Kids of Glitch

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I remember back in 2009, I was 8 and my dad sat me down in front of the beta as a third grader.

This game became one of my earliest memories of video games and probably why i love them so much to date, and I was just thinking.

Does anyone else have these kind of memories of glitch as a huge chunk of their youth?


  • I think my little one does :)
    I didn't let her make an account, because of her age, but she would hum the songs, and remembers so much of all of it! :D
    I hope she can play when it comes out again!
  • ugh yes.
    when i played, it was late 2012, so i was 11 ! (shh i know i wasn't supposed to play but 11 year old eira did not take no for an answer) i have really distinct memories of getting the email while i was staying at a friends house, and trying to use their ancient mac computer to run it.
    i only got to play for like, a month, and then forgot about it... and then it closed. i was heartbroken haha :'^)
  • My daughter still has fond memories of when we use to play in NYC. She must have been 7 or 8. It was cold and dreary outside so it was a nice escape from reality. I was Tawanda, she was Sandrine and her father was Blutto. We would all play at the same time. Visit each other in the game, throw parties and have friends in the game. We still talk about it to this day and miss it as if it were a real place. She is 14 now.
  • I started playing at the age of 7 I think I was shcieming on how to get into eleven when I found out about it as well as I was planning to remake the game myself I even started drawing all the streets and added a few of my own
  • No.
    I was already in my late 50's and my wife of 38 years had just died. So Glitch was a ....I don't know,.,.,... maybe a life saver for me while I recovered from that. Or grieved or whatever.
    I am forever grateful.
    Now I am Alpha testing and loving it. We have a ways to go but I think we are getting there
    I am anxious to bring this awesome game back to everyone!!
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    I am so sorry for you loss ser wampus (I thought you were a lot younger lol)
    I think my grandfather died after playing a year of glitch the game was something I came to to take my mind off it.
  • i am a lot younger mentality !! It's just my tired old body is old!!
    I am 65. I think ,if you researched it you would find that most of us Glitchen are older people. I was originally introduced to Glitch by my daughter and grand daughter.
    I have since become glitch friends with a lot of people, 8 to 80!!
  • I expected there to be a lot of older people especially as this is more of a slow, relaxing game instead of the common action packed game and you do make a lot of friends. Unfortunately I don't remember any of them except one I introduced to the game myself
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