Any updates on development?

There haven't been any updates on the blog since march so I was just wondering how things are progressing.


  • I was just about to ask this question myself, as I just found out about this Glitch revival today! It'd be amazing if this could turn out to be a full-fledged remake.
  • Is there anyway we can start to try and play the game now? I have been waiting since last year to get in.
  • Alpha players are currently working with Towers! Only a small group have them. Things are still buggy and tend to get stuck, but there has been a lot more stability since the last update.
  • Don't worry we are still alive working on a lot of things behind the scenes! While we may be a bit quiet, we are constantly releasing new versions (see our Github page) of the game to people who have alpha access. If you haven't seen it, some alpha users post screenshots and stories over in the Chronicles of Alpha Testing thread :)

    Sadly there is no way of playing the game right now if you do not have alpha access, but we do add new members to the alpha pool regularly.

    On a related note, have a picture of me playing against myself in a game of GoC. This definitely would not have been possible back in March!

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