Kids of Glitch

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I remember back in 2009, I was 8 and my dad sat me down in front of the beta as a third grader.

This game became one of my earliest memories of video games and probably why i love them so much to date, and I was just thinking.

Does anyone else have these kind of memories of glitch as a huge chunk of their youth?


  • I think my little one does :)
    I didn't let her make an account, because of her age, but she would hum the songs, and remembers so much of all of it! :D
    I hope she can play when it comes out again!
  • ugh yes.
    when i played, it was late 2012, so i was 11 ! (shh i know i wasn't supposed to play but 11 year old eira did not take no for an answer) i have really distinct memories of getting the email while i was staying at a friends house, and trying to use their ancient mac computer to run it.
    i only got to play for like, a month, and then forgot about it... and then it closed. i was heartbroken haha :'^)
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