Server Downtime: June 22nd 04:00 UTC (midnight EDT) - already done!

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Hey all,

The company that hosts our servers is migrating to new hardware. They have scheduled 4 hours to complete the maintenance, though it is likely we'll be back online much sooner than that. You will not be able to log in or view the forum while the migration is happening. CLICK HERE to see when this is happening in your timezone.


  • Love this "tag" : notourfault, downtime

  • uh, we had some issues with the Humbaba server and we did a "right-now" migration,
    Humbaba was having serious troubles this morning (5 ish EDT),
    It is migrated and back on-line now.

    for the record, Humbaba is the login server for the alpha game and the server for forum, this forum actually :)
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