Just a little guided meditation story.

I talk to faeries. I know how silly this sounds, trust me. They pick on me about it too. I have a faerie guide named Kettle. Although, this isn't completely accurate. A faerie will never tell you it's name, it will only give you a name to use. She is very light-hearted, and likes keeping mystery about herself. I can't seem to figure out what kind of guide she is, all she manages to do is help me find 4 leaf clovers. I still haven't gotten an explanation for that, maybe she's just testing me. Remind me sometime, I'll take pictures of my collection. She must've helped me find over 30 of them so far. I keep them in my journal, and give them to my friends as gifts. I admit it is a pretty useless talent, and don't let her know I told you that. She likes to get sassy and refuse to give me assistance with much of anything if I don't give her full credit. If you're interested in meeting your faerie guide, here is where you will find Your Guide to Faerie by Jessica Macbeth. http://faerywisdom.com/faeguide.html

I was relaxing with my faerie oracle book, and came across a short section about Meeting Your Faerie Guide. I decided to try it out, and much to my surprise, I'm now stuck with her. Faeries are a very secretive type, they need to trust you before they let you into their world.

I closed my eyes, imagining myself in a meadow in the middle of a forest, standing beside what was left of a tree. There was a cool breeze blowing, just enough to take away the heat of the still summer air. I had a look around, and admired all of the flowers that were growing around me. After some patience, a faerie appeared and said he would be my guide through the faerie realm. He was very tall, yellow-green skin, long ears, green wings.

He smiled and laughed and took my hand, as we left the center of the clearing, a path opened up. It was very dark, with very little light seeping through the canopy above. The path was lightly covered in soft moss, which felt wonderful on my feet as I tried to avoid stepping on any stones. I remember the smell of rotten wood and dead leaves, and some other distinct smell that I can not name. It was a kind of sweet/earthy smell that I had never sensed before. He continued to tug at my hand as if I wasn't moving fast enough. He seemed to be more excited than I was. I was just trying to take it all in. The path continued without turns, and at the end opened up into a second meadow. My guide begins playing a song on a type of flute made of stone. It was a pleasant song that reminded me of how I felt being somewhere new.

Wisps circled above, and the scent came back with overwhelming power. My true guide materialized in front of me. She was tall, with a beautiful ivory hooded dress draping over her champagne pink skin. She was not wearing any shoes, or any sort of jewelry. Her hair was light ashy brown, done up very messy. It appeared that she had taken pins and carelessly moved her hair so that it was only out of her face. There were pieces of brush mangled in it, along with some flowers. She was carrying a small light brown pouch. Her wings, very long and ivory, draped over her back to the ground.

She approaches me and I notice that her eyes are a very light green color. She looks to be very calm and collected, at ease with where she is without worry or haste. She walks slowly until she is standing directly in front of me. I ask her for her name.

She tells me that I may call her Kettle, and reaches out her hand. I reach out and take it. I feel very safe in doing so. I feel relieved and protected. It is the feeling you get when you are held by a parent or somebody who means a lot to you. The type of protection and comfort only felt through love. While I notice these things, I start to get curious. I ask Kettle what she would like me to do in my daily life so that I may have better contact with the faeries. She takes both of her hands around mine, and says that the faeries would like it very much if I would let my mind wander once a day to any place not of this world. She also adds that I should always ask the faeries for help if I am struggling. I take a moment to think about it, and I agree out loud to her request.

Kettle reaches into her pouch and pulls out a small dish, and fills it with water. She pulls out a smaller pouch and empties the contents into the bowl, which appears to be petals from a flower mixed with other herbs. She says that this is a symbolic gift to me from the faeries. I reach out and grab the bowl with both hands, and tell her that I accept the gift. She dips her fingers in the dish and gently takes them across my face and shoulders. I don't feel any differently than I did before, but I do notice that the sweet earthy smell I sensed earlier was the same as the contents of the dish. She smiles, and tells me that the faeries have decided that I need cleansed and that they found the perfect mixture for my struggles. She tells me that it will help me take on the challenges I have with my self, and the struggles I face daily. I feel noticeably refreshed and happy.

After taking some time to enjoy the moment, Kettle and the other tell me that it is time to leave. We go back the same way we traveled, and this time it seems much more full of life. The moss is a beautiful blue-green, there are hummingbirds dancing around the flowers, and I can hear a stream off in the distance making music. The canopy seems like a tunnel the way it overhangs the trail, with sunlight seeping through. If you look close enough, you can see imps peeking through, along with a few gnomes. Just as I think about saying hello to one of them, we arrive back at the first meadow to say our goodbyes.

We get to the center and my first guide blows a dandelion in my face, I squint and rub the seeds off of my face, and he's gone. Kettle uses one hand to hold mine, and the other to place a small green amazonite in my palm and close my hand around it. She kisses my hand and without a word, walks off into the forest.

I open my eyes.
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