Is the Skill Cloud going to be identical?

To the topic. Is the old skill and card cloud going to be identical to the old one? I am curious as to whether my old brain blueprint will still be useful


  • Yes - the skills and upgrade cards were all released with the code and will function the same. Now, we have had to recreate the *look* of the skill tree on the webpage from scratch, since the webapp wasn't released with the code, but the skills will be exactly the same, regardless of what our skill tree ends up looking like. We have screenshots to go by though.

    What do you mean by "blueprint"? It's been a while so I'm not sure if I'm forgetting something?
  • @ladyceres have we any hope of being able to use the website via mobile? There was a Glitch app (I use an iPhone 4S) back in the day which would alert me that I had learned my skill, but I could not set a new one. I had seen other people talking about setting their skills via mobile. Using my browser did not work.

    I believe @Silverbel meant their plan for learning skills in a certain order, I had a "blueprint" as well :P
  • Ahh I see. I wasn't following the meaning, thank you!

    The way the webapp is being rebuilt, I don't see why it wouldn't be accessible via mobile. I thought that you could pick new skills from the iPhone app least I sort of remember doing it, because I thought it was super handy! The mobile app for iPhone is being built from scratch because it wasn't released. Either way, it can go on the "wishlist" for functionality!
  • @ladyceres do you have your own blueprint for when things are back up, or is the devteam going to be maxed?

    Could it possibly be because iPhones use Safari as a browser? It could have been because I keep the oldest possible version of iOS possible, right now I'm on iOS 6.1.3, where I think people who update when their phone prompts them to are on 7.x.x or even 8.x.x, I think a working Glitch app would be the thing to convince me to update, although my bubble-tree like self has this idea that newer iOSes are meant to cause problems with older iPhones as a subversive incentive to buy the newest and shiniest unneeded thing. I think I may have mentioned the desire for this before, but I am not sure if I did it in the wishlist section, I will look back and make sure to note it in that thread if I had not for record purposes so other Glitchen may see it has been addressed :D

    P.S. Merry Glitchmas :3
  • I remember having an app on Android that allowed me to view other people's snaps as well as comment on it. I was even able to view, put things up and buy things on the auction house as well. The best part was the skill learning part of it. Seeing how much time I had left and if I was done I could start the next skill without having to be in game as that was always a nice feature in itself :)
  • @Sanotsuto I am pretty sure we'll be earning our skills like everyone else, but I'm not sure we had the conversation yet! I am kind of keen to go down the woodworking route this time once I get some of the other basic skills under my belt. I really enjoyed making furniture towards the end and I'd like my tower to sell some furniture and other decos. :)
  • @ladyceres That's what I had guessed, but I wasn't sure. On a semi-related topic, will progress from alpha (and beta, when it happens) carry over to release? I liked woodworking a bunch (as well as furniture making), making SDB's took a lot of my time, given my propensity to hoard and arrange any and everything. I haven't even yet thought of what I may do with my tower, I've been so preoccupied with the notion of item amassing and street organization, I hadn't even given it thought yet :O I'm presuming that your tower will do quite well ;D
  • I don't think alpha progress will be preserved. There will likely be character resets as we work out some of the bugs. When we get to beta, I would imagine we'll have a better idea what where we stand in terms of stability by then and we could make some decisions. If you get into the alpha round, I wouldn't spend much time starting the SDB collection just yet! ;)
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    @ladyceres I wasn't aware that alpha selection was still occurring, I had presumed that the initial 13 were already picked (some people already have a designation of alpha tester in their forum profiles). Does this mean there will be another wave of alpha testers selected prior to beta release? By Tii's tentacles, I hope I get in this time xD (were I to get into alpha, I'd have a different set of primary goals, as my main drive would be bug discovery, but once full release comes, it's right back to amassing loot and newbie interaction :P)
  • @Sanotsuto you won't find the bugs, the bugs will find you lol j/k.
  • @Kassutera haha, I'd like to get the jump on them so I can use the spray instead of bat them off my face xD
  • @sanotsuto once we add more fixes to the server, we'll need to expand to include more people before going full beta. At least that has been my understanding of it.
  • @ladyceres that's quite the neat idea, the closest thing I've ever seen to a multi-tiered alpha was when I first started Minecraft and newer versions would be released bit by bit. Do you know how many more it will be expanded by (or is that dependent on how stable the servers are after fixes are in place)? Is there a method to becoming an alpha tester? (Sorry if I am overly inquisitive, it's my nature and it intensifies with my excitement).

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    It is rather dependent on how much gets done. Given that we're all doing this in spare time, it's hard to provide estimates, sadly! I expect that productivity will pick up after the new year, though, and by then we should hopefully have some more news. We've been calling this a "limited alpha" since we opened it up to so few people so I think there will be quite a bit of alpha to go before we get to beta! The alphas have done some excellent detective work and I know that stuff is certainly being fixed based on the feedback. At some point we need more bug hunters and people to confirm that the fixes have worked. This is such a huge and unwieldy game that there are *so* many things to test. Everyone played differently, which bodes well for having people find different sorts of bugs.

    While we've not discussed any specifics in terms of selecting the next alpha testers, I don't think staying so active on the forum will hurt your chances at all! We picked the first batch based on engagement via social media, as well as some personally known friends who are good testers. Again, once everyone settles back in after the holidays I think we'll make enough progress to discuss the next round of candidates. I know we're asking an enormous amount of patience from you all - I hope everyone feels suitably rewarded once we can properly open our doors at last!
  • That is ay-ok! I'm glad that anything is provided at all, with or without estimates. I'm hoping donations open up soon so that I can contribute. I don't have technical skills (besides the English language), but I can put in a few extra hours at work to make a few bucks. Do you guys have metrics in place to track what is done, so that you can go "Hey, no one has gone to Gregarious Grange yet!"? I'm crossing my fingers (and writing Haiku) hoping that I can wiggle my way into the second round and hunt some bugs.

    Since the forums are all I have as of now, I pretty much check at a minimum of every other hour or so (from mobile when at work and before and after sleep) because I have a serious case of desire disease. The holidays do tend to be hectic, everyone where I work is trying to burn up their vacation time that won't roll over, so I've been doing 60+ hour weeks (since Eleven has not released yet, I have no reason to turn down overtime :P). I think that the community as a whole anticipated needing to exercise patience, you're all volunteering your free time for the benefit of all, the sheer possibility alone is more than I had ever hoped for, no matter how long it takes, I'll be thankful to you guys for bringing it back. I'll probably be taking a personal day or two off from work when it's announced that full release is happening, suitably rewarded won't even describe my level of elation :P
  • @Sanotsuto I'm going to take a week off from work when this game finally gets released. It's a good thing I work for a family owned business lol. Also going to drag the boyfriend back here to play. He originally did not drag me to Glitch but hearing him talk about it made me want to try it and I fell in love with the game.
  • @Kassutera if my week's paid vacation is back up by release (which is in April, so it's very likely), I may just join you :D my girlfriend didn't play the first time around, but I'm going to pull her in with me this time. My old friends who got me into it will be returning on their own :3
  • @Sanotsuto I'm pretty sure our god system will be able to tell us such things, yes. Something else to add to the list for that, tbh! It's going to take quite a while to develop it fully. Right now we're focusing on the basics to manage player data, getting the wardrobe and vanity to auto-create spritesheets hooked up to the right players, hooking other various data from the gameserver...and hopefully some functionality for managing and creating locations (my domain/obsession) though that's certainly lower down our list of priorities. :)
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    @ladyceres it seems like you guys have a really full plate! I wish there was more I could do, I have tons of time and ideas, but no technical knowledge of programming. You guys truly are the saviors of a forlorn community. It's also really awesome to get a little update on what you guys are working on currently, so thank you for that as well :D
  • We'll certainly be adding more people to the alpha testers group, but who knows exactly when. We've got a couple developers working of game stability and critical bugs, while a couple others are working on transitioning features over from our hacked together server, so once stability is improved upon and we get a few new features to play with, we'll start thinking about who to bring in. As was mentioned, being active on here certainly wouldn't hurt your chances as the more familiar a name is to us, the more likely we are too remember them, but we may have other methods mixed in as well (maybe some contests or a sign up).
  • *anxiously awaits taking a week off work to be online when the servers crash over and over again with the weight of a million imaginings*

    ... I may need some sleep. The sentiment is genuine, though <3
  • @KaiyonAlatar I'll be keeping my eyes peeled and my posts frequent if that is the case! I'm coming up on "neck scratching" levels of want over here, lol. It's good to hear things are still moving on along, it makes me warm inside :D
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