • @coolbetty - I still remember the day I stumbled on you hiding behind a tree in Groddle Meadow in Glitch. OMG, you had me ROFL with all the comments. The tree talking was the best ! I still chuckle over it when I see a good hiding tree in Ur during Alpha...
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    Lill Missy is right actually. I *did* more or less just turn up to cause mischief. And do a little mining on the side.

    Also to play with my rod.

    From that sloth guy.

    Stop looking at me like that.
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    I usually explored.
    Towards the end I usually wanted to collect artifacts, then ended up selling them in my tower.
    I did loads of mining to get those nice houses when I first joined.
    I also liked to collect cubimals! https://www.glitchthegame.com/snaps/PUV8GAJ9SPK2GDN/67285-493b0b482a/
  • I don't remember my Glitch name, but I suspect it was Aelora or something along those lines. I wasn't a specialist. I had lots of animals, I liked mining, and I loved wandering and gifting people with things. I've missed this game so much.
  • I mostly brewed and cooked. I had some animal related skills here and there, and the basic necessities (such as meditation).
    This time I'll probably brew again, but I'll also focus on mining and teleportation. Those long journeys through the lands of Ur, while whimsical and enlightening, became very tedious after a while.
  • I studied teleportation (LIKE A BOSS!) as well as metallurgy and cooking.
  • Molybdenum was the coolest metal by far. I used to think it was pronounced "moly-bend-um".

    (Very wrong - it's actually "mol-ib-dun-um")
  • Foods ;) I made so many different foods I would collect it, my entire tower/home was decorated like a bar or sumthin! S
  • I "specialized" in getting badges :) 32nd I think? :D
  • I did a lot...
    I did yellow crumb, cooking, mining, making/leaving bags or stacks of things around for others to find/enjoy, street projects, rook fighting =] I loved street projects and rook fighting!
  • I did a little of everything. But I loved exploring and petting trees . I can't wait until it's back. I missed this game so much.
  • I feel you Shewolf.. Love petting my trees. ;)
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