Under the hood look at platforms and layers in Eleven/Glitch

Some people had expressed a desire to see how these things worked in the game. I made a quick video to show off how the landscapes are layered to create the depth of scenery that made the game so immersive, and how platforms work to keep the interaction with the world as realistic as possible. Also seems like a good time to point out, we did not have to redraw all of these platforms - they were released with the game, so the way you might remember interacting with streets will be exactly the same as it was before...even that vine in Uralia.


  • Ooooh! Thank your for sharing that with us Ladyceres :'D Very cool stuff!
  • This is wonderful, thank you for the peek behind the scenes :)
  • Thanks for sharing! Knew about the walking plat lines, but never realized about the blocking plat lines for ceilings and walls. Also cool to see the various layers of the background.
  • Great little peek behind the Wizard's curtain!! Thanx LC!
  • You're welcome, Plez :P
  • Thank you, ladyceres! This was fascinating.
  • This is so interesting, thank you! I've always loved the depth in the scenery, it's so cool to get to see how it's done.
  • Thank you so much, fascinating. I shall always think of that when I am running about and jumping! (Soon, I hope!!) ;-)
  • Welp, the all-new Massively Overpowered managed to find this video and posted it to their blog: http://massivelyop.net/2015/03/02/glitch-revival-mmo-eleven-posts-under-the-hood-video/

    I...did not expect that! I didn't even blog it on our blog!
  • Whoa! Sounds like the new Massively is really really behind Eleven! It's great to see that there are people outside the tight knit community that see the potential for a Glitch reboot and re-imagining! (Pardon the pun.)
  • Thank you so much for sharing that insider look, and for all your hard work. Thrilled to see that Massively seems to be on board!
  • Massively has been watching us since stoot tweeted about us. I was really glad to see that they're reorganizing for themselves after AOL ditched them, too!
  • Which is great news! I really hope the coverage has helped fire the team up : ) I'm sure the motivation can be hard to find during a rough patch being volunteers and all!
  • Thank you for sharing this with us! really cool!
  • THAT.. was amazing, thank you for sharing with us. It makes me even more appreciative of all the work you devs are doing to bring this game back. Yes, most of it was already there, but you still have to go through and make sure it all works.
  • I knew about the layers from Day 1 but did not know about the Plat lines and have wondered how the design kept us from going through walls and floors. of course, sometimes there is an error or Bug that lets us fall though floors or go through walls :D Those things were always fun to discover. Some houses had unintentional "basements" and some unintentional secrets were discovered such as lower "levels" in some locations. Thank you so much for the videos!
  • Very interesting! Thanks for sharing.
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