Recs for MMO/social games with nonbinary or nongendered options?

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I've been looking around for online multiplayer games -- you know, the sort where you can create a customized character and interact with other people -- that either give you gender options beyond girl/boy or that are like Glitch and just let you mix and match without bothering with gender at all.

Google and TV Tropes have failed me and it seems like nobody's bothered to create a list of these anywhere (or maybe there aren't enough to list?) so ... any recommendations?


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Here's what I've got so far; will add more as people suggest them:

Fallen London - allows male/female/other, but (IIRC) not much customization beyond that.
Glitch/Eleven - obviously!
Habitica (formerly HabitRPG) - not really a game per se but adding it in anyway!
The End - this was mentioned in a blog post, not sure if it's multiplayer?
Transformice - allows male/female/nonbinary and everybody is called "she" (recommended by Eris Lord Freedom, see their post below)
Dappervolk (in limited alpha/beta) - see my post below


  • Ugh, I wish I had more suggestions for you! I hate when I'm signing up for a game (or anything else) & they're like are you a BOY? Or a GIRL? & I'm like NO I AM NEITHER.
  • Transformice has nonbinary character options (male, female, not declared); all the costuming & character rewards are available across gender lines. The interface refers to all mice as "she" ("This is the shaman; follow her") based on translation from the original French. It's a 2-d puzzle platformer, and it has very limited social options.

  • So I was just talking to an alpha tester for an avatar/pet/quest game called Dappervolk and they're doing the one-character-base-for-everyone strategy that Glitch used. (Seriously, I don't know why they didn't advertise this feature more. Or at all!)

    Anyway, if anyone is interested and has same spare cash, they're having an after-Kickstarter sale until Oct 13. The basic account key is $7 Canadian dollars. Link is here:

    I don't know how long it'll be until they're open to the public or if there will be opportunities to get into beta later on or ... much of anything apart from what's on those 2 web-pages, TBH. :D
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