Thats a Start! :)



  • @Sutton - me too! I *just* finished my tower when the game closed, and I so enjoyed building it.
  • That's a tough question! As a bare bones newbie with no skills to speak of (probably more likely to squash a butterfly than to massage it) I'll probably start out exploring the great land of Groddle again : ) It's where I had my first house... 3000 something or other Groddle Meadow! I will of course begin Animal Kinship 1 the second I'm in the game. Then I'll make a beeline for the place with the most wood trees (only way to get valuable items that doesn't depend on skills ;)) and dump all the planks in a shrine to my friend Grendaline (nevermind that that cruel elephant Humbaba would be more efficient) to get Kinship learning faster. I want to be skillfully and efficiently petting pigs with Animal Kinship 7 as soon as possible! After that I'll probably care less for efficiency and just meander through Ur and the skill tree.

    What can I say Liza's an animal loving scourge of the sea.

    -Liza Throttlebottom-
  • I think I'll just end up exploring for weeks, not quite believing that it's all back again and reveling in the wonder just as I used to.
  • Oh man, I am going to start gardening as soon as possible. And organizing fox-brushing parties with anyone who will go with me. And petting many, many piggies.
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    Levelling animal and mining skills, then cooking. Setting up my unexpanded house right, where right is some reflection of the way it used to be. Maybe I'll start by making the kitchen, and go from there. Spend my time chasing animals and mining and chopping wood and fox brushing, so I can do a lot of building once I have some resources and levels and skills under my belt.

    My old house:
  • Ohh gosh. I immediately would go to my home street, plant EVERYTHING, check on the butler and spend hours, of which I should be using to do things, decorating my house and tower! Then... more hours of exploring and many, many parties!
  • I'll spend a few days in Nottis sobbing to the music and trying to grasp that I'm finally home. <3
  • I'll figure out how to get in touch with all the friends I've made since Glitch shut down. I've made a list. Can't wait to meet them in Ur!
  • @"Ann DramaDuh" - I am excited for similar reasons! I managed to get very close to a small group of Glitchen as a direct result of the game shutting down...not to mention the whole Eleven team! I can't wait to see them all in's going to be so awesome this time around!
  • @ladyceres - I'm so glad I'm not the only one thinking this!
  • Ooooh, you know what? I never managed to get a record for evading a "Hi" anywhere, so I'm hoping I can manage it just once!
  • After taking in all of Groddle's greenery and swimming with the salmen in Jal, I'd try and visit all the places I never got to explore before the end (I'd made a valiant effort, but alas...)
  • Start cooking!! I'm a Pothead at heart.
  • I think I might take a couple days (weeks) off work and binge play. There is so much to learn and do!
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