Irie is in the hospital

Some of you may remember my wife Irie from the old beta days. She’s now in the hospital with Covid and it looks really bad; she is full code and very critical. The doctor called her prognosis “guarded”. Please, if you see this, keep us in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you.


  • Her real name is Betty.
  • How is Betty?   How are You doing?   

    Praying for you <3
  • I'm keeping you and Betty in my thoughts.
  • The news is that she had Covid, then she had a stroke. They don’t know how bad it is and she’s not all the way back yet, but she’s improving at least. Still haven’t been able to talk to her yet, but I’m on the phone with the hospital multiple times a day, and things are getting better.
  • My fingers are crossed that she continues to get better. <3 <3
  • Sending love <3
  • Any updates?  I do remember Irie...  I hope all is well.
  • She's back home now; she was in the hospital for nine months, six of them therapy and rehabilitation. The original hospital induced both a hemorrhage and a stroke bcz they weren't paying attention to her INR and gave her a bunch of blood thinners she didn't need, then just cut them off instead of reducing them so she ended up with a stroke. She's home now, but she has a lot of anxiety and short-term memory problems.
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