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I have still kept my bookmark for since the game closing and usually it redirects me to

But look, brethren, the site now is a blank page. This brings many questions to my mind.

Who stole the domain name? What will it become? Am I going to find a new website about someone's cat named Glitch? How much did it cost? Can I have it? Where did I put my keys?

I just keep telling myself to relax these days, oh, the things that keep me up at night. Happy Glitchmas.


  • Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar? :D
  • Tiny Speck still owns the rights to the name, odds are the original address was expensive to keep up, hence the redirect
  • Doesn't make sense that it would be too expensive to keep up. .coms cost $12 bucks a year at the most. Hosting would be the greater issue and they're handling that via It's more likely that the name was given to an employee that came up with the name or there was a debate as to who would own it so they moved the game assets to a new domain.
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    All i know is that they still own the name, the name and Glitch logo were the main things, that ppl werent allowed to use after closure. Most likely the name is owned by Stoot, dunno. Hosting was also likley a factor
  • Looks like Tiny Speck owns it until 2017.

    Updated Date: 2014-12-04T12:05:53Z
    Creation Date: 1997-11-20T05:00:00Z
    Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2017-11-19T05:00:00Z

    Bet they could make some nice money off of selling it though.
  • Someone put it in their calendar to remind ourselves to buy it from Stoot in late 2016. :-)
  • Happy Belated Glitchmas!! and OH MY!!! Tomorrow New year!!! Woot toot toot toot!
  • @gizzyglitch Funny how New Years in real time fell so close to Recurse.
  • It seems very likely that "" is much too valuable to leave attached to a "dead" game, and they were planning on reusing it for something else. (I think Stoot also grabbed a bunch of other quirky single-word domain names pending future inspiration. See for example "slack"!)
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    Two-part answer:

    1. Tiny Speck voluntarily migrated to Don't worry, everything that was on is there.

    2. A single-word .com domain name like could be worth $50,000, maybe even twice that — or more. My guess is that the domain name is an asset they are currently trying to sell or one they eventually plan to sell.
  • My secret hope, though, is that Stewart Butterfield (stoot) is having second thoughts about selling because there's the possibility he'll acquire Eleven and give the game back its original name and website.
  • Pastel, how awesome would that be!
  • I'd actually rather hope that doesn't happen. Not to be negative, but Stewart is a busy businessman, and Eleven is a team of volunteers who dedicate their time to this game out of love. I hope it stays in their hands, and I hope they nurture and grow it.
  • Those volunteers could be hired on as developers as part of the acquisition deal. (First they would need to actually incorporate as a company.) Stewart made Glitch out of love, and I think it would benefit greatly from his leadership. Anyway, it's just a fantasy.
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