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  • @"Scarlett Bearsdale" - interesting...for some reason when I reading about an amusing purple buff, I was thinking the screen should go purple, like when eating purple, but then your avatar is upside down and walking along the top of the screen while it's in effect...for some reason "Dancing on the Ceiling" was playing in my head as I was reading your clue why...totally agree with a martini glass, because they are just so much fun!
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    @"Scarlett Bearsdale"

    Here's one of my earlier recipe posts:

    Potent Purple Plummy Potation

    >3 Plums
    >1 Essence of Purple
    >1 Purple Sno-Cone
    >1 Mangosteen
    >1 Hooch

    Made with a Cocktail Shaker.

    I see no reason why it couldn't have a buff and appear in a martini glass.
  • Wow, good ideas, everyone! I agree that we need some broccoli recipes for sure. There's not a lot to do with poor ol' broccoli.

    Turnips could use some love, too. What about turnip mash?

    Made in the Awesome Pot

    Turnip Mash
    >5 turnips
    >1 butterfly butter
    >1 king of condiments

    Then it could be used as a base for other recipes a la shepherd's pie.
  • oh man. i would live off of sushi if it was in eleven.
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    There is a medieval dish called Armored Turnips (find it about halfway down this page) that translates pretty much directly over plus the name is SO GLITCHY:

    Armored Turnips

    5 turnips
    2 stinky cheese
    2 cinnamon
    1 ginger
    1 black pepper
  • I think you should add some form of actual armor ingredient to it, for the Glitchiness. Maybe something that has natural armor, such as a pineapple, or maybe something that looks hard, such as a Hard Bubble.
  • I am loving the Armored Turnips recipe! Very creative. If we could somehow make it look like that armadillo cake from Steel Magnolias I'd laugh forever.
  • OOOHH @Seeen I like that a LOT. The cheese does tend to get bubbly in the oven so adding some hard bubbles would be very appropriate.
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    Okay guys, this is important. This is game-changing.

    a new recipe for the cocktail shaker made with hooch and peat.
    It gives you a sinus-clearing buff* for 30 minutes and gives you the smashed buff, followed by the hungover buff, each for 5 minutes.

    *this buff provides protection from sneezes

    ps I know, you just died right?
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    Happy St. Paddy's Day!

    Greenish Ale
    > 2 Beers
    > 1 Green
    > 7 Green Elements
    > 1 Essence of Rubeweed

    Made in a Cocktail Shaker. Grants Bender of the Saint, which progressively grants more mood and imagination the longer it lasts. Keep it going by continuing to drink! But the hangover is gonna be longer if you drink too much...
  • Hangover Cure drink!
    2 tomatos
    1 egg
    1 dash pepper

    Made in a blender. -5 mood, +5 energy, removes hangover and smashed buffs.
  • First things First! Bring back the Strawberry seeds!
  • Sam's Special:
    2 green eggs
    1 meat

    Worth 35 currants; up to 20 in a stack.

    You can eat them in East Spice
    You can eat them with some rice.
    Eat them with your emo bear
    You can eat them anywhere!
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    1 Wood
    2 Bubbles
    3 Beans

    Shake in Cocktail Shaker, drink, makes you yell all comments for the next 15 minutes.
  • LoL, @tryxchange, that's pretty funny! It'd be nice if your yelling text could be a different color, too, so people know that it's from the drink and not just someone yelling all willy nilly.
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