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  • I'd like a region where the original Groddle whistle tune is played. I really hated that the original song was taken out of the game and only replaced by variations for some of the instanced quests. I want a place where I can roam and have that music play all the time. If I could choose that music for my homestreet, I would.
  • Ooh, choosing Home Street music is a good idea! Why don't you put that in the thread for "HELLA" customizable Home Streets?
  • Just wanted to follow up on my flooded caverns idea here:

    I think it would be neat if there were a Grendaline-based* "World Wonder" to be found there. Something along the lines of the Tower, but smaller - you might catch glimpses of it glowing in the underwater distance from the streets on the periphery of the region, and a better view from roads closer in. This could tie into the suggested Ilmenskie Jones feat opening the region.

    You might also see barnacles, or a new species of barnacle that also yields talc.

    *because I think Zille is more associated with Illmenskie.
  • +Seeen bravo!! Standing ovation applause applause enthusiastically shaking head in agreement.
    +Ann DramaDuh doppelgängers and big eyeballs - awesomely creepy!
  • +Scarlett Bearsdale and sea horses!
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    This one is less of a region and more of an interesting exploration helper for regions...

    The Train of Thought
    * The Train of Thought is an odd locomotive with a completely randomized route throughout Ur.
    * It can be boarded... if you can catch it. It makes no stops.
    * For that matter, the only way to get off the train is to jump.
    * It does not stay attached to the ground, instead tending to hover a few feet above.
    * It basically just goes down streets at random.
    * On occasion, it will suddenly warp to a random location in Ur.
    * I imagine the design having a very distinct appearance from the majority of Ur's art style, as if to promote its oddity.
  • @Seeen, your train of thought feels very Divergent/Insurgent like...though I find it intriguing...I'd love to be Dauntless enough to board and disembark the train.

    Image from NY Post / Movie Divergent
  • @Seeen train of thought from inside out mayhaps? lmao :P
  • Oh! I forgot about that! I had actually watched that movie very recently.
  • It was so good! Hehe
  • @seeen I'm not sure about it as a new thing, roaring through otherwise peaceful streets (think of the children! ;) But I'd like it if there were a few secret places you could "jump on" or "jump off" the subway as it currently exists. And then you could get the achievement "Dauntless" for doing both 11 times? Just a thought.
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    @"Scarlett Bearsdale" Maybe it tends to show up in only three locations in every Region? ...Er, not counting Ix and Uralia, as they're relatively small.

    It doesn't need to be a train, just something for a bit of random exploration.
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    I think I've got it! It can be one of the Tickets. Ticket to the Train of Thought. When you use it, it whisks you away to the Train of Thought, which is just flying around in an area that looks kind of like the Mental Space from the Vortex of Random. Sometimes, it will end up high in the sky of a region, with the ground looking tiny below. (So, not in the actual region location—if you jump, then you get taken to one of the streets of the region that corresponds with the shown sky.) If it's one that looks like one you'd like to explore, you can go ahead and jump off to drop down to it.

    As in the idea for the huge tree region I posted earlier, it could possibly result in a falling minigame of some sort.

    And maybe if you jump off while in the Mental Space area, you just end up somewhere completely random.
  • I've made a really rough concept sketch of some random region just as an experiment:


    I don't expect this to be a region or anything. I just thought I'd share.
  • it's awesome cool. i would so ride that thing!
  • I really liked the Bogs; most of my time spent wandering Ur was within Chakra Phool. I'd want to create a small region in the style of the Deeps from the Vortex of Random (I think >_>). Abbasid is a strong candidate for new region -- there are already a few streets to build from. Rook Woods has nice artwork deserving of it's own section. I also had a passing thought of a region that's a perpetual nighttime (though time of day is irrelevant) festival (Paper lanterns, a daily spin wheel, etc). Maybe a region stylistically similar to romantic feudal Japan
  • Grashowarth:
    * A circus-themed region concealed deep in Ilmenskie Deeps.
    * Plays the Ilmenskie Caverns Mining Song. (Always sounded like a circus to me. I wonder if anyone else feels similar?)
    * Looks somewhat similar to Le Voyage Violet, but more clear and with less purple.
    * Sort of ghostly, with vague silhouettes of carnies floating around and carrying objects to be used as moving platforms.
    * Home to a jester who wears a Scion of Purple mask. Might give you some Essence of Purple, or maybe, on occasion, an extremely potent form called Ultraviolet Essence.
  • Yes please , to @MarbhDamhsa ;s idea , festival (Paper lanterns, a daily spin wheel, etc). Maybe a region stylistically similar to romantic feudal Japan .
    Yes , to anything with the Japanese type look! I suggest streets with :
    Bonsai trees, cherry blossom trees that are always blossoms (never actually cherry fruit) , a koi fish pond ( OH! want one of those on my home street , even if it's just for looks!) and tons of lanterns.
    Maybe with some lanterns that are inter-active that you could release up into the sky , they float for awhile in view, then sort of fade off into the sky, perhaps the look of the floating part could be like the blossoms in May Soup. While other lanterns are always there for beauty.

    And a "zen garden" , the rock garden kind with white sand and dark rocks. , perhaps those could be inter-active where players could draw designs in the sand , or write their name, and the design remains until the next glitch comes along and changes it. Maybe we could have a quest that results in giving us the rake that interacts with the sand. ( Asset: was there a small rake that was part of the scarecrows graphic that were in the veggie community gardens ? )
  • Unfinished/Abandoned Subway Tunnels

    Not a region so much as a transportation alternative.
  • A sky-bound region, on the backs of gigantic floating, glowing jellyfish amongst the clouds, high above a desert.  Mostly full of helikitties, butterflies, and bats, but some new things could be introduced there too.  Baby jellyfish could provide something like jam, perhaps.  The largest jellyfish would have dirt collected in crevices on their backs where trees and flowers could grow.  The central three streets would be upon the largest jellyfish of all, with ruins of a building in the middle street, where something wondrous and unique to the region could be found (not sure what yet).
  • -Outer Naraka

    A full underground region in the style of Naraka. Maybe there could be some special resources unique to there or something (like hellfire spouts, that can be harvested for infernal flames with insulated gloves). There are holes all around that you can go through that lead to hell, but they kill you instantly upon going down them. You would enter through a secret door at the bottom of Illmenskie deeps.

    -The Temple

    A full region inside of a massive temple. It has twelve streets, an entrance and eleven rooms each devoted to a certain giant, with a shrine and maybe some acolytes to sell you things and tell you stories about the lore. At the entrance
    there's a vendor that will sell you souveneirs based on the giants and a special item called a donation pack that costs 
    one thousand currants and can be donated for one hundred favor. The entrance should be in a region with no unique resources that people don't go to that much.
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