What's your favorite region?

I have to say, I spent a lot of time in the Ancestral Lands, and Nottis has beautiful music, but my heart will always belong in Bortola. I think it really was the best-thought-out of all the regions. Every street was different, and it had more cool hidey places than any other region.

What was your favorite?


  • Jal. or the trees!! with the platforms! oops, i need to play more. what is it called???
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    Roobrik! And also Balzare I think!
  • I love Balzare and the Vortex of Random! But Drifa is my absolute favourite! I spent a lot of time in Drifa. I laughed way too hard when I first discovered Ding a Lingers, I marveled at the vastness in Sliding Skimmers, I had plenty of fun with friends at Fort Aban Don, and I spent my final moments in Glitch standing by the Chilling Light.
  • Jal or maybe Nottis. Then probably followed by Uralia.

    On a slightly off-topic note, I read the title as "What's your favorite religion" at first, and was scared to even look.
  • Jal was just magical. I also became very fond of the marshes.
  • I think Groddle Forest is still my favourite. My first home was there, and the second one and the third had a Groddle backdrop.
  • Loved the place with the highland music, the bogs too. My favourite house was the bog house. Growing herbs in the basement :)
  • I loved the peacefulness of Jal, and swimming with the fishees.
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