Let's write an unofficial fan wiki about Eleven!



  • @"Mike Rosoft" you're right, and I even understand why it works that way (imagine if someone asked to remove all pages about pokemon from wikipedia just because there is a more comprehensive, dedicated pokemon wiki elsewhere), but in this case it turned out to be counterproductive. Really, the main problem is not the wikia's continued existence so much as that it's so hard to compete with its #1 google ranking...

    Although there is no excuse for deleting links to the new wiki in my book (and wikipedia does link to bulbapedia, so there.)
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    So in 10 days or so I'll host a wiki as described here, if no one else has a better idea/offer/hosting.

    edit: Couldn't wait, it should be up and running in a few days.
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    In testing I am using the wayback with the Glitch strategy wiki a lot. The information is still the same and mostly useable.

    I used to use the wiki in combination with that site that pulled info constantly telling where you could find any resource - from trees to vendors or whatever and it told you how many there were and you could toggle which had the most, etc. You could even click on the street link and it would auto-tp you there in your game tab. I would love for that to be reinstated whenever Eleven does eventually become active. Even if a tree died and/or got removed the info was pulled constantly and so was always up to date.

    If whomever has the old wiki data file wants to upload it anywhere for others to access they can feel free to do it to my dropbox and I can share a folder with them and whomever wants access. I have a professional account and so size isn't an issue.

    I am with LC. Wikia is known to have malware in its adverts, and have click baits that some users cannot avoid and so isn't good at all. Its used by HBM players, (http://herebemonsters.wikia.com/wiki/Here_Be_Monsters_Wiki), and there isn't a week that goes by I don't have to tell someone to use ad block, or that the error message they are getting is due to malware installed via the wikia site. I don't want to unleash the things that site has done to Eleven people who aren't savvy enough and/or don't have ad block installed. I have literally spent the past 2.5 years telling HBM players how to clean their infected machines. The people who edit the wiki deeply regret using it but are too far down the track now.

    EDIT: Coincidentally don't click on the HBM wiki link unless you have ad block installed.
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    Also, what was that site that gave you up to the minute resource numbers so you can plan a route? It was a site independently run.

    EDIT: Someone just PM'd me to say they think it was: Glitch Resource Database: http://glitch.alwaysdata.net/ run by Linnæa and Boom and Bust. Not sure if that is it but the site i'm thinking of I used it a bit more than the wiki and so a site that can suck data in the very, very distant future on resources would be handy if anyone knows how to do that.

    At the moment it is all about knowing where resources are and being savvy about my route.
  • @Cleops: I have the old wiki and am working on hosting it. Right now I'm just waiting for the green light from my web host.
  • Sweet! I like it when a plan comes together.
  • I lost some time sorting out issues with a web host. Now I have a stable and trustworthy host.

    We tried a few things and I decided MediaWiki is too much trouble, the version of the wiki doesn't seem to upgrade well to the latest version, probably due to the too large gap since the last update. It could be possible to upgrade by progressively doing small updates, but just the thought of trying out old but more recent versions of MediaWiki to upgrade several times before reaching the last already hurts my brain.

    I'm planning a rewrite of the structure on a lighter and much less confusing wiki engine, I'll import the medias and will convert/import the articles in the db.
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    Any ETA on the wiki? I am finding a few things that apparently were old in the original Glitch Strategy wiki that may need updating (based on being in alpha):

    Quests and Vendor Information (buy back and selling information aren't quite right) were a couple noteworthy items that will need fixing/updating.
    - I think when we got the haggling and fast talking upgrade cards, they must have modified the selling and buying prices of the vendors; however, the wiki was never updated to reflect the new information.
    - Some of the quests are fine, but many are old ones that don't exist anymore and others have replaced them. Still difficult to completely figure out at this stage of Alpha since we don't get to see all the quests yet, but it is apparent some of them need updating in the wiki.

    I think some of the skills were modified as well, but we have the Glitch encyclopedia to use as our foundation for that information.

    Just wondering when we might be able to start digging into it again as a community to get it in a better state prior to game launch. What would be really handy would be if there is a way to mark stuff as verified correct vs. definitely needs updating...not sure that is possible, but it would be a handy feature.
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    No ETA, but I'm working on it (okay, I neglected it a bit these days :p), it will first be available to testers in some form. The data is directly taken from the sources on github, so very little manual editing is needed. I'm only working on scripts to import the data into articles.
  • Ah Khoul Bheens. So it's not a direct reflection of the old strategy pages. That's probably better, and then we can augment with additional helpful information that isn't spelled out but is good stuff from a player's point of view.

    No worries...we're all busy. Thanks for the info!
  • Awesome, LazyC! :D
  • I'm in.
  • Reviving this old thread to see what the status of the wiki is...I know some folks would like to contribute to it still, and while some players are waiting to get in the game, it would be a good way to keep people engaged with a game related project...any update @"Lazy Cubimal" on your work? If it's been too much work, would it be smart to just start something and update it manually? Many hands make light labor...
  • Yes, I already thought of building it manually, or at least relying a bit more on writing than importing. Last time I was on it, I was switching wiki engines due to DW limitations (even though working with a flat file db was better) and deciding on the namespace structure before building it. It doesn't look like it's too much work, I just haven't been home for several weeks and was unable to continue to actively work on it.
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    @Lazy Cubimal , * waves at LC* , I know nothing about building a wiki or wikia ( sorry , but I could LEARN should the need arise.) . Let me know , please, if there is a decision on the format( product) of the wiki (so I can learn how to contribute properly?) .
    Anyway, I would be happy to work on just a terminology/glossary type portion, particularly related to terms we use here on the forums, that late joining Glitches or that completely new 11-ers , may not know.
    For example, "resource route" , may be an unknown term for those 2 groups of players.
    Perhaps, I should just start it as a Glossary thread page here , that maybe could be stickied in the forums somewhere ? (Forum admins - opinions ?)
    It could be that I am trying to fill a need that is NOT really there.
    So , I welcome comments/input on whether a glossary is needed. ( wouldn't want to waste my time or others time) . Thanks ! ;)
  • This is such a cool idea! I can't wait to see the game!
  • I think that's a great idea. There were so many player-created terms, concepts, and awesomely stupid in-jokes, it seems like it would be useful to have a lexicon both for newer players and also to preserve our own memories and culture. I'd certainly be happy to help with any efforts.
  • I don't know about using Wikia... MANY people have had a BAD BAD BAD BAD experience with them. E.g. http://creatures.wikia.com/wiki/ to https://creatures.wiki/ , and http://www.niwanetwork.org/ .
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