Recipe Idea Megathread!

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Here's a thread for sharing your ideas for recipes, basically. I'll start:


Cherry Gelatin
>3 Jellisacs
>2 Gas
>5 Cherries

Vanilla Icy Cream
>1 Chunk of Shiny
>2 Butterfly Milks
>1 Salt
>3 Ice
>3 Allspice

Orange Cream Dream
>1 Vanilla Icy Cream
>3 Ice
>2 Oranges

Friendship Cereal
>11 Grains
>1 Nutmeg
>1 Hooch

Stoot Bar
>1 Butterfly Butter
>2 Grains
>1 Cinammon
>2 Nutmeg
>1 Birch Syrup


Purple Mabito
>1 Purple Extract
>1 Lime
>1 Hooch

Tropical Grendalini
>1 Pocket Salmon
>1 Pineapple
>1 Orange
>1 Lime
>1 Hooch

Ol' Friendly
>3 Bubbles
>1 Butterfly Milk
>1 Hooch

Strong Smoothie
>3 Snails
>2 Eggs
>1 Very, Very Stinky Cheese
>1 Guano
>2 Hooches

Liquid Euphoria
>1 No-No Powder
>1 Essence of Purple
>1 Rainbow Sno-Cone
>2 Hooches

(I imagine that Liquid Euphoria gives a huge iMG boost, briefly makes you move quickly with infinite mood and energy, and then immediately strikes you down to squish in Hell without warning.)

The Double Rainbow
>1 Rainbow Juice
>1 Rainbow Sno-Cone
>2 Gas
>1 Beer

Mineral Water
>1 Chunk of Beryl
>1 Chunk of Sparkly
>1 Chunk of Dullite

(It's made of minerals!)


  • oooo Seeen,

    The Strong Smoothie needs more Hooch!! Made my mouth pucker...
  • Updated.
  • Add a Lem "Fish Oil" smoothie that gets you more img through a buff or boost or something. Or something knowledge wise.
  • Give it a good name and a funny ingredient set.
  • Pumpkin Meringues
    * 1 Pumpkin
    * 1 Honey
    * 2 Eggs
    * 1 Pinch of Salt

    Requires a Famous Pugilist Grill; gives 75 energy and Sugar Rush; fits 12 in a backpack slot.

    Flaming Mini-Lanterns
    * 1 Pumpkin Meringues
    * 1 Hooch

    Frying Pan (to light the Hooch); gives 60 energy and the Fire-Breathing buff: short-term bursts of flame that frighten piggies and chickens but do no long-term damage.

    Aaaaand.... Firefly recipes!

    Sparkly Honey Rock Candy
    * 1 String
    * 1 Honey
    * 1 Firefly Jar (full)

    Made with Crystalmalizing Chamber
    55 currants/energy; +10 mood; Sugar Rush buff
    This high-energy treat shines and flickers from the energy of the fireflies trapped within within the honey. It's like amber you can eat!

    Hearty Shimmering Glazed Ham
    * 2 Meat
    * 1 Naraka Flame Rub
    * 1 Firefly Jar (full)

    Made with Famous Pugilist Grill
    147 currants/energy; Hearty Feeling buff
    This glowing main course, a favorite of ice-miners, also works as both a hand-warmer and torch until you get hungry enough to eat it.

    * 1 Plank of Wood
    * 1 Firefly Jar (full)

    Made with Knife and Board
    70 currants/energy
    Chopping a plank into toothpick-sized pieces is exhausting. Skewering a firefly on each toothpick is even more so. But the end result is a tasty luminous snack unavailable anywhere else in Ur (probably because nobody else is foolish enough to think fireflies are food).
  • Those all sound good eris, with the possible exception of the firefly sate. I'd give it a try before final judgement! ;^)
  • Nooooooo! Not fireflies! It is bad enough crystamalizing them, at least they are a shiny crystal, but eating them! Just NO! lol lol!
    I do like the ideas though!
  • I find the ideas for firefly-based food pretty clever, to be honest.
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    I'm mostly focusing on drinks, because there are far more foods in Glitch than there are drinks, and that makes me sad.

    Sparkle Smoothie
    >1 Sparkly Honey Rock Candy
    >1 Banana
    >2 Strawberries
    >2 Cloudberries
    Made with a Blender.

    (Who says I can't get creative with some of the other fictional items in this thread?)

    Potent Purple Plummy Potation
    >3 Plums
    >1 Essence of Purple
    >1 Purple Sno-Cone
    >1 Mangosteen
    >1 Hooch
    Made with a Cocktail Shaker.

    Unappetizing Unquencher
    >1 Hairball Flower
    >1 Lump of Earth
    >2 Garlics
    >2 Barnacle Talcs
    Made with a Blender.

    Chili Cheese Fripples
    >2 Potatoes
    >1 Chilly-Busting Chili
    >1 Cheezy Sauce
    Made with a Frying Pan.

    (To anyone who's confused, "fripples" is meant to be a silly combination of "fries" and "chips".)

    Lem Fish Oil Smoothie
    >1 Pocket Salmon
    >1 Olive Oil
    >1 Sesame Oil
    >1 Egg
    >1 Nutmeg
    Made with a Blender.

    (At W.A.D.'s request. Sorry that I couldn't make it all that humorous like you wanted.)

    Crinkly Sammich
    >1 Bun
    >1 Cheese
    >3 Paper
    Made with a Knife & Board.

    Licorice Cola
    >3 Licorice
    >5 Tiny Bubbles
    >1 White Gas
    Made with a Blender.

    Liquorice Licor
    >3 Licorice
    >3 Tiny Bubbles
    >1 Hard Bubble
    >1 Heavy Gas
    >1 Hooch
    Made with a Cocktail Shaker.

    (Not a typo.)

    Breakfast Blend
    >1 Gamma's Pancake
    >1 Birch Syrup
    >1 Rasher of Bacon
    >2 Fried Eggs
    >1 Orange Juice
    Made with a Blender.

    (Perhaps this one gives a nice buff if consumed at the start of a New Day.)

    Crabapple Cider
    >1 Crabato Juice
    >2 Apples
    >1 Hooch
    >2 Cinnamon
    Made with a Cocktail Shaker.

    Superhot Shake
    >1 Milk
    >1 Hototot Rub
    >1 Naraka Flame Rub
    >1 Hot 'n' Fizzy Sauce
    >3 Cloudberries
    Made with a Blender.
  • first thing: every recipe here is a great example of glitchen crafting skills! second thing: i am a little uncomfortable with fireflies being used as food outside of drinks, deserts and candy type items. i can think of them being a sweet ingredient like honey or sugar but i can't see them as something like an entree. yeah i know about the pigs but this is different and even thinking about a firefly impaled on a stick might make me cry. even a teeny tiny itsy bitsy little stick. but i don't mind grinding them up to make crystals and would love to see more types of crystals with different energy levels :)
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    Disclaimer: This isn't meant to be an insult, so please don't take it that way. Feel free to tell me if you dislike it.

    Coolbetty's Sweet Shiny Sherbet
    * 1 Full Jar of Fireflies
    * 2 Oranges
    * 1 Lemon
    * 1 Lime
    * 1 Milk
    * 3 Ice
    * 1 Pinch of Salt
    Made with a Blender.
  • lol! lucky me!!!!!!! i lobe it <3!!!!
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    Licorice Float
    >1 Licorice Cola
    >1 Vanilla Icy Cream
    Made with a Blender.

    Dietary Drink
    >1 Mineral Water
    >1 Common Crudites
    >1 Berry Bowl
    Made with a Blender.

    Silvery Cinnamon Tea
    >2 Silvertongues
    >2 Cinnamon
    >1 Nutmeg
    Made with a Blender.

    Baked Potato
    >1 Potato
    Made with an Awesome Pot.

    Twice-Baked Potato
    >1 Baked Potato
    >1 Meat
    >1 Cheese
    >1 Butterfly Butter
    >1 Black Pepper
    Made with an Awesome Pot.

    Alchemy Ale
    >2 Friendly Acids
    >1 Mabon
    >1 Grendalinunins
    >1 Plain Crystal
    >1 Hooch
    Made with a Cocktail Shaker.
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    (Copying the Pot Brownies over from another thread because I like them...)

    Pot Brownies

    These first-class, Grade-A brownies can only be made by the greatest of chefs in an Awesome Pot. You may think that a pot would not be the ideal tool to make brownies, but really, why else would it be attainable only by a master chef?

    >3 Desssert Rubs
    >5 Butterfly Milks
    >3 Eggs
    >11 Cinnamon
    > 5 Allspice
    > 7 Lumps of Loam
    >3 Purple Flowers

    Made in an Awesome Pot and requires Master Chef II.

    Black-Eyed Peas

    To turn ordinary beans into a bowl of black-eyed peas, a chef has to be tough enough to splank every one of the beans individually. How else are they going to get black-eyed? We don't have tiny telescopes.

    >13 Beans
    >1 Plank
    >1 Trump Rub
    >1 Butterfly Butter
    .>1 Pinch of Salt

    Made in a Frying Pan.

    Herbal Tea

    As in, "erbs", which is to say, the plants, not, "Herbs", which is to say, the people.

    >1 Gandlevery
    >1 Purple Flower
    >1 Hairball Flower
    >1 Rookswort
    >1 Rubeweed
    >1 Silvertongue
    >1 Yellow Crumb Flower

    Made in a Blender.

    Fiber Bar

    Really, what were you expecting it to be made of?

    >23 Fibers
    >1 Butterfly Butter
    >1 Nutmeg

    Made with a Knife and Board.

    Unexpected Meatloaf

    Not-So-Enterprising young chef Artie Quadrazzini threw a bunch of random ingredients into an Awesome Pot one day and ended up with a meatloaf. It's not clear how this happened, but it tastes good enough, so what does it matter?

    >2 Blocks of Peat
    >1 Piece of Paper
    >1 Spinach
    >2 Snails
    >5 Hard Bubbles
    >2 White Gases
    >2 Groddlenes
    >3 Allspices
    >2 Cumin

    Made in an Awesome Pot.
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    So it just occurred to me that I'm pretty sure there are no cakes in Glitch!

    iMGDay Cake

    Celebrate your own day of imagining—or that of someone else—with a wondrous cakey confection of frosted frivolity and sugary serendipity! Good with a side of icy cream.

    >7 Eggs
    >11 Flour
    >31 Grains
    >3 Chunks of Sparkly
    >17 Butterfly Milks
    >2 Butterfly Butters
    >3 Desssert Rubs

    Made in an Awesome Pot. Perhaps there are eleven different versions, each affiliated with a giant? You'd, say, put an emblem in the recipe to choose which one, or perhaps it would just be random. Perhaps it gives you a buff based on the Giant affiliation.

    Particular Party Punch

    Just between you and me, it's about equal parts punch and kick.

    >4 Strawberries
    >1 Pineapple
    >3 Tiny Bubbles
    >2 Blue Bubbles
    >1 Hard Bubble
    >3 Gingers

    Made in a Blender.

    Bog Nog

    An eggish nog from the firish bogs! Give it a chug, empty your mug!

    >7 Eggs
    >4 Butterfly Milks
    >2 Ice
    >1 White Gas
    >3 Lumps of Jellisac
    >1 Barnacle Talc
    >1 Hooch
    >3 Cinnamon
    >2 Nutmeg

    Made in a Cocktail Shaker.
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    YES please to @Seeen 's idea : being able to make a imagination-day cake or imagination- day pie for celebrations ! Also maybe a level 60 one too ?? ( I'd lobby for a level 30 one as well ) .
    3p punch - any effects ?

    Bog Nog - Effect ? : Do we have a buff for helping with scraping barnacles or scooping jellies?? ( i cant recall one ....maybe my poor memory ) . If not, we NEED a buff for those!!

    My idea : Berriday Nog - ( think glitchmas nog!) -like pumpkin ale can only craft during holiday, blender recipe :
    7 Strawberries ( bring back those seeds,grow like pumpkins !)
    3 Jellisacs (red and green , see what I did there)
    5 ice
    1 Hooch
    4 Butterfly Milk
    2 Cinnamon
    2 Nutmeg

    Look : Like a red and green swirled creamy drink, in a Earthshaker glass , holly leaf garnish

    Effect : Think " kissing under the mistletoe buff "
    Could it give a "buff " that let you give kisses to everyone on the street , or in your close area - ALL at once . Maybe a giant size kiss? , maybe the glitchen that get kissed get a status message like the garlic kiss- plus they see the emo bear kiss graphic .... little mood boost ? .....

    (disclaimer : I didnt get to try out all the "new" recipes that were added in game near the " great un-imagining" ) .So ,there may be betters ways to do this recipe ) .
    PS. I vote, Please no food or drink recipes with fireflies , that would make me sad, I didnt even like using them to make crystals. ;(
  • I was realizing that we don't really have any recipes for Glitchmas...I mean, we have candy for Zilloween, but in RL I'm baking up a storm for, why don't we have fudge and candy and cookies for Glitchmas?! I'm terrible with recipes, so I'm sure someone could come with ideas. Like the nog recipes thus far!
  • Here are a few Glitchmas recipe ideas:

    Fried Gingerglitch

    What's better than gingerbread? Frosted gingerbread shaped like something!

    >1 Egg
    >3 Flour
    >2 Butterfly Milks
    >1 Butterfly Butter
    >3 Cinnamon
    >3 Ginger
    >2 Allspice
    >1 Pinch of Salt

    Made in a Frying Pan.

    Fruitcake of Fortitude

    This fruitcake is so hard and heavy, you'd think it was composed mostly of rocks!

    >7 Chunks of Dulite
    >3 Cherries
    >2 Mangosteens
    >5 Cloudberries
    >5 Whortleberries
    >1 Butterfly Butter
    >1 Butterfly Milk
    >1 Egg
    >7 Flour
    >3 Cinnamon

    Made in an Awesome Pot. Gives the Solid buff, which slows down your walking speed and jump height, but completely stops Energy loss until it runs out.
  • I had an idea for an Imagination Day Cake on the Glitch forums a long time ago. I never came up with a specific recipe; I was more interested in the mechanics behind it.

    You know how we only know the Zilloween recipes during Zilloween? What if you (and only you) knew the recipe for Imagination Day Cake for 48 hours before your Imagining Day? IMG Cake is then a rare item that everyone eventually has a chance to control the worldwide supply.
  • I did a lot of cooking in glitch (chef-fing? ) , and I know I missed out on a LOT of the later recipes that got added in the Fall months, before close. Does anyone have a recipe LINK that will show recipe/how some of these were made ? I am very curious about the snocones - is there recipes? was there a limit on how many per day you could eat ? and did they only give img? and were they the same as the ones from the beloved sno cone vendor ??? inquiring minds want to know .... ;) (I hope it is ok to ask here in the recipe ideas , rather than start a new thread.)
  • They were definitely the same as the Sno Cone Vendor's sno cones, except I don't think the Sno Cone Vendor ever sold rainbow sno cones, which you could make by combining all of the other sno cones.
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    ( So, now that I have been cooking again, in alpha. I have some ideas. )
    I think we totally need a recipe or 2 for broccoli ( like the recipe for zucchini loaf! ) , as I have a surplus of broccoli and the crudites and even vegemagedon nor green packets are not soaking up the broccoli as much as i'd like . So something like this :
    Broccoli Cheese Soup , the awesome pot ,
    7 Broccoli
    2 Butter
    4 Milk
    1 Green or 2 Green season packets
    4 Cheese
    1 Stinky cheese
    1 King of Condiments pack

    Broccoli Cheezy Rice Casserole ( who doesnt love casseroles?? ) , sauce pot
    6 Broccoli
    2 Butter
    1 Milk
    1 Green Season packet
    4 cheese
    1 stinky cheese
    3 Proper Rice ( need a recipe to use that proper rice! )
    1 King of Condiments pack

    More to come soon ( TM) .
    oh , and a Broccoli Cheeze Baked Potatoe ( i guess in the saucepot, since we have no baking dishes, or ovens, per se )
    3 Brocc , 1 butter, 1 cheeze, 1 King of condiments Pack , or for an early recipe, only 1 salt and 1 pepper.

  • I think you could do the Broccoli Cheeze Baked Potato on the grill? I mean, why not?
    1 Cheezy Sauce
    1 Potato
    3 Broccoli
    1 KoCondiments
  • this thread is so fun *u*
  • and I want some sushi recipes that will combine proper rice with some stuff !
    Thinking on that now. hmm... Oh ! Maybe a whole japanese dinner ?
    Like a ginger dressed salad, and
    miso soup ( with our tofu , and a spinach and stuff! ) and
    then some sushi
    with maybe some batter fried tempura stuff ( veggies ?) to go with .
    and some red bean ice cream ( similar to snow cone recipe, but no paper and less red elements required , and uses beans , of course! ) !
    hmm, will think on recipes and edit-to-add soon!
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    Ooh, I'm glad this thread was revived. Food ideas are really fun, though I'm prone to focusing more on drinks than foods. That said...

    Cinnamon Apple Milkshake

    And you don't even have to go bobbing for this!

    >1 Apple
    >2 Butterfly Milks
    >1 Birch Syrup
    >3 Cinnamon
    >1 Ginger
    >1 Pinch of Salt

    Made in a Blender.

    Livid Lemonade

    When life gives you lemons, get mad.

    >4 Lemons
    >2 Gingers
    >1 Naraka Flame Rub
    >1 Hototot Rub
    >1 Hooch

    Made in a Cocktail Shaker. Gives the Livid effect, which sets you on fire every time you express anger, causing chickens to flee and takes a good chunk of Mood and Energy.

    Salad Soup

    This is quite the souper salad, innit?

    >1 Big Salad
    >1 Fruit Salad
    >1 Exotic Fruit Salad
    >1 Spinach Salad

    Made in an Awesome Pot.

  • @Seeen - any new warm toddies for the blizzard survivors?
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    Well, here's two hot drinks...

    Buttery Butterfly Tea

    A favored drink in high altitudes and cold areas alike, this buttery brew makes quite the warm fuzzy!

    >3 Butterfly Butters
    >2 Sprigs of Gandlevery
    >1 Sprig of Yellowcrumb
    >2 Pinches of Salt

    Made in a Saucepan. Applies a cold-resistant effect and gives a decent energy boost upon consumption.


    Because sometimes coffee just isn't enough.

    >2 Coffees
    >1 Butterfly Milk
    >2 White Gases
    >1 Heavy Gas
    >1 Hooch

    Made in a Cocktail Shaker.

    ... and here is one that isn't hot, but should achieve a similar end.

    Pan-Grendalinian Gargle Blastur

    Its effects are similar to having your imagination smashed in by a slice of lemon wrapped around a rather large molybdenum brick.

    >1 Wine of the Dead
    >1 Salmon
    >3 Ice
    >4 Laughing Gases
    >1 Essence of Silvertongue
    >1 Camphor
    >1 Olive Oil

    Made in a Cocktail Shaker.
  • There needs to be a purple cocktail of some kind, with a minor but amusing buff. I'd like to see it in a martini glass, with a fun garnish (if I can get a photo reference I will edit) from the bogs.

    I just feel like it's missing from the purple buffet.
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