HELLA Customizable Home Streets?

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I made a post about this in another thread, but I think it deserves its own! Also I want to find out what you guys would do with this if you had the tools :D

What if, when you go to decorate your home street, you don't just get to pick a full background like Uralia-style or Groddle Forest-style. What if you could pick the sky, background, middleground, foreground individually? If you look at the post @ladyceres made about the way scenery is constructed, you'll sort of see what I mean. It's made in layers!

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE the ability to take apart those layers, jumble them up, and reconstruct a landscape that is new and different and totally unique. A landscape never before seen in Ur!

You could have the orange Roobrik sunset sky with Groddle trees and a foreground of Uralia mushrooms, and a firebog house. You could have the misty Alakol sky over the Ancestral savannah, and in the foreground, a profusion of flowers, like a garden path through the desert. You could have the Uralia sky with firebog vegetation and highland rocks.

Sure, some combinations might look weird, but think of how cool! Having the same home street style as someone else would be as rare as having the same outfit.

ALSOOOOOOO! The ability to add platforms to jump around on! More decorations, like the ones inside your house -- lawn furniture, lanterns and strings of lights, vines, hedges, fences, maybe some statues (the gnomes are cute, but not my style).

So... If you had all these wonderful tools, what would you make your home street look like? :D Mine: Night-time sky, Groddle Meadow hills/trees background, firebog vegetation in the foreground, firebog house, dozens of hanging lanterns.


  • I like the Platforms idea. Some home Streets did have platforms or climbable trees. I would like t.o have been able to add them to my Home street which did not come with them. I have forgotten what my scenery was called but it was an Alakol sort of thing. Choosing Fore, Middle and Back grounds would be nice and we may have eventually been able to do that. Several ew Home Street sceneries were made available near the end. I had fun visiting streets that had items up in high places. The Devs were also working on balconies I think. I loved my Alakol Balcony and really missed it when the Quarters were closed. Maybe we could have one or two old Quarters added as Secret locations. They could be a bit run down like the Missing and Lost Floors, maybe weedy with remnants of junk scattered around :D
  • To be honest, I'd love to make it so users could have more customization over locations, maybe even designing their own from scratch. That said, we'd be looking a long way down the road.
  • I always wanted more flowers on my streets than what was provided, so being able to at least add flowers like the ones in Groddle would be awesome. I was always hopeful they would get added in game, but the closest we got was herbal gardens, which are pretty.
  • Interesting idea. Might be tough to build though, but being able to make your own platforms would be nice, I loved my home street that had an area you had to float to, and put tons of stuff up there, which would tantalize young glitchen who had not learned it yet. If I was there I would get it for them though, and it was fun to play around with the community and the dynamics of it, and lots of people would drop of stuff at my butler after going up there. One of the major things I missed about glitch.
  • Just thought of an idea: you could set up jumping puzzles!
  • These are great ideas! I was also thinking along the lines of a gate that could be either open or closed, maybe even a drawbridge across a flowing stream.
  • @Arkrider: YES! Water features! FOUNTAINS.
  • I just thought of this: Waterfall
  • @Arkrider - Don't chase 'em, that's all I can say.
  • Duuuuuuuuuude. That would be AWESOME. There were things in all the worlds I loved. And I LOVED spending time on my home street and in my house. There was something really magical about "going home" on Glitch, and visiting your friends, and...sigh.
  • I love this idea!! I'm ALL about choosing the tiny details!
  • Maybe we could have a set of outdoor decoration as we had indoor ones. These could include platforms, fountains/waterfall, flowers, trees, etc. I'd also like a few more butterfly colors. Bring back the Strawberry seeds! Lol!
  • Ability to choose music for our homestreets (with the original Groddle Whistle theme included in the selections).
  • Ooooh yes :D
  • If there are waterfalls, there have to be waterfall caves!
  • I'd like to have a firebog section to drop down to under my street, actually. I can add onto the house but like, I want to have the ability to literally collect just 1 of everything either in my house or on my doorstep. I used to keep one of each tree that was a far walk in my backyard, in case I needed exactly 1 of that thing, butterfly automilker and pigs to nibble, like, after a while you end up with a stash of food--but You still have to regularly collect the basics. Cherries, Beans, Bubbles, Jellisacs, Barnacles, etc--like otherwise I'm teleporting halfway across the continent when I run short of something.
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    Love all these ideas! I esp second the following: Would love to choose the music for my home street , and more importantly the music for inside my house (which would extend to my back yard if possible ) . Choosing each layer would be quite fun and agree the combos would make for a larger variety of street looks. For myself, I must, MUST have my bonsai garden and oriental style choices though!
    LOVE to have outdoor decos , some like the ones for outside towers would be cool .
    @Ariaste I was wondering if you could have one other choice for gnomes ... maybe a stone gargoyle statue for those who like the darker look ( maybe a rook look to it?) , and maybe a firebog tree type statue, ones with a face, for those bog lovers ? I'd love a stone statue , gargoyle style, but with a dragon. ;)
    And yes, flowers, water features , etc would be fun! I would prefer to not have to give up street resource spots to have decos. But would be interesting to see what I would choose if I were forced to make that choice. and platforms within trees or floating rocks are great! I miss balconies too! I think @Masco 's idea was interesting, a firebog area below could be fun.
    Although , I would personally wish for NOT enough spaces to have 1 of everything, as I missed seeing glitches "out" in the world ,because most people were hanging out on their home street far more than being out on the streets of Ur. So, things that encourage people to get out and about , are IMO , a good thing. ;)
    ETA : I remember seeing a silly looking garden type fountain, cement, slightly titled-ish, in a snap somewhere ( maybe stoots or a devs snaps), so I think that asset already exists. Also, I think the funny pink flamingos would be cute in a yard , and for those that love fluttons, they need fluttons as yard decos . ;)
  • It would be interesting if Glitchamaphone could somehow be implemented for custom home street music, but that isn't an open source thing, so permission would be needed.
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