What were you specialized in?

When I played Glitch I started off as a Jack of All Trades...but then I found IT...YELLOW CRUMB!
Yes I was one of those Yellow Crumb maniacs, selling by the 1,000s daily :D, my whole tower filled with them.
I also loved collecting and trading Cubimals :O
But aside from that...what were you doing, and will you do that again? (I think I will :3)


  • I actually don't remember most of my time in glitch, but I think I just sort of practiced in every subject. This time, in Eleven, I would love to specialize in something.
  • In Glitch, I liked cooking the best, but eventually learned skills across the board. I still didn't complete them all as the learning times became so long.

    I mentioned in another thread that I might specialize in herbs and furniture making this time (since cooking is a pretty useless skill at higher levels), and then I looked at the skills trees for those two, and they require learning a large number of the skills anyway...lol.
  • I wanna learn more about Alchemy and Potions I think this time and maybe a bit more on animals other than going back to my roots :P
  • I spent by time doing everything until I took up teleportation and potions. I could get where I needed to easily and sell my potions whenever I needed cash.
  • At first I did lots of meditation, and then mining and animals. One of my other friends did all the machinery stuff so we traded goods.
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    I was really low-level [lvl 11] and didn't really get the game, so I just did a bit of everything. I regret that now, haha. But of course, I put off my quests as much as possible, so that's probably why I didn't get too far..
  • I specialized mostly in Cocktail Crafting. Something about making drinks really appealed to me. Figures that my preferred outfit nowadays has tended even more towards that of a bartender. Must be destiny.
  • I learned all the skills except the advanced blending and cocktail crafting (I learned them to get achievements then unlearned) so that there was one thing I relied on others for. I liked to mine, and I liked to cook, and I spent my time gardening yellow crumb, but most of those activities were to amass currants to buy things I wanted, like a funpickle, and a GNG.
    I think if I had to say I had a specialty, it was in player community building? Or something less pretentious sounding? But I was head of PBMS with chester todd and I was the founder of the (love 'em or hate 'em) original resource routes. A lot of my time was spent on those two groups.
  • Exploring was my Thing! I did it constantly. of course, I did other things too but I lived to explore. It has always been a mystery to me how I did not make it to #1 on the Traveler's Board. I made so many fun discoveries and had a great time.
  • I sold a lot of herbs during the great herb inflation period. I also made lots of pi pies. Towards the end I made a lot of furniture, and a small fortune in fireplaces.
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    I just liked wandering around and didn't mind taking time to learn things. I didn't care about making lotsa money so I never specialized. I was invited to join the PBMS-era (love them bunches) long after its original raison d'être was gone. So I specialized in meeting really nice folks as I wandered around in solitary mode. I just love the whimsy, the music, and the joyous, weird wonderfulness. And I agree with Scarlett B. She has a genius for community building.
  • I made loads and loads of pickles and left them in secret places. I had no idea there was a whole pickle-making-and-leaving club out there until after The End.
  • I don't think I specialised in too much more than achievement hunting, to be absolutely honest.
  • I mined Sparkly. Don't remember why, but it is about all I did!! Loved Neva Neva and Ajaya Bliss.
  • @Brib Annie - That was pretty much my default. Every time a new region came out, I ran around it immediately, trying to find the cool stuff. I have a notebook somewhere with my favorite finds in it... hopefully I can find it again before/if I end up in Ur.
  • I mostly specialized in cooking. I learned other skills, but cooking was my primary one.
    It came in handy running that tower-restaurant I had, and I will 100% do this again in Eleven.
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    Lots of mining and alchemy! I just spent all day exploring and looking for new places to hack into with a pickaxe, haha.
  • I was born to wander so I explored and was a jack of all trades, loved herbs though.
  • Animal Kinship was number one for me. A close second was potion making and furniture making. Couldn't believe it when a fellow Glitchen told me at the beginning that there were skills which would take days to "learn." But learn them I did. Detested learning cooking skills because I hate cooking in real life as well. Unlearned cooking as soon as I could.
  • Towards the end of the game I specialized in making crystals, well that and exploring. Exploring sounds like an odd specialization, but I was able to interact with everything in the game and make a profit from it. I learned all the skills so I wasn't restricted. I'll probably end up doing the same thing again.
  • Exploration was one of my favorite parts of Glitch, I just had to see all of the beautiful lands that were imagined into existence. Making booze and collecting collections were secondary favorites of mine, especially those music blocks. I'm not sure what i'll do this time around, but i cant wait to experience it all again.
  • I eventually learned every skill, but I first learned the Animal skills and always considered Humbaba my #1 giant. Towards the end, I spent time growing herbs and making potions, but mostly I wandered around collecting resources and being social.
  • I explored a lot, collected cool stuff, and learned almost every skill. It wasn't until I wanted to get the 317 rainbo snocone badge before the game closed that I really specialized in anything. I increased my energy tank so I could spend more time mining, I drank lots of Earthshakers and Flaming Humbabas, and I shook my pouch a lot. I scraped icy nubbins and brewed hooch in my backyard. I guess I still did a variety of things, but it was fun to work towards a personal goal.
  • Everyone knew me as the Cubimal seller. I probably pissed a lot of people off in Cebarkul with my sales, but I made a crap ton of money! I also did a ton of of Yellow crumb sales after the gardening and cocktails came out. I loved our weekly cubimal races and giveaways as well. The memories. Ahh.
  • I was a sparkly miner. Always mining. So much mining. Mainly sold it for cash to buy outfits.
  • Don't let DeeBee Fib to you.................. he specialized in making mischief, mining was his back-up.
  • Beans, beans, the magical fruit. Also mining -- lots of mining.
    But who am I kidding? Wandering and exploring were, and will be, foremost in my heart.
  • I really did a bit of everything, but a fair amount of mining and furniture making. When we moved to the new housing, I was lucky or smart enough to know which box to open first, and made a crap ton of SDB's for myself and for my friends. I also sold furniture in my tower. The one skill they didn't have was making bags. Even with the SDB's, I still needed a ton of bags.
  • Animals! Animals! Animal this, animal that, loved them! Gave all the stuff to my friend who cooked, well, and made hooch, I had way too much hooch....
  • I was all about the animals too! They were just so cute. I also really liked cooking. I actually just really liked everything! :)
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