Oh my gosh, it's real! (Introduction)

Hello out there,

Gee, I don't even know why I missed the fact that there's this Eleven Giants Project! I loved Glitch when it came out, it was just so funny, wacky and sometimes truly bizarre, you must've been an ignorant monster if you didn't like it. My wife and me even attended the shutdown event and it was heart breaking when it went offline.

Funny how I found this project:
1. Today I was working out a problem with my team's Mattermost server, a free clone of Slack.
2. Since I couldn't find the documentation of that certain part of Mattermost (Slash-commands), I googled around a little and incidentally ended up at Wikipedia (he. that's how it goes, ending down in the rabbit hole.)
3. Clicking through Slack, Slack Technologies, Tiny Speck, Glitch... wait what?! Eleven Giants?!
4. Off to Github, gee, there's code! Dangit, not functional, but a reference to this website.

So, here I am and I'm wondering how I can help out to make this thing happen?

My background: IT consultant in the mobile network business, mostly doing performance testing of cellular networks, project manager, the Scrum master of a development team doing work with Django, node.js and a jar full of spit; a lousy coder, but with 15 years of experience in formal software testing & acceptance.

So, if you need to offload some work, I got some spare time for a new pet project; I have some experience in game testing (I did that for a submarine simulation game for quite a while), but I wouldn't call myself a professional in that certain branch of the business.

And that was me, back when Glitch was still a thing: http://www.glitchthegame.com/profiles/PA9H1M9T4ND2986/

Keep up the work! And next thing I'll try is setting up some VMs to get your codebase running...

All the best,
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