heads up on humbaba virtual machine move Sept 16th 2016

just a heads-up...
Humbaba virtual machine is being moved by Digital Ocean,
due to "an issue with the physical machine...".
Sept 16th 3:00 UTC.
anywhere in a four hour window (3 to 7 UTC).

"and you can expect about 1 minute of downtime per GB"
which is 20 minutes for Humbaba.
which is strange because I have seen them move virtual
machines in 5 minutes in previous instances.

Once migrated it should come back on-line without issue.

Humbaba is used for the alpha game web
and the Eleven Forums https://humbaba.elevengiants.com.
If you are already in the game it may still work while Humbaba
is undergoing the move.


  • For some reason, I first read this as 'Harambe Virtual Machine' lol
  • Well live migrations of VMs don't take that long, but well, if the root cause of the problems with your current hardware is a faulty RAID-controller (BBU expired or whatever), the disk performance might be not the best right now...
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