Why can't I be an alpha tester?



  • Pick me! I've got nothing else to do!
  • The Giants are snoozing, softly we creep around them and rebuild this dream world. They will awaken, we know, and we will have to lull them back to sleep again to continue putting back together the pieces of our beautiful universe. Each time, we get closer to realizing our hopes. Patience....... whispered in our ears every moment, it will live again. Soon....
  • Wait for meeeeeeee... :D lol
  • Hangs around end of the line..and waits..not so patiently ...Its....soooo cold out here...plzzz..can someone let me inside.. :D x
  • I want to be an Alpha Tester sooooooooooooooo badly. HUGS to all !!!
  • edited March 2016
    Me too :D and as you can see I'm a not so patient
    little glitch :D ,,But I'm trying very hard..very trying lol :P
  • Me too, as you can see i am very patient not at all jumping up and down like a mad woman no not me i am waiting patiently to be let in, Thank you Thank you Thank you for all your hard work......
  • Ouchhhhhie.....Gillie you just jumped on my foot .. waaah... :O
  • Well here we go again our daily ritual, we got to praise you all for what you are doing for us and our little world what was known as Glitch but, now its growing again and named Eleven and thanks to the team we will be able to play once more, I am sooo excited to be able just to come to these forums and comment it is wonderful, the only thing is why do i roam around the forums so much i just cant help it and i am driving myself crazy doing it, oh well i got to go run a marathon now to get it out of my system.............
  • Hey did I mention I was a greeter in Glitch :D...I be good at this too ..honest ..lol...I can break things just as much as the next person lolol :D x
  • I don't care if I'm an alpha or a beta.....please, just make it SOON!!!
  • YES PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make it soon i would love to be in game before i kick the bucket LOL
  • I, too, am patiently waiting my turn. It's enough for me to know that you're out there making it happen. I am with tapps, though: when you need our support in a monetary fashion, I am willing to chip in!
    Thank you so much for this wonderful labor of love.
  • It's my birthday! Just sayin'.
  • Happy Birthday Circe,
    Hello my fellow little people just to let you know i am still here, ready and willing to do just about anything when i am invited to join you all whether its soon or not i will be waiting, Thanks for everything you are doing for us ...........
  • ahem....I am just standing here patiently, waiting..... waving at all the alpha folks on the other side of the fence, Did I mention I was waiting? LOL

    Seriously let me echo the thanks of others for doing all of this. Hugs to you!
  • Very excited to see this wonderful little world of imagination pop back to reality. Gomez and I ran the GlitchAddict.com webpages & chat back in the day and were involved in a lot of bits and bobs from testing, to playing hard and uploading videos, info and various blog posts of all the latest tomfoolery and shenanigans. We had a lot of fun with a lot of people and are waiting with baited breath until the doors creak open long enough for us to sneak in...slow gin fizz anyone? =D
  • I will be patient.

    However, when the game is open, can we
    1. all receive an email
    2. have a celebratory one week where everyone gets cool things such as the One Ring to Rule Them All (https://humbaba.elevengiants.com/forum/index.php?p=/discussion/comment/5165/#Comment_5165), before one last great reset so everyone can start playing normally after?


    jk, but I'm glad that nice people are working on reviving Glitch :D
  • I like Pie.
  • Does liking Pie make me a valid testing candidate?
  • Thank you for all the information. And thank you for working so hard in your off time. You are doing a beautiful thing here. I realize I'm way at the back of the line, but I'm here! Ready to test or play or whatever you need. And it's so great to see so many familiar names! I can't wait to see your faces!
  • Thank you to the folks working on this so very much! Cheers and thanks.

    I feel a little more complete after discovering this :D
  • It is what it is and will be when it will be....Meanwhile ...We nap time :):) Really enjoying the updates and explanations.
  • Oy!
    Check this out: http://wp.elevengiants.com/?p=524#respond
    (Kayion's new post)
  • *looks at his ticket number* 9,998,383,750,000
    *hears a voice "now serving #3"*
  • I'm waiting for the beta. I know I don't have the patience for an alpha tester.

    But oh, the waiting is so hard!
  • It's going to be worth the wait! <3
  • Hello,
    Is there any updates on becoming an Alpha tester? I really want to play this game again... miss a lot of friends :(
  • **Still patiently waiting.**

    <3<3<3 =^.^= <3<3<3
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