Who is/was/are your glitch buddy/buddies



  • I spent time with my wife Coley, of course.
    I'm sad to report that I don't remember anyone else's name, though. :/ Here's to making new friends in the future!
  • I was introduced to Glitch by realjimbob many years ago, who was my boss at the time. I ended up having awesome chats with Violet who I didn't know in real life but enjoyed his/her conversations, and I joined the group that used to wear the polka dot hats as a way to recognise each other. We would do quests and challenges but I can't for the life of me remember what it was called.....
  • Following on from this, just came across a post from Djabriil on another topic. Remember a very cool few hours of taking turns of following and mining sparkly and getting a few badges for our efforts. :)
  • I had a ready made group of friends that came over from Kingdom of Loathing. Laureth, discodoris, and of course my beloved Bluestu. He was whistling some of the music today and it made me cry. It's still such a part of my heart!
  • I should probably answer this properly.....

    Well, most of PBMS once I somehow got in with them. But in particular....

    LM, Ananda, acro, Beans, Amelia Fae, Tenebrae and heaps of others who I'm too old and senile to remember here.

    Oh. And sudv's feet.
  • I echo everything DB said above...... Minus the feet thing. >.<
  • I can't even remember how my alleged foot fetish with regards to sudv's feet even started. Classic PBMS nonsense.
  • Gizzy was my bestie in Glitch and now all these yrs later..still is :D...We is online best buddies ,,,,,and hope to wander the lovely shiny new Streets of eleven....once I am allowed to join her in game that is .. :D Happy Pi day everyone xx
  • I wuv you too Cryz!! we are been through everything together. We were like two peas in pod. Every quest we did together. We have supported each other through our up and downs in life. You are not just my glitch buddy. I consider you family.
  • Awww Gizzy.. :D ty..I wuvs you too...Your my crazy sis lol xx
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    *waves* So I was poking around and looking up nicks of my favorite Glitch players..was reminded I had a few screenshots hiding on Flickr. I was looking through them for the fun times and I spotted chatting with icatchm0nkeys. (Who just recently posted here) Thought I would share it. :) https://www.flickr.com/photos/bunni3burn/6191690952

    Also found a picture of a few Glitchens I loved hanging out with. (Literally) I miss JaffaCookie and Rodger. Had too much fun with them. https://www.flickr.com/photos/bunni3burn/6285807292

    However I generally hung out with my friends that I met while playing PMOG/The Nethernet before the game crashed and burned. Bunch of us came over to Glitch when it opened up in beta.
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    Mine were:
    LeeLu Multi Pass, who invited me to play glitch.
    Amikaze, David And His Bowie, Minkey, Grigori Tesla, mickey, and I didn't get to hang out a lot with Gawd uv rawk, SmiVan, WaLLy3K , misnomer, Ellezure, $Cinnamorroll$, impspindle (and others) but I remember they were nice and fun to play with!

    So many glitches were such really nice play mates!

    I've noticed some glitches from my old friend list are on 11 and have kept their glitch names, but we didn't really keep in touch directly after the game closed, like @Kyleri and @Icatchm0nkeys but I made new friends from glitch outside of glitch after the game closed :) ( @Xial and @"Pastel Forever" ).

    And I added as many glitches as I could before the game closed, that are on 11, I was surprised to see @Aroha was one of them! :D
  • I used to hang with Paprikka who is my RL friend but we live 600 miles apart. I cant remember anyone else specifically. though i hope to meet lots more when i get in!
  • getting really homesick, fried butter and popperjack and.... cant remember all the names, but i miss you all so much :)
  • I miss the gatherings of the EOW partys

    and the one who I spent my time with was Mortica Addams enjoyed every minute of it

  • For me it would be Sporks, who was my boyfriend IRL when we were playing, and now we're married with a glitchy baby. Also @Cleops, who I've mostly gotten to know since the shutdown.
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    Mis Adventure and I go way way back on many games and wish she could join the new Alpha gamers,She is loved by all gamers from way way back and would be an asset to the Alphateers.
  • Oh..Ghostie, RascalMom. ..umm dropping a few names - Stoot, KevBob, Cleops, still in touch with so many Glitchen - Beachy, MerMaid, Syngist, Bored, EssieKitten, Dr007, Serenity, JoeBlow, Varaeth, Almost Silver, SoyMocha, Dagnabbit -- My oh my -- so many Bribling and my wonderful neighbor TIM - who had gone on to be a brilliant young person.

    I don't want to start tearing up but I'll remember others tomorrow.

  • @MisAdventure, I remember so many of those names! *sniff*
  • I can't even remember it's been so long now.
  • Asthner, Asthner Asthner! He is the one who talked me into hanging in there when I got very frustrated and wanted to quit. And we are still friends even to this day, even tho' he lives in Poland!
  • Beekatrix and BitOWit, we were friends before Glitch but we live far from each other. We used to talk chat while we played almost every day. I miss them and the other people I knew on Glitch the most.
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    I am another Glitch Alpha Faunasphere Refugee. I miss y'all. I met so many more folk in Glitch. Sonny and I raced through the achievements before reset, and I passed him! Still friends on FB. JoesWife was the first person I bumped into in Faunasphere. Snygyst saved my life in Glitch when I was new and had no food and no tools and he gave me food and a tool, maybe a hatchet. Tularemia was my late night cohort in Faunasphere, but she never migrated to Glitch. We keep in touch. I have so many gaming friends on FB! It's great to keep bumping in to y'all. More friends to meet someday.
  • I came in on beta with Faunasphere and met many wonderful people there. When I was accepted for late alpha with Glitch it was thrilling. When we could start inviting friends I sent invites to all my FS friends and they started popping in one by one. Many came with new names as I did. Unfortunately some of them have passed away since then but my good friend Terri and a few others have stuck with me through both games. I think the funniest moment is when they told me I broke the mail system by inviting 1,000 gaming friends in at the same mailing. That was an inside joke at Glitch for quite a while :)
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