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  • @Seeen and @"Lyrical Dejavu" I would be happy not to be a High Factotum of any kind, in fact I would never want to hold any office at all. But I would like to be a "Casual Follower" of maybe two or three Giants. I couldn't decide on just one because there are several things I really like to do in Glitch, some of which are the province of different Giants, and I would not like to have to 'dedicate' my efforts to just one of them.

    If there are going to be 'exclusive' benefits and stuff for such single-minded dedication then I am not sure I would be very interested at all, because I am not keen on 'exclusiveness', but obviously there will be lots of people who choose to do so and clearly it would not be compulsory! ;-)

    I would be quite happy with a lolwly 'rank' in two or three groups with benefits commensurate with contributions. Something of the idea of chucking in a twig or two to Spriggan, while the devotees can have whole groves of wood trees! lol! (Though, having seen some of @Ariaste's suggestions I am not sure a twig or two will be enough!!)

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    @Cassandria That's exactly what I was trying to communicate. You can join up with multiple temples if you want, but if you even choose to take up a leadership position (Even though the current leader chooses a few people to be potential next leaders, it's still likely an opt-in thing) you can only act as the "guildmaster" for one group at any given time. You've expressed being happy with casually following multiple groups, which would be totally possible if the suggested system came to pass with the setup described.
  • That sounds like a great way of going about it @Seeen. I shall start thinking about to whom to give my allegiance now!
  • +Ariaste i like it! and yes they are hard, hard enough to prove dedication!
  • I really like the idea of 'ascending' and gaining some small buff in the next life affiliated with that giant, and then starting all over and getting the same for another giant. Finding something to sink IMG into once level 60 was reached was hard so maybe being a devotee (or whatever) would fill that gap.
    I really like your ideas on the challenges @Ariaste
  • I do like the idea of ascending as well, I just feel like it would bring sort of a grinding aspect to the game. That's just me though, and in my honest opinion, I think all these ideas are fantastic.
  • I had an idea while testing that it would be nice to be able to designate a giant (say Zille) and automate a small tithe to happen the first time you pass one of Zille's shrines on any given street. You would be able to determine which item and how many are auto-donated (I'm imagining, like 5-10 sparkly, for instance). So each time I go by a shrine for Zille if I have any sparkly in my bags I'd see an animation above the shrine.

    I think maybe you could unlock this ability if you ascended for a given giant. Just a thought.
  • Love the idea of temples... and am perfectly comfortable with the religious aspects
  • Wow there are a lot of great ideas here!
    I really love the temple idea. It sounds really cool!
  • i'd be so down for this. i'd want to become a priestess or something, but id have such a hard time deciding on which giant. Maybe Pot..... i do so love to eat. So excited!
  • Along with others above, I am on the non religious train as well. I'm so glad/relieved to see ideas about making things without that sort of focus.
    That said, I do like the adherents having funny titles - Friendly should have a #1 Lush or something. lol.
    And would prefer to avoid things that lead to "exclusiveness" or "clique-ishness" .
    I try to remind myself that not all players play the same style as I do , and that avoiding exclusiveness can also benefit players who prefer to play more solo (ie less socially) , or have time only to play in a super casual way. I realize that this is a sandboxy social game, but we did , previously , still have players that wanted to play but were still rather solo type players.
    I would enjoy seeing things that are glitchy in title and name and content , silly is good, like a huge Bar for Friendly as the "Hall/Temple", a big size gathering place is great .
    ( Side track here for ideas i have for Friendly's Bar : see this thread (sorry i dont know how to make a short address for a thread) https://humbaba.elevengiants.com/forum/index.php?p=/discussion/658/friendly-s-bar-hall-type-building-ideas-for-what-s-in-the-bar )

    Also , a separate "donation pot/shrine" at the bar that has some mechanic to it , is great too.
    I like having the "things to do" be voluntary , but still somehow rewarding.

    Maybe there could be large icon portrait ( like the small ones, just bigger) that ,once completed , would give Giant love to anyone that goes to it's place of honor ,over the main bar , of course. To complete the large icon , players would have to donate icons , and a reward system could be in place for the most icon donations ( maybe an inscription plaque at the Bar as to the top 20 contributors to the completion, and those 20 get a special trophy to display in their home). Maybe once this large icon is completed , it would need monthly upkeep (maybe donating icons to upkeep the large one) , and that is where you could do a Top 5 players , they would get whatever title that they won that month and could have as a status marker on their profile page. A temporary in game item they get to use/wear/carry for the month, that goes with the title, could be quite fun, maybe a sash ( think beauty queen ) that says title , or a special colored crown, or something that would show in game as they walked around, not sure how hard that'd be to implement ?.

    I was a level 34 and found it very difficult to gain levels once I hit about 32 . I was too busy "doing things" with my friends, exploring, decorating, building furniture--to doggedly pursue gaining levels, so maybe I am not really enlightened to "end game content issues" that would need IMG sinks , etc. ( I dont even think I completed every floor on my tower, and I recall never having high amounts of currants to purchase the really expensive rare items) . Just my thoughts. ;)
  • I still love this idea. And all the mini-ideas it is spawning.
  • This is such an amazing and cool idea! I would love to have a temple to humbaba, animals were always my favorite in glitch!
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