Who's currently reading and wants to play? - having a little break



  • For really and truly? 

    All my hopes and dreams might come true? :smiley:
  • I’d like to be able to play if possible :) 
  • Eliza Kelty, ready to play and will abide by the rules.
  • I would like to play, please 😊
  • I would definitely love to play. 
  • I am reading this and want to play!!!!!!!!!
  • I would like to play, I signed up right back in 2015..I'm not active in the forums, but I do keep my eye on Facebook for  posts
  • I would absolutely love to join. Waiting patiently and hoping I am on the original list. I remember filling it out carefully but part of me fears I messed up somehow because I have not received an invite yet. Is there a way we can check?

    Thank you <3
  • Would love so much to play!  Thanks for directing us here from Facebook, I was just quietly continuing to wait.  :)
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    we get invites when we post here? Ewon here!
  • Hello, I'm nunpatrick and I'd love to join the alpha testing! I'm willing to play through it consistently and give feedback when necessary. Thank you.  :)
  • I would like to join. 
  • Ok, everyone up to this point should be activated. I hope I didn't skip over anyone. 

    There is a note in y'all's inventories when you start. PLEASE read it. Please relog into this forum so you can read the Alpha forum. 
  • I definitely want to play! zring 
  • I would love to play!
  • I'd like to play
  • Oh man, I'd love to play! 
  • I'd love to have access and will happily agree to the conditions. :)
  • Dying to play!
  • I am still interested in testing :)
  • I can't remember if I signed up in August, I'm sure I tried at least.  I will play as frequently as I'm able and will abide by ToS.  Yay!
  • Ok, everyone up to this point is added and I'm headed to bed. There can be more tomorrow. Then I might shut the thread down for a few days just so people can settle in. 41 people were added this evening! 
  • Me Blease
  • I would like to try!
  • I would love to give it a try! 
  • I'm late for the day but I would like to join when you add people tomorrow!
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    I would love to and I agree to all terms! Thanks so much for all your work on this (and for the FB nudge, too - that was really helpful). :)
  • jellybino please and thank you!
  • I'm here, and would love to start from scratch again.  Could I get reset?  If not, no biggie, I can always reset tasks etc.  Thanks bunches!

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