If you could name a street in Ur, what would you call it?

Even though it won't be relevant for quite a while, I'd love to hear your best ideas for someday! What sort of region would you imagine your street name would fit in? (Meadow, Desert, Watery, Wintry etc)


  • Ohh I have a couple of ideas ideas
    Wintry - Yethe Sways (Yetis Way) , Meadow - Beanthar Aventu (Been There haven't you?)
  • Purple Circle - It would be psychedelic and awesome!
  • I really liked the geographic names too (like Ilmenski, Jethimadh), so what about some Australian ones (desert) or New Zealand (mountain or watery) ones?

    Ooooh, you could have a whole mountain area called Maunga (which means mountain in Te Reo Maori), with individual street names like Raki (north), Rawhiti (east), Hauauru (south), Teitei (tall), Parehe (flattened), Rahirahi (thin, like a thin plank), Ngahere (forest), Maroke (dry), Rakau (trees), Pohatu (stone), Toka (boulder), Hukarere (snow), Kuinga (tiny stream), Awa (river), Puawai (flower)...
  • Australian ones you could go for place names, or even names of some of the language families there eg Nyulnyulan, Worrorran, Bunuban, Jarrakan, Mindi, Daly, Wagiman, Yangmanic, Tiwi, Iwaidjan, Giimbiyu, Garawan, Tangkic, Pama-Nyungan would all make awesome street names!
  • wow, @dazyndara. those are awesome and definitely glitchy-sounding!
  • I always thought the Solemn Oath of the Fraggle (which goes: weeba weeba, waffa waffa, garpox gumbage, whoopee) might make for an interesting set of street names...
  • Love these ideas! My idea...there are over 100 kinds of soil in the real world, variations on those could be fun. (Podzol, Necrosol, Yedoma for example)

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    I would want a street that has a weather related biome where you cannot enter it unless you craft a specific item and wear it otherwise your happiness and energy will start depleting when entering and eventually you will die and end up in Naraka (a.k.a. hell) The specific biome I would want would be a volcanic biome and the street name could be called Molten World lol.
  • i don't have any names for it, but a few streets where it was raining would be cool!
  • @EiraFae. Oooooh rain would be cool.
  • @megan64 might be a little laggy though.. :/
  • Maybe the 'essence of rain' could be present? Slightly blurry textures (like viewing the world through rippled glass), the sound of rain... or maybe some kind of sky world where you're somehow hopping through clouds and raindrops?
  • Oooh @DiddilyPuff I like that idea! Or even exploring inside one raindrop?
  • maybe it could "splatter" on your screen and have the sound of rain? it wouldn't be as slow (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/1e/Rain_drops_on_window_01_ies.jpg)
  • Upson Downs. An NPC would keep trying to foist Flaming Humbabas on you.

    (You're welcome, three people!)
  • I wouldn't know. I mean, I'd like something like Bindle Boulevard, somewhere lots of people travel, or maybe even as one of the streets off of the tutorial. Not because part of my Glitch name is there, but bindles, (The bundles on sticks,) are sort of what you think of when you imagine packing up and traveling, or starting a new adventure.
  • Ikkan'as Shisbarg'ar
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    Energy Way (because I feel the need to brand my name on everything lol) and I believe in positive energy :)
    PS-I like the idea of some rainy streets as well
  • I would have a hidden street called peace and when you got to it you could meditate for atleast 5 seconds and in the name of your giant. Hail cosma!
  • The weather streets are a really neat idea! What item were you picturing, @Kassutera, for the lava streets? Like a protective heat suit-type of thing? Now I'm picturing turning it inside out and it's a poncho for the rainy streets!
  • @Anybody I am not sure, maybe do it in a quirky style of Glitch and have the protective item be weird or not make sense such as putting your character in a bubble that can float in lava and bounce off rocks or something
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    Wintry - Frosty Butte,
    Meadow - Settill Downs,
    Somewhere Perilous - Bitten Chai Chai
    Highlands - Kryno Moor
  • I've always liked the sound of 'rinderpest' (a particularly nasty disease of cattle and sheep). Perhaps Rinderpest Path?
  • It would have a deep canyon and would be called Moshe Pitt.
  • Pilloden Spas (or Space if not in a spa/pool friendly area)
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    Rutherford Rubble (Mountain Area)

    Tangential Terrace (Groddle type place I suppose?)

    Getter Dunn (Just a dumb pun ;))

    Tewin Dabush (Another one and it would have to be adjacent to...)

    Wunnin Dahand

    -Liza Throttlebottom-
  • Mine would have a real beach...you know a sandy one with palm trees and tacky pastel clapboard homes on stilts, preferably gulf coast white sand.... Dye Mond Kost

    But if you must do the dirty yellow sand of the east coast (where I grew up, so I can be critical)... Gold Den Sans
  • all of these are so good. really really good. but tewin dabush put me under the table. point goes to @LizaTrottlebottom. please please please use that one somewhere. and i would love rain or fresh puddles right after the rain stops.
  • I loveloveloveLOVE all of @dazyndara's suggestions. They sound perfectly glitchy.

    You know what's gorgeous? Karst peaks. Look up pictures of them, they're stunning.

    As for names... What about streets named in tribute to the old Glitch team? Like Stoot Roost.
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