Release date?

It's been a few years now, has it not? Is this even legit? The youtube channel isn't even updated as of over a year ago. I don't mean to sounds rude here, but I'm getting tired of waiting for progress. I see nothing herein about a projected release date, so what is this?


  • It has. It is. We don't really post that much on YouTube but we're also a bit quiet right now (sorry!). Progress is absolutely being made on the game, but it is slow right now due to most of us having other commitments.

    We currently do not have a release date in mind for the game, and are likely nowhere near announcing one. We do however have the game up and running for people who have been invited in to the closed alpha (you can see their reactions and posts in this thread).

    Invites are given out, but right now we can't allow everyone in due to several issues we are working hard to fix (such as server crashes/slowdowns, game lockouts, missing game functionality and more).
  • I'd also like to add a bit to Joey's great answer.

    We are regularly adding more people to our closed alpha testing group as we get the system more stable, but, as was stated, we are all limited in the time we are able to commit to this project due to things like jobs, school and family. As much as many of us would love to be able to devote a full time effort to this, it's just not feasible, so our free time is all we can provide.

    So, a little patience, please. We are, after all, trying to make a set of omnipotent Giants fall back asleep and dream back up the world of Ur as we left it, which is no small task.

    Now... If only sleep wasn't necessary for us...
  • I had started learning javascript months ago in hopes to volunteer and help you guys move forward. Could you use help from any outsiders? What would you need in terms of skills? node.js?
  • How do I get an invite to become a tester?
  • @Archon You can email them at if you'd like to apply as a volunteer coder. They're looking for node.js from what I'm reading. for more info.

    @BaconSizzler You either have to: 1.) Be active on the forum and help to be invited right now; 2.) Apply as a volunteer coder; or 3.) Wait until they open up to the public.
  • Ooohhh I was talking about Glitch with a few friends, and how awesome the community was, I decided to google and found this!!! OMG OMGOMG! If you guys can manage to bring Glitch back as Eleven, I would sign up right away! Looking forward to keeping an eye out on betas. Good luck to the developers!
  • Thanks for all your hard work, Devs!!! ::throws all my monies at you all::


    Okay, thanks for letting me get that out. I wish I had enough monies to pay you all a decent salary to just work on this for two years. I'll let ya know when I figure it out. Hehe. :-)

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