How will Google's disabling of Flash by default affect Eleven development?

Hi! Quick question here - I know the original Glitch's and, by extension, Eleven's client uses flash. By the end of this year, however, Google will disable Flash for all but 10 websites, requiring users to manually enable it. Will this decision for the most popular desktop browser affect the development of Eleven going forward?

For reference:


  • Chrome disabling Flash until it is activated by the user will likely not have an effect on the development of Eleven.
  • I would think we would all just enable flash and keep it updated. It is still an option for chrome users and even then I would use Firefox all day for Eleven.
  • I already use a flash blocker on Chrome so I have to manually allow it now. Not a big deal, although it's an extra entry barrier to some users.
  • are you going to change the swf files to html5?
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    @"Gomez Addams" Would that make crafting a mini in-game game easier? Or would we still need 3 swf blocks to make one?
  • Google is likely going to entirely phase out Flash support eventually, to get people to stop using it, similar to what they've been doing with NPAPI plugins. It's needed pressure to stop using them, as they're security issues, but the eventual loss of Flash is going to be an issue for the game, though Flash may still be supported in other browsers.

    Honestly, this has been going on for a while now, and the fact that Flash's days are numbered was one of the contributing factors to why Glitch shut down.
  • Hopefully there will be a transition to smoother technology (be it HTML5 or other alternatives that lessen resource usage)
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