Who is/was/are your glitch buddy/buddies

If there was/is a person or persons that you would hang with in game the most who were they? Or if they are still hanging with us who are they?

I would have to pick Mndarrr for me... she's the one that got me hooked on this game to begin with lol.


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    I was one of the FaunaSphere refugees, so I came over with a few hundred 'insta-friends'...however, there was a core group that I hung out with the most, and another set that were also near and dear to me even if we didn't hang out much...I'm sure I'll miss a ton of the near and dear since that list was probably in the dozens.

    My closest buddy was my virtual BFF tweetypie. We've been online friends for years, but have yet to meet in real life since she lives across the big pond. I also have some others that I was close with because most of us did meet in RL back in FS days and sometimes still try to meet up and hang out - @im4noles2, Miz Munchken, mudspots, LunaSea, warmmama, soymocha (didn't get a chance to meet warm or soy though). I always smile when I see BribAnnie (though she'll always be bribling to me) running around since I did get a chance to meet her too, but she's got hundreds of close friends because she's so outgoing and caring towards the community. Glad to see that @soymocha and @BribAnnie have found their way here already.

    There are many many others that I perk up when I see, because I'd consider them to be my virtual friends that I've gotten to know over the years. I hate to start a list, because I know I'd forget to mention someone important. So I'll send a mudspots' wave to all ~~~~~~

    I have some new friends that I look forward to hanging out with in the game. Clearly all the testers and active devs right now, will be autofriended since we've already built some memories. Also, we did have a mini-meet up with @Lelu, @Faranae and @xial in FL, so they are new RL friends who I look forward to friending in game.
  • Mostly I am already anticipating missing Chester Todd because he's got a brand new baby and I doubt he'll be back much if at all. Who will mine with me and keep me company as I make endless bowls of tasty pasta? There are other people from PBMS council that playing will feel weird without, too.
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    Gotta go with my girl @phoebe !
  • (( hugs )) B3achy. So very true that we FS refuges came to the game with ready made friends. You and noles we toons that always brought a smile to my face, and my plank out for planking. Well, mostly noles that is. For me, I can't wait to start making new friends. And if noles does not come back.... you better watch out B3achy muahahahaha
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    I was never really friends with people in game, but now I'm excited for all of my RL friends to come in and play! @"Captain Fabulous" and @"Clara Oswin Oswald"
  • All of PBMS and especially my Ananda! DB, wherever you are............. you will be missed, sweet Acro and so many others. I hope to see you all soon.
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    You called, LM? :)
  • Lol, Hi DeeBee. :) I'm more than happy to miss you also, but Daddy Bunchie was my intent. We will have to meet so I can miss you too!
  • Ahem. It *is* me. Honest. Scouts honour.

    Or whatever the kids say these days. I've no idea. I'm old and knackered and worn out and so on and so forth etc etc.
  • *Smothers your furry face with Kisses*!!! I've missed you my friend!
  • LM!!!!!!!! *tacklehug*

  • * Cough cough sputter............. dusting self off..... grinning like an idiot*
  • Who else is here? ANyone? Everyone?
  • Read the forums and pm our friends... ;) Hopefully they all will return soon.
  • Read the.........jeez that sounds like WORK. I'll just wait till someone else does it. Like you. You do it.

  • I had several mining friends. One I remember was Sommer.
    I look forward to mining with my friends again
  • I would say Christine. She was basically my tutorial for Glitch :D
  • I spent most of my time with my friend who I introduced to glitch, MadamOphelia. I let her know about Eleven and she was extremely excited.
  • I didn't really have friends in the original Glitch. Like, there were a few people I met who started a collaborative effort to get a bunch of players to one of the spelling streets to spell a bunch of things, but that was about it.

    It probably doesn't help that I was overall insufferable, mature, and had a tendency to be inconsistent and try to cover myself in increasingly obvious and embarrassing ways.

    Oh well. That's life.
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    I hung out in AB with BeeMine, LittleAngel, Akuno, KateSpade, Dmdawgs (spell) and so many others. I am so excited at the prospect of a new game!
  • My besties were Darius Atrepes, Soupie, Suzie Slammin, and Marion. I miss you guys, if you are out there please find me!
  • Wizard of awesome and awesome sauce. May I never mix you up again! or, actually I wish to.
  • i didn't really have any friends, but i remember meeting Melody Pond and gushing over how cool her name was. (2012 was the highlight of my doctor who phase)
  • I miss Jesus Christ (yes, that was his name).... coolest friend on Glitch hands down.
  • I was just playing by myself before I was welcomed by Popperjack. After then, I was greeter/friend to about 4 rounds of newbies to a smallish group :)
  • *Tacklehugs!!!!!!!!* Amelia!
  • Sweet lord above there are so many old faces in here (well I guess you're all 4 years older!). How on earth are you all? :)
  • I spent alot of time with AnimePanda (aka Bannoffee Pie on Eleven). We've known eachother for about six years and are close friends in real life :)
  • All the PBMS gang, Loupin! it's good to see you again.
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