Who's currently reading and wants to play? - having a little break

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Going to try this...as a temporary thing. I will open and close this thread as this method is feasible.

The list I had everyone sign up for back in August is still being used, but the return on effort is basically very little. Either people aren't checking their emails, or they're not getting them at all (spam or whatever), and it's really frustrating.

For now, post here if you want your account activated. We'll see how this goes. For everyone who wants to play, you must agree to the following:

While this is in no way a legal agreement, we respectfully ask that all pre-release (read alpha, beta, etc...) participants follow the guidelines we provide in regards to sharing information about the game with those outside the testing group. We may modify these guidelines as things progress, and will update the participants when that happens. Breaking of any of these guidelines will result in at least one warning with potential removal from the participant group if things are not resolved.

1) No participant shall share their login info with another person.
2) No participant shall gloat or tease others publicly over their participant status.
3) No participant shall share game video that has neither been provided or approved by the Eleven team. (Note: Sharing screenshots is both allowed and encouraged.)
4) All participants will remember to follow along with the spirit of friendliness and community of Ur.



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