Opening debut?

What the hell is the hold up? I know this is a lot of work, and I respect that, however, two years and still no go??


  • I understand your frustration, I share it on occasion, Our Hard working Devs are putting in every spare hour that they have to getting the game up and running. Please remember, this is a labor of love by everyone. It gets closer by the minute :)
  • Keep in mind that this is NOT a job for the Devs so, they work, go to school, etc. They cannot work on this full time. Also, although the assets are in the public domain, the programming is NOT. Our Devs have to recreate much of language for this game and that is not easy. Another thing, Glitch had more than 40 Devs and staff working on this full time. We have just a small handful of Devs working on this when they can. I think it is amazing how much has been done in only two years! Many Thanks Devs!
  • We're actually at 2.5 years of Closed Alpha and a year before that of dev, so more like 3.5 years.
  • who do we talk to if we'd like to help?
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