What didn't you like doing?

I'm just curious. I'm not suggestion that the devs change anything. The game was so varied that I'm sure there were different things that bugged us just like there were different things that we loved the most.

I hated milking butterflies, squeezing chickens, feeding batteflies and brushing foxes (really hate this one a lot). I was thrilled when towers opened so I could buy those resources and never need to milk a butterfly again. How about you?


  • This is really my own fault but I hate all of the time I spend planting, harvesting, cooking, petting, etc. Sometimes I spend two hours in my house and on my Home street just getting ready to leave them for something more "Fun". Lol! I just did that. I just spent a solid hour doing all of the "Home" stuff and now I am too tired to go out into the world.

    FYI, you don't need to feed batterflys. I never did. I always went into the Caverns and Deeps early in the mornings and just picked up guano. I could usually get at least 40 in one trip through there. It should be easier right now because there are so few of us playing. I did pretty well when there were thousands in the game.
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    Honestly? I really hated having to go to a place before being able to teleport. It slightly defeated the purpose of learning teleport for me. But collecting cherry's was definitely my least favorite.
  • I went through an incredible amount of batterfly poop since I was using potions to farm yellow crumb in vast quantities. I used to also collect what I could find in the middle of the night. I will have a hard time giving up the testing tool with its plentiful supply or meat, milk, grain and guano.
  • I didn't love milking butterflies. I mean, I liked the action of doing it, I just didn't like that I had to do SO much of it to get enough ingredients. I also didn't love brushing foxes. I was never good at it!

    I also didn't love the quests that made me work with others, since I'm sort of shy and awkward. It *still* makes me feel awkward. LoL. But I vowed to myself that I'd be more social this time around.
  • Brushing foxes...I never really could get the hang of it for some reason. Someone really made a lot of currants off of me!!! lol
  • Fox brushing for sure. The act of doing it didn't jive with how the rest of the game played for me.
  • I never really figured out how to brush foxes, either. It's the main reason I didn't go into any fabric skills!
  • Frashy loved the foxes *sniffles*

    Logging out.... lol

    In all seriousness dealing with the sloths was never my thing, but hey to each their own.
  • I didn't get very far in the game, (level 11 woot woot) but honestly, quests?
    I just wanted to do whatever, man. Explore or something. I'm liking them a lot more now tho!
  • I'm with Frashy, I didn't like logging out. :D
  • late in Beta2theRemix, lifespan of resource items on home streets got nerfed bigtime. i really hated knowing my yard items were degrading. i was not happy the work and effort put into the creation of those items did not last. i also resented how it forced an involuntary grind for upkeep and influenced my street traffic based on my ability to keep resources available for other players. and my butler had way less to do, less gifts to give :( so i just did other things for fun and it didn't take away from my overall happiness and lobe of the game.
  • Milking butterflies!! Ugh, so much clicking!!
  • Also milking butterflies. I loved their sweet little "La!"s, but hated chasing them around to click on them.

    I felt the same about fox brushing. It felt very fiddly to me at times.
  • I really didn't like brushing foxes, and only did it when I had to.
  • I believe there was a whole discussion about the medical repercussions of fox-brushing and repetitive strain. I just never cared for it because I don't think they got to the point where they hit the sweet spot of adjusting them in-game where it could be an enjoyable feature for everyone.
  • That's why we need to be able to comb bearded clams for fiber as well as foxes.
  • bearded clams are a must
  • I wasn't fond of block-making, etc. All the things you used machines for.
  • I like pretty much everything but never really warmed up to the underwater or coin jumping regions. Fishing wasn't fun and the sharding thing got boring really fast. I also thought the whole dino butt thing was out of place. I much preferred the subways and would have loved to see that expanded.
  • Yeah, Asslandia was bizarre. I understand that we needed to expand the subway but travel by dino butt was just...weird.
  • Loved everything bar Asslandia. Miss Glitch so much. Ok the harvesting trees was a bit tedious until the routes. Ha! Just remembered the tree wars.
  • I liked Fox brushing, there was a knack to it, but it made it fun for me, can understand it might be too hard if you have wrist or hand problems. When I finally get home, I will brush for anyone who can't or doesn't like it.
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