Let's write an unofficial fan wiki about Eleven!

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We can fill it with all our knowledge of the game. That will become a lot easier to do once the game launches. But why not start now?

Here it is! Anyone can edit it and add new articles. http://elevengiants.wikia.com/

Some pages that have been created:


Full list: http://elevengiants.wikia.com/wiki/Special:AllPages


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    Was there a Glitch wiki back in 2012? I don't remember, but if there was, we can save ourselves from reinventing the wheel if we can find a cached http://archive.org copy of it.

    (I found this but it's almost completely blank: http://glitch.wikia.com/wiki/Special:AllPages)
  • I love this idea.. but i'm afraid it'll take forever xD
    Does anyone remember the link back to the glitch wiki? I don't think it was on wikia
  • Former Glitch-strategy wiki: https://web.archive.org/web/20120430104832/http://www.glitch-strategy.com/wiki/Glitch_Wiki

    That's from May of 2012; it may not have the most recent versions of some recipes, and probably not all the links will work directly, but if you can track down the link, you can search for it in archive.org.
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    This is something that is going to take a long time to do. But Eleven is in Alpha so theres time to do it. Need to find out if the Eleven staff were planning on doing anything similar though themselves , and anything wed need know before we start. But info on most things its safe to presume it will be the same, and the encyclopedia will have most of the info too, plus the other old sites. Ill gladly help out this though, if its ok for us to do id say make a group on Slack to communicate (if your not there already youd need a invite (i forget who to ask offhand though :/ )
  • @"Eris Lord Freedom" Thank you so much! I was sure I remembered consulting a wiki when I played Glitch. No need for us to start from scratch, then. Let's just copy the Glitch Wiki. It would be great if we could find out who hosted that wiki and bring it back online.
  • @"Pastel Forever" - it was hburger that hosted glitch-strategy. She's actually a member of the Eleven team but she's been MIA for quite a while. I was going to ping her about something though, so I can point her here and see if she still has the data. Otherwise I bet it would be perfectly shiny to copy things out of the web archive.
  • @ladyceres Awesome! Thanks. I hope she gets in touch!
  • A new community driven wiki sounds like a great idea!
  • Glad you like the idea, Kaiyon. Maybe hburger will decide she wants to reboot her Glitch Wiki as an Eleven Wiki. I would love that.
  • While I really like the idea of an Eleven Giants Wiki I'd like to point out a difference to Glitch: Eleven Giants is open source software. Which means that all of you can look at the sources to find out things instead of spading them slowly and manually. Among players of other OSS games this is sometimes refered to as "source diving". At lot of what a "classic" wiki would contain could be auto generated from the source (all recipes, quests, achievements, upgrade cards, ...). Just like TinySpeck did with their encyclopedia.

    That being said: The original Glitch Strategy Wiki contained a lot more than this "static" information, like tutorials, strategy guides and so on. So I still think it is a great idea to start something like that and I'd be glad to help.
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    @ladyceres Wasn't Justin Klemsz hosting Glitch Strategy? I DM'd him about it, he said he would help to provide it but would take too much time to sort 3Gb... no news since then, even after a copule of more DMs to him.

    That's a great idea, @scheijan. I didn't know about the term "source diving" and didn't know Tiny Speck did it that way. Very interesting.

    We had the visit of hburger on our Slack, I'll DM her from there.

    Edit, after a conversation with hburger: Justin was indeed hosting the wiki and is believed to be the only one to own a copy.
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    Ahh yes, that's right LC - I knew hburger was heavily involved, but mistakenly thought she was the primary host. I do love the idea of building a new wiki. I am wondering if there's a better solution than wikia though. If you all do the work, is there a way to export a wiki database and import it into something else?

    ETA: no intention of making it an "official" wiki in which we steal credit for the work - I would love for the fans to rebuild this and have all the credit!
  • It's a great idea...and...

    OMG, I miss hburger!!! Give her a shout out from me!
  • Maybe Justin would be willing to bundle the whole thing into a zip file and upload it to a fileshare service like hightail or yourfilelink?

    Otherwise we can poke through the archive.org version, which doesn't have all the pages and doesn't have the markup for a lot of them, but it has close to everything.
  • BitTorrent Sync (http://www.getsync.com/) is a straightforward way to share really large files between computers. That might be the easiest way to transfer a 3 GB archive. Dropbox and Google Drive would also work.

    @ladyceres What's wrong with Wikia?
  • @"Pastel Forever" I have always found it pretty difficult to navigate, but I never put much time into seeing what would make one better. Every time I've used that site to read various fan wikis, I end up rage-closing the tab. But that could simply be because the person making it didn't care enough to make it navigable, and not an inherent fault with the site itself!
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    I often find what @ladyceres describes on game related wikis. They lack proofreading and skills to wikify articles.

    Personally, I'm used to wikimedia so I often feel lost on other wiki software. MediaWiki requires dedicated hosting though...

    For me, wikia is usually very slow. I tried to register and found myself waiting a full minute for the login page to show up, it always happened whenever I went on other games' wikias.

    Minor annoyance that only bothers me: IIRC you have to allow third party cookies or/and javascript in order to display the article's images... but that only bothers me.
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    Ok so i looked some stuff up, for hosting included and free the options are very short, it might be best to just go with Wikia http://www.wikia.com/Wikia pretty sure its free, was trying to get more info though, does anyone knows of some good free hosted Wiki sites?
  • @"Lazy Cubimal" Your choice of font size to annotate tone gives me the chortles :B
  • Wikia is also ad-laden. While I use firefox with adblock, people who don't find it a great hassle. On the plus side, there's a lot of fan material there, and it's easy to learn to use.

    wikidot.com and wikispaces.com also have free wiki hosting. http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/MediaWiki has the software that someone uses to install on their website; they don't host.
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    I looked at wikidot, but in the list of features it seemd to put a limit on how many ppl could edit, unless it was the community free version which i couldnt figure out what thier critera was to be able to be that, instead of just the normal free site

    Wikispaces is only free for 30 days btw, the only completely free version they have is if its for an educational purpose only, itd have to be related to a school or university of some sort
  • I like Wikia because 1) it's free, 2) it's the site of choice for most wikis, and 3) it's run by Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales.
  • I was thinking its the first place ppl tend to look, Wikia i mean, and its free, it can be add and lag heavy but ive never been in a huge rush to get info when using a Wiki or Enclopedia so i dont think its a huge issue
  • One thing to be aware of is that once you start a Wikia wiki, it's never going to go away, even if you change your mind later. The community of another game I play (nethack) has this issue. They started out with a wikia because it was free and easy. Then later on, the maintainer of the most popular public nethack server also offered to host a wiki, without ads, and better integration etc. So the community moved there and the wikia was abandoned. But wikia claims ownership of any text ever contributed to it, and they refuse to close the wiki and revert any edits that mention the new wiki (that's vandalism, don't you know). And because they host so many other wikis, they get a way better google ranking, with the result that anyone googling anything nethack related is now guaranteed to find the outdated or even wrong information on the no-longer-maintained wikia, but the new wiki is struggling to get on the 1st page.

    It's not a dealbreaker, but I have to admit that situation has really soured me on wikia.
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    Valid concerns what im wondering is what else is free and would actually be something check as well? And Pastel made one in the opening post already....as a side note
  • Hm, maybe put a note on the front page of the eleven wikia that this is a "test" wiki and the more detailed one may be hosted on a different site later? That way, there's nothing easy to revert--that text will be there from almost the very beginning; it won't have a link to other the other wiki, if it moves, but it'll at least tell people to look for it.
  • @attie
    It's not so much that Wikia claims ownership of the content; rather, the content is under the CC-BY-SA license, so you have no legal right to demand its removal; everybody is entitled to use it, as long as the content itself, or any work that includes it is under the same license. Open source licenses work both ways, I'm afraid.

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    Edit: forget anything free, if you want a decent wiki.

    I quickly looked up one of my previous hosting solutions I was satisfied with, and I think I could host it. Maybe on MediaWiki, or dokuwiki if it's too demanding (I'm more familiar with the latter). There's an offer at 3Gb for 100Gb of bandwidth, for only 19€. Server might be in Texas, if they didn't change from a decade ago. It's not dedicated though, but they can install MediaWiki.
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    3Gb might be enough if we don't include every asset, keep the ones we upload with decent sizes, dimensions, quality... I remember that my host was giving me an additional GB every year, free of charge (not sure if they're still doing it - will have to ask).

    I only wonder if 100Gb of bandwidth is enough.

    We might be able to hotlink some medias (to be confirmed, if someone could test) to save a lot of space and bandwidth, if anyone else can host them.

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