Thats a Start! :)

I know back when I was starting off in the old land of Glitch, I talked with the bubble trees and the piggies. Im sure everyone started off a different way, but this is like a new beginning. What's the first thing you'll do when you hop into oblivion?


  • Jump, and never stop :)
  • Seriously though, I'll explore, and collect all the qurazy quoins from the streets that will be new to me once more!
  • call everyone on my contacts to come back and play with all new ones in a craaaazy jumping party, it will take a while until I start doing something useful.
  • hit every corner on the map *word*
  • I'm with @dazyndara I'll probably be collecting qurazy quoins on every street and doing map completion. Then I'll hang out with my buddies, the bubble trees :D
  • I want to make absolute sure that my butler is doing well. Bea Arthur is my number one priority.
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    Oh! I just remembered something else! I'm going to get a buttload of paper cups of water from the Bureaucrocs and throw them on the ground. I have no idea what's so funny about that, but it made me laugh uncontrollably every single time.

    (I'd clean it up right after. But still.)
  • Start marching down the skills tree!
  • I'm caught between options... either head to the nearest Animal Goods vendor, grab some massage oil, and start milking butterflies, or go ice mining and pick up guano for gardening.
  • try and make as many friends as possible! and build my tower.
  • Put my phone on silent, landline on voicemail, tell everyone I'm not available for a few weeks or so, turn on auto-replies on emails.
  • Map completion, and go try and make a crab happy. :D
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    @Lazy Cubimal, that's the best idea ever.
  • Start working on my home street and plant yellow crumb early and probably start learning a skill. Oh and drag the boyfriend back to the game since he originally found and dragged me to this game :D
  • Odds are were going to uh... Do they have interventions for a video game? Once Eleven opens we might need it!
  • walk, jump and emo bear hug everyone i see. stake home claim, massage butterflies and it's off to the mines! vow not to miss any holiday, party or special event ever. save up for garden gnome who quotes stoot everytime i come home. find paper tree to start hoarding note paper while i learn to write. hide behind trees and keep the legend of "nanookie, the veal of trees" alive while amusing myself beyond belief.
  • I plan on adventuring and yelling WELCOME HOME at everyone I see!!
  • OMGOMGOMGOMG!!!! Im so freaking excited, I can barely maintain composure .
    @vesperina I so thought that was funny too, it was like why? *puzzled face*
    Wish there was some sort of news thread where we could be informed of progress and possible start time ;p
  • hahah I loved the cubamals and unleashing them all to get weird looks..
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    I forgot to mention the very first thing I would do when I enter the game.

    Buy a teddy bear and moon everybody I see, and then proceed to do as I stated above :)
  • Hugs, Hi-Fives, and giving things away and listening to music and and and and and....oops...I burst
  • I soooo want to do an Ix spice run.
  • I always found that digging a little dirt was good for the soul :)
  • @Badkittycat I did my best thinking while *digging*-I had a peat problem [•.•]
  • Heres a little thing that my friends posted on FB, and well it reminded me of . . . something, for the life of me I can't figure what tho :DDDDDDD
  • Go to the plains.
  • So. Many. High-fives!
  • Definitely hoarding materials for when I have a tower! I don't know what I would have done without that tower...
  • Explore! That's my Thing. I did it daily for two years and never tired of it. After that Petting Piggies is High on my list along with Learning Skills and Hoarding!
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