Why I wouldn't make a good alpha tester *humor*

Be honest most of us would love to be a tester at whatever level whether it be alpha or beta or whatever. But sometimes there's certain aspects of the game that would inhibit our ability to be a good tester. For example I would not make a good Alpha tester because I would be constantly brushing foxes and pretty well forgetting about the rest of the game. The conversation pretty much go "where is frashy.... he said he would be here to help us to find out this flaw but we cannot find him... don't tell me.... is he.... he's brushing foxes again isn't he?" Let's have a little bit of fun with this, this is all in good humor and it does not reflect negatively or otherwise your passion for the game.

Frashy would not make a good alpha tester because he would be too busy brushing foxes.


  • Honestly, people in the Alpha largely just do their own thing and look for bugs while they do it.

    I say if you get in the Alpha, go for it! Find all the fox brushing bugs! But uh... I'm not sure foxes have been implemented yet. Gotta check that.
  • This was more of a comedy piece than anything, just trying to lighten the mood.
  • i like discussing, though >;p
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