Why can't I be an alpha tester?



  • My childhood game ....
  • I am so ready!
  • I was an Alpha tester toward the end of the alpha testing of Glitch. I fondly remember the sheer excitement of the game being open and the devastating feeling when it was closed. Perhaps I learned patience there, I can wait for Eleven.
  • I am also also ready. I'm so happy I found out about Eleven!!
  • So excited for the possibility to play this again!! Seriously waiting with baited breath!!!
  • I am happy to see Glitchen again! I (think I) can wait patiently. :D
  • I will happily bribe you to let me alpha test with my personal creation: Caramel dipped oreos with dark chocolate and flake sea salt. I'm nice and have time to playtest. *nudge*
  • I'm happy to wait for beta testing again and if not ....I'm happy to wait, what a wonderful job you are doing :)
  • I'm waiting patiently. NOT
  • can I haz elevenses? waiting patiently. so looking forward to being back.
  • Welcome Back!
  • I too am excited and trying so hard to be patient! LOL! Thanks for the update!
  • Waiting... not patiently, but waiting, I had a random feeling that I should google Glitch and am I so happy I did. My husband could barely contain his excitement when I told him that I had found Eleven and that we were going to be able to go back to Ur at some point. Alpha would be awesome, Beta would be fabulous, just playing would be the best!
  • I was just feeling sad and wishing I could play Glitch... being an alpha/beta tester or full-out player here would make me happy. When will the next "opportunity" be?
  • Just hope there are cubimals again! Don't get me started! Hahah! I love you all!
  • I am SO excited to play this game with my twin Ambillina. She introduced me to Glitch, and we did not play enough of it together. Now we have another chance to be mesmerized!
  • @Jessenya...yes, the cubimals are still here... :)
  • Count myself and BlueShadow in for the future. This makes us both VERY, very happy Glitchen.

    <3 and remember, the first answer to the trivia question is bunny.

    Why? because bunny.
  • "Why? because bunny."

    Funny thing, in Glitch, I took a Snap in that hall of Glitch things that never made the cut and got into the game, of my Glitchen standing next to a bunny. In the caption, I declared that my reason for the snap was, "Why? Because bunny."

    Nice to see those words again. They're nice ones.
  • I am twiddling my thumbs, did I have thumbs? I want to help test so bad I can almost taste it!
  • *waves really big at Neon*
  • Still waiting, I would wait foreverr and ever to see the chickens again.
  • Slowly but surely. :)
  • This logic is understandable, the internet is full of people that just want to hate.
  • I cannot wait, this is so cool and so exciting! I would love to help in any way!
  • As above, excited for the day that play gets opened up to us all, and happy to contribute cold hard cash when needed.!
  • Hey, look over here! I wanna help! Pick me! I'm a recluse! I have down time! I'm fun!
  • i am waiting patiently and hoping to get asked
  • I am here if you want me to test. Hi gill!!!!!!!!
  • yes waiting patiently as well,i loved evey moment of Glitch,i was a refugee from faunasphere and didn't think I would ever find another game that I enjoyed so much,was thrilled to find glitch,so will wait for as long as it takes,made some amazing friends along the way.
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