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Remember the Giant temples idea? I just thought when I first read it that that would be the coolest idea! In fact, I still think it's a pretty awesome idea.

Would anyone else want this in Eleven? I feel like there should definitely be more involvement of Giants; I want loyalty to certain giants to MEAN somethin', y'know?


  • I definitely would like to see more of a presence of the Giants. The shrines are so static. A temple (or temples) would be great if it contained a lot of interactive stuff. Of course, if it included ways to increase one's favor with them, then even better!
  • I would love to be a Patriarch of Friendly. Plus a one.
  • Competitions between temples in events? It has been said by trees that they didn't get along so well, and it would be like the sticker thing.
  • I love the artwork, and I like Kukubee's ideas about the mechanic.

    Hate 'patriarch' as a title, though. Or at least as a default title-- if it's one of a big list you can choose from, that would be fine, but I have no wish to be a patriarch (or even a matriarch) myself.
  • I would definitely prefer a Glitchier title.

    As a matter of fact, I think I'd rather like to be the High Alcoholic of Friendly.
  • "Patron", if nothing else, would be far more neutral than matriarch/patriarch.
  • Im going to try and dig up the other threads on this....
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    I was never a fan of the giants being considered gods and spoke up early about how the term "shrines" put too much of a polytheistic religious bent on the game. I remember being shouted down and berated in the forums back in late alpha/early first beta of Glitch by the other players that I was going overboard, and they were "just giants" (was pretty upset at how I was treated and frankly quit the game for a few months until my in game friends dragged me back). I had simply proposed that shrines be renamed something less religious like "donation centers" and that way people could come up with their own lore about whether giants were gods, kings/queens, landowners, feudal lords, charity centers, etc. At least a less religious term would be less directive in how to treat these giants. IMO, a name change to the shrines would be an easy fix while leaving the mechanics of donations in place. But alas, it never came to pass...and now we talk about temples to them again...lol.

    Can I say to all my opponents back then..."Ha, I told you so"?! or is that too tacky? Yea, probably too tacky, but oh well...I do feel vindicated by all these religious discussions about the giants and now not just shrines but temples are being considered. (I have to admit, I was also vindicated during Glitch when I saw some of the dev art that made it appear that the giants were indeed gods...the Tii Saves graffiti and Church of Alph posters that appeared later in the game, but kept relatively mum about it when they popped up.)

    While I'd still prefer a non-religious bent to the game because it provides more options to gameplay, over time, I've resolved it that it isn't unlike our world today with multiple religions and at some point you have to choose the right path, even in the midst of polytheism. It seems it was the devs' intention all along to make the giants the gods of Ur, especially with Kukubee's drawings.
  • +b3achy i agree. i had not considered it before but i agree. in the spirit of having a truly fair open world with no religious overtones. there is a fine line between definitions and i would prefer to pay homage/respect rather than worship. i would rather oath allegiance to a court of tii/house of tii rather than temple. early glitchen lived in a prehistoric ur and had limited ways to interpret things. it could be newly discovered that they are not gods, simply a higher form of intelligence that occupies a different time/space/dimension and shrines are actually communicators. we gain benevolence due to our communicating lobe (love) by sending them gifts thru the shrines and the courts/towers/houses we build in their honor.
  • I'd like to suggest some sort of in-game choice where you can decide how you see the Giants. If you choose deities, the game uses terms like "shrine" and "temple". If you choose a form of interdimensional caretaker, it may use terms like "donation box" and "guild".

    Alternately, maybe the kind of place you can create depends on the view you chose. Glitchen who see the Giants as deities can only create and join temples, while those who see them as interdimensional caretakers create and join guilds, and so on.
  • I would actually love to see disagreement *among the giants* on what they are, with some considering themselves gods and others thinking of themselves as caretakers, teachers, muses, patrons...
  • I liked the suggestion of "Hall" and "Keeper" as made in a previous thread helpfully linked above. And I like the idea that each Dedicated Giant Space would be named a different thing, promoting the idea that the Giants disagree about what they are, as Ellen said above. They don't agree on much else!
  • I think ellen had a fantastic idea, I think having one giant's dedicated donation spot being named a temple and the next one being named a hall and the next a grotto would be very glitchy

    still, I am worried it would steer this into being more faction based and putting too much emphasis on which giant you were affiliated with, I'd only really get behind this if the places were just spots to discover, maybe like secret rooms! and not involved in quests or anything, just kind of a fun optional side thing

    I'm an avid chef and potian myself, and having a golden palace to leave huge banquets of food in for hungry glitchen passing by would be AMAZING :D
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    Someone mentioned thinking of the Temples, as not religious ones but more like temple of the forehead, and give them all a title that fits with each Giant as well as having a different title for each follower of each Giant. Each type of follower has a title already, Pot is Potians, Mab is Mabbites etc but the temples can all be called something different as well, things like the Cafeteria of Pot, College of Tii... need better creative ideas than this, but i think u see what i mean, the temples dont need to be called temples, along the lines of what was already stated above, and by others. However i do think they should be collectively called something, mostly so they can be searched for on the map easier, and for less confusion. Call them what u will but i do think a meeting place for each Giant is a good idea, ecspecially due to holidays and certain events
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    Possible alternates:

    The Bar of Friendly (A very large bar, basically.)

    The Orchard of Spriggan (A bunch of trees, really close together, leaving an opening to be used as a doorway.)

    The High Dojo of Cosma (Based on Meditation. It's like the dojos you'd see on high mountains. Might be found in such a place.)

    The Greenhouse of Mab (Exactly what it sounds like.)

    The Research Center of Tii (Also exactly what it sounds like.)

    The Pool of Grendaline (Probably an indoor pool.)

    The Grotto of Zille (A bunch of stacked rocks and stones forming a sort of grotto.)

    The Tower of Alph (Based on industrial stuff.)

    The Dining Hall of Pot (Exactly what it sounds like.)

    The Farmhouse of Humbaba (Exactly what it sounds like.)

    The Library of Lem (Exactly what it sounds like.)
  • I'm liking the alternate ideas everyone! Feels more Glitchy to me also...
  • I think collectively, they should be referred to as "Halls" and then individually they have their own monikers.

    I'm really torn on the choice between building your own on your own street, or having central Halls in Ur itself. Maybe we could do both? You could build a small Hall yourself, and maybe it gets linked up to the larger hall so reverence or whatever done there "counts" like it does at the central Halls?
  • idk, I think big central halls would be better, I kind of picture them as a big meeting ground and making your own tiny ones might take away some of the fun of that! (big feasts I say!)
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    Decorations you can add to your home street, about a particular Giant would be fine but something like Halls/Temples imo should be public, not private, plus i dont think its necessary to have them on home streets or even necessary to have more than one Hall / Temple for each Giant. Even if we dont have an offical system i do thinking having a space dedicated to each Giant is a good idea. But since they are meeting spots, i dont think more than one in world is necesaary, and it would be less confusing that way. Id be fine with there not being an official system , but clothes and objects for each Giant and festival / holiday / events hosted at the Giants Hall / Temple its for , and if ppl want to roleplay and be disciples they can, or could just make groups for this purpose. But i do think a Hall / Temple for each Giant would be a good thing for more presence in world, and adds to lore / story. Could do something along the lines of giving a donation to a particular Giant at shrines and when certain thresholds are met the Hall / Temple gets new items added periodically, and automatically, could add leaderboards, showing the total for each Giant (but not who donated what amount) for this too if a competitive aspect between Giants was wanted
  • Actually, switch the one for Grendaline from Pool of Grendaline to Reef of Grendaline and put it in Jal.
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    Agreed Jal would be ideal for Grendaline or at least a water region, and a mountain region for Zille or a mining area direclty llmenskie maybe, Spriggan i think would make sense for Groddle, but many of these could go anywhere but some certain regions make more sense for
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    How about Callopee or Ilmenskie Caverns for Zille, Roobrik for Spriggan, Groddle Highlands for Cosma, Groddle Meadow for Mab, Kloro for Friendly, Kajuu for Humbaba, and Jal for Grendaline? The rest just go wherever.
  • Not sure I like the entire level reset, needs a few more things to do in the temple, and be sure people using it gives you img. Other than that I like it!
  • I think the level reset is a good idea, to be honest, though I do agree with you that there should be more to do in the temples.
  • I really love the idea of different kinds of Halls for different Giants. (As described by Seeen) I would also like to be able to be a follower of more than one since they represent lots of different things I like. I am not sure how that would affect 'competition' between followers, but since I am not a fan of cliques and competition that conflict doesn't bother me.
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    I think it would be interesting if, instead of the Patriarch title that so many people had issue with, it varied between the different Halls.

    So Friendly's could be High Bartender, Spriggan's could be Supreme Arborist, Cosma's could be Sensei, Mab's could be Supreme Harvestologist, Tii's could be Research Executive, Grendaline's could be Deepest Diver, Zille's could be Hardiest Stoner (No, the other meaning, with the rocks!), Alph's could be Project Manager, Pot's could be Master Chef, Humbaba's could be High Rancher, and Lem's could be Grand Librarian.

    Likewise, the High Priest (a moniker I'm using in place of the varied titled, just for general use) of any particular hall can appoint a few people as disciples. (Also a general moniker.) Disciples would also get their own titles, such as Lifeguards for Grendaline, or Apprentice Chefs for Pot, or... well, Disciples (Oops) for Cosma! One of them will ascend to the rank of High Priest, with its matching title, when the current High Priest ascends.

    Further, perhaps one of the disciples has to be chosen a certain amount of time before ascension, with their own title to boot. If a Research Executive chooses one to be the next Research Executive, they get the title of Vice Research Executive, signifying that once the current Research Executive ascends, they'll be next in line.

    On what @Cassandria said, I think it would be perfectly fine to be a follower in multiple Halls at one time! But there would likely have to be a limitation in that you can only be the High Priest of one at one time. You may still be allowed to be a Disciple for more than one, but you can't be named the next in line if you're already a High Priest for a different Hall, or are, of course, next in line for the position in a different Hall.

    To wrap up this post, I'd also like to suggest something to keep the ol' Rook worshippers happy. A hall for the Rook, obviously. What would this be called, and what would it entail? I have no idea. Perhaps it could be a large monolith with a door on it or something.

    As a final note, don't take High Priest as me saying it should be treated religiously! I was just using that as a general term for the description.
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    Halls are a very good idea simply for adding more story to the game and giving the Giants more presence in world, plus for various Holidays / Events. I do think that many ppl would want to be able to be a follower of more than one Giant though so not sure how i feel about an official system. Could make it where whatever Giant you donate the most to = your title, so you can follow more than one but one has to be predominate. I do think that for whatever holiday or event that relates to a Giant that at their Hall , events or items appear that are only available at those times. And the followers of whichever giant should be able to customize their hall from donations somehow, vote on it i guess when certain thresholds are reached. Nomatter what its hard to not draw pairales between Halls and religion, even having a way to get points from followers is similar, but some similarity often can not be helped.
  • All great ideas. Keep it non-religious. But fun to interact.
  • There was some discussion of difficult and time-consuming quests that would be involved in the process of dedicating yourself to a giant -- I started coming up with some here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qAfkd1ecSmJuKclQhGi_KdHhqr-SvXOxQ5reHwZjVyc/edit

    Yes, they are HARD! :D (If you have any ideas, feel free to add them to the doc, it's open for edits.)
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