Glitch Train Party!!!

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I've got a Chicago glitchen flying in for a visit next month and thought it would be a fun idea to have a bbq/party for any interested glitchen! I live in Oceanside (CA), and there is an Amtrak station close by. We could have our own RL glitch train!

I also have room for one or two more people that might want to stay overnight too :) Let me know!

I was thinking about renting a margarita machine too, but that is dependent on the amount of people attending.


  • IT IS ME!

  • I am gonna try real hard to be there
    Can't wait to meet Jenny and Sara and anybody else that can get there.
    Oceanside CA is so cool this time of year. Come on everybody!!!
  • A bit far for me but i wish I could be there!!! Have fun guys and take pics!
  • I'll also add...if anyone has any dietary requirements, let me know!
  • Bump!

    Just a reminder that our little get together is on Saturday!
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    we had the similar party there last summer, even with rented margarita machine! :D
    It was AMAZING! Such a perfect place for having fun
    Now thinking about something the same soon
    I'll let you know guys!
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