Curious when we can play?

I'm just gonna come out and ask as I haven't found anything that said when this will be available... I've been "playing" Children of Ur but its pretty basic at this time and from the screenshots I've seen, this one seems to be further along.
Any idea on when play will be public?? I miss it!


  • I would love to play, too. :-(
  • :) We are working out all the bugs and issues to make sure it is an issue free enjoyable experience for everyone. I promise, our Devs are working Hard with the limited time they have to get as much done as possible so that we can all go back to our home. Please be patient, know that it is all a voluntary toil and done for love of the community. Hugs and hang in there Glitchen, It will happen :)
  • Any ballpark timeframe?
  • Is there something we could help the devs?
  • Honest, I don't have an answer for you, just know that everyone is working hard to bring Glitch back to life as Eleven. The Devs are truly committed to getting everything up and going the best it could be, dedicating all their free hours to this project. @the_kyuu You can pm a Dev and see, one never knows. :) Well wishes are always welcome.... :)
  • Maybe, if we wish hard enough, we really believe, we have patience and the world we know and love slowly expands to be somewhere we can all meet again, it'll happen.
  • It will Happen DB! Thank you for the positive spirit we need. :)
    Don't give up folks!
  • May I add it really will happen. I had sat outside with my bucket of popcorn for probably two years. Yes TWO!!. Don't give up I got in and so will you :)
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