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  • OMFG BEARDED CLAMS *wheezes with laughter* All the yes. All of them. Particularly cause fox brushing was just too frustrating and tedious for me to find it worthwhile. To balance the game: Clams give you less fiber per harvest than foxes do -- only makes sense, since they're so much easier.

    And here is something for the clam to say when you brush it: "Just leave a landing strip, okay?"
  • Also, re: My LANTERNS EVERYWHERE idea, I just looked through the street encyclopedia again, and I had never seen May Soup before! That is sort of like what I want! But a whole region of it!
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    Yes to balance. And because you can only harvest once per day there is a hard limit on how much you can harvest total per day by this method, while fox brushing is only limited by the time you spend on it.
    Also the reason I selected lightbulbs as the item I wanted to create resources to support is that I assume we won't be able to farm the resources they're tied to on homestreets, so it's good if they're a non essential and higher level item. I'm not sure if eleven will carry out TS's plan to eventually eliminate vendors, but if so that'd be important

    Ooh! And it would be neat if some of the rock outcrops were underwater so you could mine underwater.

    Just let me at the level designer ...
  • I'm loving the spiderwebs, lanterns, and flooded caves. Those all sound great.
    I think it'd be cool if we could have a proper Abbasid region (it gets mentioned several times in-game, and it's shown on some incarnations of the world map, but we only ever got to see three streets in the VoR). Plus the Abbasidian vendor concept art was cool.
    I'd also like to see a region that's more kind of dark grey/murky/rainy, somewhat forested with light-barked background trees, visible heavy clouds, etc, maybe with more yellow and grey-brown in its flora, cause I find that to be aesthetically pleasing and I think it's an area of the color palette that Glitch never really touched on. (The firebogs are similarly dark to what I'm picturing, but the firebogs have a much warmer and orangier overall tone than I had in mind and the color scheme is mostly analogous.) It could have mushrooms as a resource.
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    Thought i should mention i noticed there were goat butts in the files, i think there was sheep things as well, no idea what they could give or where they were intended for though, but it seems more animals were in the works before close.

    I like the spiderweb ideas, the candyland type idea, i do think we need a tropical area added, tropical seems to be the main basic land type we are missing so far. We have bog but we dont have a full swamp yet either, or watery caves

    I also think when a new land type is added, we should get a new animal. So the bogs would have an animal, mountains, desert, water, snow, platou etc etc. Water regions have fish, platou has sloths, grassland has foxes, but i just think each distinct land type deserves a animal, plus it just makes sense. And can always have them make something we simply cant make yet ( and then take that item out of the vendors ) Like maybe the clams can make lightbulbs, or the goats could make oats ( a nursery rhyme came to mind ) But you see what i mean the various items we cant make yet can always come from animals we dont have yet, and then take that item out of the shop
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    @"Lyrical Dejavu" That actually reminds me of something someone said on this forum about how there isn't much incentive to go to certain regions because they don't have anything "special" about them (i.e., no animals, no subway, no exclusive items, not even the masses of quoins like Roobrik/Balzare) -- if each land type has a specific animal, that would alleviate the problem somewhat.
    And IIRC, there was a vote pre-shutdown for which animals players wanted to see the most (which is why we got heli kitties). There were also... alpacas? Pandas? It's been a while. But there were other options that were considered.
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    Alpacas, Goats, Kangaroo, Giraffe, Rats, Monkeys, Sheep, Foxes (which we did get) ...and some others that i forget too. But yeah i was thinking something along those lines. Not each region but each land type should get an animal. Also once we could scrape ice because it was added it was removed from the vendors, so it doenst sound out of line to presume it was meant to continue. That and we did vote on which animal we wanted added first. Right now Honey, Olive Oil, Salad Dressing, Soy Sauce, Beer, Light Bulbs, Oats, i know are vendor only...might be missing a few items but....the point was they could all be harvested in some way from something, animals would be preferrable to plants imo. i do not think Hellikitties were voted on i remember them as a surprise, plus i do remember the highest vote count was between foxes and alpacas

    And this is just my preference but i think the animal should be typical to the region its in, but not what you harvest from it. For instance Goats would be in the Mountains, but could give Saland Dressing ( or whatever) and Rats could be in swamps and give Olive Oil. Alot of things in Eleven/Glitch do not make sense, but some do. The animals seem to fit the type of land type they are from but not neccessarily what you harvest from them, Sloths is a good example

    But back to land types, Tropical, Swamp, Watery Caves, Jungle, Deep Sea, Spiderwebs, Candyland, Hidden Object type streets, More Puzzle type streets, so yeah agreeing with a bunch of other ppls posts as to stuff we dont have that would be cool to add :)
  • I recall there having been a thread at one point where somebody (sorry, don't remember who) had suggested a "trash mountain", with various tunnels and open grottoes of junk. I sort of prefer the idea of a scrapheap mountain made of broken machinery where you can trash-mine, maybe resulting in elements or metal ingots or something new- perhaps spare parts for machines that require maintenance and part-replacements from time to time rather than fuel cells.
  • A space-themed region would be interesting. Everything is floating, you can jump around on stars and milky roads, (Milky Way could be a street) and maybe black holes that are literal holes in space that lead to a random point in the game world and are one-way.

    You could mine stardust from Glittery Space Rocks, or maybe you could just mine meteors, and perhaps there could be cows that got lost when they tried to jump over the moon. Not sure why they'd be there, since we already get milk from butterflies.

    Maybe there could be anti-gravity sections where you can space swim as well.

    It might be interesting to have a Twinkle Tree, which would yield tiny stars which could be refined into stardust, (the Glittery Space Rock and Twinkle Tree would thus be mutually exclusive–only one of the two should probably exist) which can be used as an ingredient for some things, potentially. Perhaps, if there was a feature to make mosaics, the tiles could be made of stardust.

    Constellations may be a thing. It would be interesting if players could connect lines between stars by working together somehow.

    Might make sense to have Helikitties flying about here and there.

    That's all I've got for that.
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    A fire swamp would be cool! Friendly ROUSes that you can gather resources from, lightning sand that brings you to a minigame like pac-man except reversed where you have to catch whatever strange creatures inhabit those areas, and geysers of hot air that lift you into the air (as opposed to the flame geysers). If you don't get this, watch the Princess Bride.

    Also, an area like Mawsynram (A city in India), where it constantly rains or goes through a drought and you can grow bridges from trees (for reference: I have no idea what the functions would be here, it would mainly be just good scenery

    ETA: Never played the game, so if there's something that would make more sense for these, tell me and I'll change it.
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    If you go to you can browse through player snaps and in game items. There were hidden locations, and mini games, and seam streets (which were often games) . There was a Street that was a Piano, one with a ice skating rink, water regions, all kinds of things. I want all kinda of new odd streets, and basic areas such as tropical, that we dont have yet, and streets with weather would be cool, but i dont think a day/night cycle is necessary due to the in game days being only 4 hours long itd be changing constantly, id rather have certain streets or regions that are various weather conditions. or be at night etc
  • Added streets to cave areas that are "deeper" (at least in the case of Ilmenskie) than the other streets, that are pitch-black where you need light to see the area immediately around you (maybe something else to use fireflies for) and some sections are partially filled with water. Maybe with some bioluminescent animals too.
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    I think that, in general, it would be nice to have more... exotic region styles. Like, we have a bunch of regions that look like they're from the natural world, and they're absolutely gorgeous, but I kind of also want to see some odd and whimsical-looking regions like Uralia and Ix.

    Could make a Seussican-looking region. Could even call it Sooz or something.
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    I think we also need more special locations. We already have the bureaucratic department that I can't be bothered to remember the name of, and the tower... But it would be interesting if there were more odd locations to find.

    For example, a Cubimal factory would be cool. I also think it would be interesting if the Jujus had other law-breaking equivalents elsewhere, such as, say, a Mafia group and some other group. None of the three get along with any of the others, and could possibly try to get Glitchen on their side, as the enemy of my enemy is my friend and all.
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    Oooh, @Seeen, that gives me shivery feelings about Abbasid-to-come! Ruins of the Abbasid-that-was, and has yet to be imagined.

    .... And the lost tribe of jujus we will find there.

    Other things, offhand I'd like for Abbasid:
    I'd like for it to be a region of games. I'd like to be able to play game of crowns there for free on some special streets, providing new layouts for gameplay. I'd like to see other games available only there.
    I think it would be neat if you could harvest something like oily dressing there from smashing crates or some such. The crates could regenerate a la barnacles, nubbins, and jellisacs; but you smash them with a hatchet or shovel or metal bar.
    But I'm really liking the idea of there being a different group of NPCs there who work both against individual Glitchen but also against the jujus of the ALs. Some fun opportunities there.
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    Yeah, I figured it would be interesting if there's three of these major NPC criminal factions, all opposing one another, and sometimes flagging down a player to help them get at one of the other factions or something. The Juju Bandits, some sort of Mafia group, and some third one. A major gang or something, maybe? Hm...

    I also definitely support making some of the buy-only items able to be harvested from the natural world, such as Beer and Birch Syrup.
  • Im more in favor of adding more animals and harvest items from them that we cant yet, vs other things we can harvest from. I just think we have enough items we get from trees and rocks etc. And animals make the world seem more alive. But i do think the new animals should only be in specific regions like sloths are and not how pigs are which can be placed anywhere. It also would give more reason to visit the various areas in world
  • That's kind of what I meant when I mentioned ways to harvest the items you can currently only buy from the Street Spirits.
  • I'd like a nighttime land, myself <3 Maybe a forest, with lots of glowing flowers.
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    * Gomuweluh is a huge desert.
    * You can harvest needles from cacti. The purpose of this could be to make fox brushes, or perhaps a record player. Maybe they could also have a simple mundane utility, such as pinning snaps up on the walls of your house.
    * Perhaps cacti also have pears?
    * An oasis could have a nice Mood + iMG boost, or maybe it could act as a portal to another region.

    * Drizzili is a land of constant rain.
    * There are quite a few puddles, and possibly even some streets that are completely underwater.
    * I feel like this one shouldn't go with the common "dark and dreary" portrayal of rainy places.

    Drizzili Depths
    * This is an underwater cave system under Drizzili.
    * Could be home to Squids, giving a source for ink.
    * Perhaps one part of it isn't underwater, but is rather a huge open space with a waterfall crashing down. If you jump down into its wake, you end up in an underwater region such as Jal.

    * Sisidex is a huge subterranean beehive.
    * Hexagonal designs everywhere, that sort of thing.
    * Populated by bees, obviously. I imagine them using some sort of special agent dialogue style, with one of their antennae bent down like a microphone.
    * Honey can be harvested from honey springs, which are nifty hexagonal pools in the ground that slowly fill with honey.
    * You can give gifts to the Queen to receive royal jelly.
    * Maybe there are bee-themed witches here and there that cast hexes on you, causing a not-too-nasty debuff. How beewitching.

    Forlorn Lands
    * Just... a vast wasteland.
    * No trees, rocks, animals, shrines... there's just nothing.
    * Except for in the center, where there is a huge tree. Leading me to...

    Middle Arbor
    * The trunk of the enormous tree in the middle of the Forlorn Lands.
    * It's mostly vertical, and some animals populate it here and there, as well as a few trees. Life is still rather sparse. There are a good number of wood trees in some parts, however.
    * There are openings in the tree that you can harvest sap from. This sap can be refined into birch syrup.

    High Arbor
    * The canopy of the enormous tree in the middle of the Forlorn Lands.
    * At dead ends--which is to say, at the end of branches--Glitchen can grab a large leaf and jump off to fly down to another region. Might even contain a minigame.
    * Not going to say much about animals, trees, and rocks. That one is kind of complicated. I do believe that, at the least, pigs should be there. Flying pigs. With wings. Helikitties too, obviously.

    Cloud 11
    * A small cloud region. Like, really small. Just a little over Ix-sized.
    * Bubble springs that spawn large bubbles that a Glitch can ride in.
    * Bubble trees.
    * Olive trees here and there. For olive oil.

    * I won't go any higher than this, I promise.
    * Made up of lots of milky roads through the stars.
    * Low gravity.
    * Special trees called Starnut trees that yield, well, starnuts.
    * Starnuts are used to make twinklink.
    * Twinklink is needed to create music sheets. Music sheets play music when activated.
    * They can be duplicated with twinklink as well.
    * You can also make copies of music sheets using normal ink, but those ones won't be able to be activated to play music.
    * Music sheets should probably be a little resource-expensive so that they're special.

  • So many brilliant ideas, @seeen! *:)
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    @Seeen ,please reload the idea cannon. Those are great!
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    Reload complete.

    "I'd like a nighttime land, myself ❤ Maybe a forest, with lots of glowing flowers." -Kanaya

    Eldorin Woods
    * This is a region of constant night.
    * Beautiful twinkling stars, autumnal trees, the moon hanging in the sky, and dimly glowing flowers.
    * Moonlight shines through the trees in the more dense areas.
    * Contains some fireflies.
    * More sparkly rocks than other types.
    * Animals are relatively sparse, but not by too much.
    * There are some large fungi here that you can harvest mushrooms from.

    Eldorin Reef
    * Another region of constant night.
    * There is a line of streets along the shore, but the rest are all underwater.
    * Barnacles grow in the reef.
    * Starfish, sand dollars, shells, conches, and other such trinkets can sometimes be found.

    Eldorin Marshlands
    * Yet another region of constant night.
    * More fungi here than the woods, but less rocks and fireflies.
    * Reeds can be harvested and used to make oats.

    Eldorin Hill
    * A rather large hill where it is always night.
    * More animals and less fungi than the woods.
    * A few fewer fireflies. They are more common near the occasional tree.
    * At the top of the hill, you can stand directly in front of the moon for a nice picture. Perhaps with a certain action in this spot, you can go to...

    * A region on the moon.
    * There's... not much. Some Dullite rocks and maybe an exotic sort of rock–a meteorite.
    * Home to the Dust Bunnies. They appreciate being given eggs. Not sure what they would do in return.
    * You can jump into a crater to be launched to a random location in Ur.

    * A sea on the moon.
    * Assuming mining can work underwater, there may be some undersea meteorites here.
    * Moonfish! You know, maybe.
    * There's an underwater dome somewhere here. It contains the home of the Man in the Moon.

    The Specific Bridge
    * A large bridge between two continents across the Specific Ocean.
    * It's built kind of like a linear city. There's also plots for trees and such, and some animals walking around.
    * It has a few docks branching off of it.
    * One dock has a whirlpool at the end of it. If you jump in, you reach...

    * A sunken city.
    * Salmon are here, obviously, as are squids.
    * There are empty underwater homes and such.
    * The city is built in a sort of downwards double spiral formation, with an occasional connection between them.
    *When you get deep enough, you encounter Anglers. They'll leave you alone, but will occasionally drop light bulbs.
    * At the bottom is a hole. It leads to...

    * A desolate and oddly not submerged place. It's very dark, and there's a silhouette effect.
    * Spirits drift about and will generally leave you alone.
    * This location has a bit of a negative impact on Mood, causing it to drop faster. It also is rather cold, so bring something hearty!
    * Much like the Ancestral Lands, you can only be here for a limited amount of time.
    * It's mostly flat. Maybe there's a gate somewhere that leads to an outer ring of Hell?

    * Just some elaboration and expansion on something that was probably going to eventually come to be anyway.
    * Home to the Loli Mafia. They are in strict opposition of the Juju Bandits.
    * Loli Mafia members might sometimes try to get a Glitchen to help them get at the Jujus.
    * In some streets, you can start games such as Game of Crowns.

    Eh, not all of these are all that great, but I decided I may as well post 'em anyway. Some of them may need more elaboration.
  • Wow Seeen, That was a full broadside!

    I'm liking the incorporation of octopuses in people's suggestions.

    Does your Ur have only 1 moon?

    Keep em coming.
  • A haunted land with mysterious, indecipherable sounds and glimpses of eerie, supernatural things. There would be poltergeists (but friendly ones) that you would never see, but would feel the effects of. And one moment you would be right-side-up, the next upside down, walking. You would meet your doppelganger and he/she would follow you around, close on your heels, everywhere you went. Sometimes big staring eyeballs would fade in and watch you ... then just as quickly fade away. Perhaps this land would also have haunted houses on various streets. Rooks would be aplenty in this land, but wouldn't attack. New quests could be added that could only be achieved by finding certain items that are associated only with this land, like tarot cards and scythes and mummy hands.
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    The Vault of Nightmare
    * A vault hidden somewhere that one can enter to reach suppressed nightmares of the Giants.
    * The outer areas of the Vault contain chaotic and unorganized horrors, while the inner areas contain more uniform and whole ones.
    * Perhaps the uniform ones are based on a nightmare each Giant may have.
    * This region would be a stark contrast to the happy and whimsical nature of the rest of the world.
    * Might have some very useful items.
    * Instead of regional music, it may just have radio noise in the background, or a loud and shrill soundtrack for more chaotic streets.
    * The entry street to the Vault is the most chaotic, with images floating around in a pure black hallway, such as a spinning white head bleeding rapidly out of its orifices, a screaming creature... stuff like that. Just overall jarring, especially coming from the rest of Ur.

    Memory Lanes
    * Gateways to memories of Ur's past—regions that are simply the regions in the current Ur, but in the past somewhere.

    Memory Regions:
    * These are the regions that can be accessed via Memory Lanes.
    * As they are memories, one cannot interact with the creatures there.
    * These regions are for exploration and story purposes, and it is recommended to bring enough food, because you won't be able to harvest anything from the memories.
    * Streets would have faded portions here and there, and some streets just wouldn't be present. Some may just cut off partway through, causing you to have to go around another way. Memories are not completely concrete, after all.

    Groddle Islet
    * Groddle Heights during the Age of Grendaline.
    * The world is flooded.[source]
    * Only the highest altitude in the Heights isn't submerged.

    The Battlefield
    * The Ancestral Lands during the Great War.
    * War going on, chickens being launched through the air, and general outright chaos.
    * As it's a memory, you cannot interfere with the war.

    The Great Jungle
    * Kajuu during the Age of Spriggan.
    * Instead of the savannah that we all know, Kajuu is a huge jungle bursting with plant life.
    * It's implied that almost the entire world is like this.

    The Dawn of Ur
    * Roobrik way back when Ur was first being imagined into existence.
    * As Mab was the first to start imagining Ur,[source] this region is made up almost entirely of plains of Urth, with patches of grass growing in.
    * I'd like to note that this may not go with the actual story—the stories that animals and trees claim are notoriously inconsistent with one another, so the truth may not match this.
  • 'Lev Devs, I recommend you bring @Seeen on board. *MAJORLY IMPRESSED*

    Have them be your new Keita.
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